Open Graph - How to connect all the things - AllFacebook DevCon Berlin 2012


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1 Year into Facebook's Open Graph platform: Apps, Actions & Analytics. AllFacebook DevCon 2012 Keynote by Michael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten

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Open Graph - How to connect all the things - AllFacebook DevCon Berlin 2012

  1. Open Graph - How to connect all the things. thanks for the ad(d).Open Graph - How to connect all the things AllFacebook DevCon, Berlin 11/2012 Michael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten Michael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten
  2. About: Die Socialisten"Die Socialisten" is a Vienna-based social-software agencyfocussing on the design & implementation of apps andmarketing-solutions on social web platforms likeFacebook.To date, we have successfully built more than onehundredbrand-pages, applications and integrations of externalwebsites.Our clients include Red Bull, Axel Springer/,Bertelsmann, FTD, Krone Multimedia, ATV and Hitradio Ö3."Die Socialisten" are Austrias first agency listed in theofficial "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"-program. | social network development
  3. Timeline & Open Graph:1 Year later: Apps, Actions & Analytics social network development Photo:
  4. Timeline & Open Graph:Opportunities- Social Graph Integration: Open Graph Protocol (OGP) was just the beginning!- Social Graph Customization: Objects, Actions, Aggregations- User Growth & Distribution: Newsfeed, Ticker, Timeline- Personalization: Facepile & other Social Plugins- Cross-Platform: Web, Mobile (Native/Web), Devices ...More: Social Software Development
  5. http://die.socialisten.atSocial Software Development
  6. 7 Rules:Designing great Open Graph-Apps
  7. Bye bye, FB.ui({method:‘feed’},...) social network development
  8. Bye bye, FB.ui({method:‘feed’,...})Good ol’ Wall-Posting is losing relevance:- Feed-dialogue is bugging users!- Feed-dialogue will mostly get cancelled anyway!- Feed-publish in the background (/me/feed) is sleazy.- Stories published via Feed-dialogue look always the same (title, description, image, user message)- Distribution of Wall-Postings on Newsfeed is decreasing, and fast! Social Software Development
  9. Comparison: DistributionFeed-dialogue vs. Open Graph ActionDistribution Feed-dialogue: March ’12: 130x July ’12: 68x Oct. ’12: 31x http://die.socialisten.atInsights taken from same app, Feed-stories haven’t been changed content-wise! Social Software Development
  10. Comparison: DistributionFeed-dialogue vs. Open Graph ActionDistribution Feed-dialogue: Oct. ’12: 31xDistribution of Open Graph-action: Oct. ’12: 126xDistribution will vary according to content and type of action!Examined action was optimized content-wise! Social Software Development
  11. Rule #1:Each story that is currently published via Feed-dialogue or /me/feed,could potentially reach a greater audience when implemented asOpen Graph-action! Social Software Development
  12. http://die.socialisten.atSocial Software Development
  13. Guideline:Passive Sharing / Content ConsumptionPassive Sharing = Open Graph-actions which are publishedautomatically without any explicit user-interaction.Mostly used for actions in the area of Content Consumption -i.e. users consuming articles, videos, music...Mostly implemented as Built-in Action (“read”, “listen”, “watch”)Examples: Washington Post- & other Social Readers, Spotify ...Users’ Perception & Acceptance of Passive Sharing was quitechallenging to begin with, even when Open Graph started. Social Software Development
  14. Guideline:Passive Sharing / Content ConsumptionThe dark side of Passive Sharing:Some apps have been abusing Passive Sharing for actions whichhad nothing to do with Content Consumption. They also failed toclearly communicate the automatic nature of Passive Sharing totheir users.Starting February 2013:Passive Sharing for Custom Actions will be forbidden!Authenticated Referrals will be removed – the “Viral Loop” ofPassive Sharing will therefor be clearly diminished!But: Custom Actions actively shared are here to stay! Social Software Development
  15. Guideline:Passive Sharing / Content ConsumptionSince Summer 2012:Reach & visiblity of Built-in Actions in Newsfeed (“TrendingArticles”, “Trending Videos”) have clearly been reduced byFacebook!Built-in Actions “Watch” & “Read” show up inTicker very, very rarely (or not at all - to-be-confirmed)! Social Software Development
  16. Summer 2012 OG-Launch 2011 Social Software Development
  17. http://die.socialisten.atSocial Software Development
  18. http://die.socialisten.atSocial Software Development
  19. Example: “Read”-ActionPeriod: June-July 2012MAU: 125.000Actions: 166.000x “Read” publishedImpressions: 24.7mio (149x)CTR: 0.87%Distribution:No Insights-data available! Social Software Development
  20. Example: “Read”-ActionPeriod: September-October 2012MAU: 100.000Actions: 81.000x “Read” publishedImpressions: 1.2mio (15x)CTR: 0.85%Distribution:Insights-data f. Ticker might be flawed! Social Software Development
  21. Example: “Watch”-ActionPeriod: March-April 2012MAU: Max 11kActions: 12.000 “Watch” publishedImpressions: 3.3mio (268x)CTR: 1.4%Distribution:No Insights-data available! Social Software Development
  22. Example: “Watch”-ActionPeriod: September-October 2012MAU: Max 11kActions: 382 “Watch” publishedImpressions: 9.200 (24x)CTR: 0.75%Distribution:Insights-data f. Ticker might be flawed! Social Software Development
  23. Rule #2:Passive Sharing with Built-in Actions (!) is still OK forcontent-heavy apps & sites.But: please say goodbye to uber-optimistic expectations in regardto distribution. Also, be extra-fair to your users when publishingpassively... Social Software Development
  24. Clear indication with popup/overlay when action is published, easy Undo! Social Software Development
  25. Clear indication with popup/overlay when action is published, easy Undo! Social Software Development
  26. Easily accessible option for permanent opt-out, historical action-log with undo. Social Software Development
  27. Open Graph Custom Actions
  28. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsRecommendation: Design 4-5 Custom Actions per app, ideally:- Custom Actions modelled after existing user-interactions in app- Actions having a low entry-barriere for user (“1-click action”)- Actions with big volume (many actions = more impressions)- Actions designed with nice OG-Tags (title, desc, image, video...)- Actions with rich metadata & connections to other objects- Actions crosslinked with Action-Links Social Software Development
  29. Social Software Development
  30. http://die.socialisten.atSocial Software Development
  31. Example: Custom Action “Scrobble” March-November 2012MAU: Max 85kActions: 150mio “Scrobble” publishedImpressions: 1.7 billion (12x)CTR: 0.27%Distribution: http://die.socialisten.atTicker (56%), Newsfeed (26%), Timeline Development Social Software (18%)
  32. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsRecommendation: Actions with “Explicit Sharing”:Useful for Actions that represent a clear “user-intent”! published with “Explicit Sharing” are currently alwaysdisplayed on publishers Timeline-profile.Actions published with “Explicit Sharing” offerbetter distribution on Newsfeed of publishers friends. Social Software Development
  33. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsNot allowed for “Explicit Sharing”:- Built-in Actions, Passive Sharing- Actions with low entry-barriere: “Like”, “Favorite” ...- Actions with high volume and low information: “Follow”, “Friend” ...- Actions occuring during gameplay: “Playing”, “Building”, “Achieved” ... Social Software Development
  34. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsVery suitable for “Explicit Sharing”:- Content generated by the user: photos, videos ...- Text manually entered by the user: comments, postings ...- Actions with geo-location: checkins ... Social Software Development
  35. http://die.socialisten.atSocial Software Development
  36. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsHow-to: “Explicit Sharing”- Activate migration-setting (Default for new apps): Social Software Development
  37. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsHow-to: “Explicit Sharing”- Activate migration-setting (Default for new apps):- When publishing: fb:explicit_sharing = true Social Software Development
  38. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsHow-to: “Explicit Sharing”- Activate migration-setting (Default for new apps):- When publishing: fb:explicit_sharing = true- “Explicit Sharing” has to be approved for each action! Social Software Development
  39. Explicit: Custom Action“Love” with Explicit Sharing October-November 2012MAU: Max 85kActions: 7.500 “Love” publishedImpressions: 380.000 (51x)CTR: 0.70%Distribution: http://die.socialisten.atTimeline (71%), Newsfeed (17%), Ticker Development Social Software (11%)
  40. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsRecommendation: Actions with “User Message”:Publish actions with additional text-messagesmanually entered by the publishing user. published with “User Message” are currentlyalways displayed on publishers Timeline-profile.Therefor: no sense in publishing Actions with both“User Message” and “Explicit Sharing”. Social Software Development
  41. http://die.socialisten.atSocial Software Development
  42. Guideline:Open Graph Custom ActionsRecommendation: Actions with “User Message”:“User Message” has to be approved for each action! Social Software Development
  43. Example: Custom Action“Comment” with User Message October-November 2012MAU: Max 85kActions: 361 “Love” publishedImpressions: 15.800 (44x)CTR: 1.3%Distribution: http://die.socialisten.atNewsfeed (41%), Timeline (41%), Ticker Development Social Software (18%)
  44. Rule #3:Design your app with 4-5 Custom Actions. For better distribution, enable“Explicit Sharing” or “User Messages” for 2-3 suitable Actions!Good Custom Actions have high volume &low entry-barriere for the user! Social Software Development
  45. Guideline:Distribution of Open Graph-Actions Impressions/ Referrals/ Type Example Total Distribution Factor CTR Newsfeed (99.73%), 1.200.000 10.500Built-In “Read” 81.000 Timeline (0.27%), (x15) (0.85%) Ticker (0%) Newsfeed (78%), 9.200 70Built-In “Watch” 380 Timeline (12%), (x24) (0.75%) Ticker (0%) Ticker (56%), 1.700.000.000 4.6mioCustom “Scrobble” 150.000.000 Newsfeed (26%), (x12) (0.27%) Timeline (18%) Timeline (71%),Custom / 380.000 2.700 “Love” 7.600 Newsfeed (17%),“Explicit Sharing” (x51) (0.7%) Ticker (11%) Newsfeed (41%),Custom / 15.800 206 “Comment” 360 Timeline (41%),“User Message” (x44) (1.3%) Ticker (18%) Ticker (44%),Custom / 4.300 20 “Checkin” 70 Newsfeed (33%),“Geo-Location” (62x) (0.46%) Timeline (23%) Social Software Development
  46. Optimize Custom Actions
  47. Guideline:Optimize Custom ActionsActions published with “Rich Content” (f.e. user-generated content),show better distribution in Newsfeed, Ticker and Timeline! Images / Photos Social Software Development
  48. Guideline:Optimize Custom ActionsRich Content: Photos, videos or Flash-content, geo-location.CTR increasing, since resulting stories are more interesting to friends! Geo-location Social Software Development
  49. Guideline:Optimize Custom ActionsRich Content: Photos, videos or Flash-content, geo-location.CTR increasing, since resulting stories are more interesting to friends! Videos / Flash-content lastfm-og-scrobbler <meta property="og:video:type" content="application/x-shockwave-flash"/> <meta property="og:video" content=""/> <meta property="og:video:width" content="398"/> <meta property="og:video:height" content="239"/> Social Software Development
  50. Rule #4:Distribution & CTR can be improved by adding “Rich Content” to actions:Videos, Flash-content, images & geo-location. Social Software Development
  51. Guideline:Optimize Custom ActionsCrosslinking Open Graph-Objects enables richer,more interesting stories and increases CTR! Social Software Development
  52. Guideline:Optimize Custom ActionsCrosslink two Open Graph-Actions with “Action Links”!Enables 1-Click-responses & increases volume of published actions. Cross-linked Actions “Love” <> “Scrobble”Cross-linked Objects“Artist” <> “User” Social Software Development
  53. Rule #5:Distribution & CTR can be improved by connectingOpen Graph-Objects, Actions-Links & adding Rich Metadata. Social Software Development
  54. Facepile &other Social Plugins
  55. Guideline:Facepile & other Social PluginsSocial Plugins promise fast & easy Personalization.Facepile - Friends who are connected to a particular object by aparticular action (f.e. friends that read a certain article)Activity Feed - Highlight recent actions & popularcontent of your friendsKiller-feature: Works without App-Auth! Social Software Development
  56. Guideline:Facepile & other Social PluginsUnfortunately, Social Plugins are not always the best solution:- Hardly any styling possible- Hardly any options to customize content displayed (f.e. displaying ony most recent actions of friends ...)- Bugs! (problems with internationalization, missing actions etc.) Social Software Development
  57. Guideline:Facepile & other Social PluginsOriginal Facepile: 2 Friends Custom Facepile: 6 Friends! Social Software Development
  58. Guideline:Facepile & other Social PluginsRecommendation: Log all published actions to your app/database.Develop your own, custom widgets to replace Facepile, RecentActivity - get creative, but warrant privacy settings! mysql> select id,created,user_id,action,action_id,substring(action_url,1,30) from actions limit 10; +----+---------------------+-----------------+-------------------+-------------------+------------- | id | created | user_id | action | action_id | action_url | +----+---------------------+-----------------+-------------------+-------------------+------------- | 5 | 2012-05-08 18:02:22 | 100001903705011 | news.reads | 327098717363582 | ... | | 9 | 2012-05-09 16:32:49 | 609190863 | meinklubdev:react | 10150966819840864 | ... | | 10 | 2012-05-09 18:02:09 | 609190863 | news.reads | 10150967610995864 | ... | | 11 | 2012-05-09 18:07:10 | 609190863 | meinklubdev:react | 10150967623110864 | ... | ...Bonus = enables Undo for historical Actions!Major Downside: works only after App-Auth! Social Software Development
  59. Guideline:Facepile & other Social PluginsExample: Custom Facepile Social Software Development
  60. Rule #6:Don’t rely on Standard Social Plugins! Be more flexible and awesome bydeveloping your own, custom Widgets! Social Software Development
  61. Rule #0:Stay up-to-date! Subscribe & read the Docs & Facebook Dev-Blog!Try out new features, keep optimizing your Actions &watching your App-Insights! Social Software Development
  62. Social Software Development
  63. BREAKYOUR OWNRULES Social Software Development
  64. “Facebook Programming -Developing Social Apps & Websites”Michael Kamleitner, Galileo Computing 2012 social network development
  65. Michael KamleitnerDie SocialistenLet’s connect!michael@socialisten.at