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Harnessing the Power of Social for your Business
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Harnessing the Power of Social for your Business


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  • 1. Harnessing the Power ofSocial for your Business Contact details: @socialgo
  • 2. We are● UK provider of cloud-hosted community software● Over 300,000 communities created since 2008● Passionate about the power of online communities in bringing businesses and their customers together
  • 3. Lets face it: people love social 83% of 70% of 51% of 18-29 year 30-49 year 50+ year olds do it olds do it olds do itSource:
  • 4. And we dont need to tell you about Facebooks growth! Millions of Monthly Active UsersSource:
  • 5. But what does it mean for business?You can harness the desire to communicate for:● Creating awareness of your business● Broadcasting your message to (potentially) millions● Engaging your key influencers and turning them into evangelists and loyal, satisfied customers
  • 6. Theres no denying it● Social is here to stay● People want to engage in meaningful conversations● You just need to provide the campfire
  • 7. Small businesses are taking advantage of Facebook & Twitter ● Nearly half of all SMBs are using Social Media - awesome! ● Facebook is great for establishing a social presence for your business ● Twitter is great for real-time visibility and speedy customer service ● Both provide access to millions of potential customers, suppliers, partners etc.Source:
  • 8. But theyre not ideal for buildingcampfires... ... and campfires drive engagement!
  • 9. Limitation #1: Information decays rapidly in users activity feeds The average Facebook user has... The average Facebook user likes... 130 The average Twitter user follows... friends 102 80 pages Twitter accountsSource 1: 2:
  • 10. Limitation #2: Youre at the mercy of their Terms of ServiceSource:
  • 11. Limitation #3: You dont own the data no email no address no contact permission
  • 12. Limitation #4: Its 1-to-many or 1-to-1,but not easily many-to-many "Id prefer 1,000 followers, friends, and fans that actually meant something, rather than 10 million that werent engaged." - Jared Leto
  • 13. Whats the solution? A dedicated online home to start your campfire● A format that is built for many-to-many interaction● Affordable off-the-shelf technology so you can focus on the community rather than the code● 100% control of branding and design● Archivable content● Data ownership
  • 14. The proof is in the pudding: Nichecommunities are on the rise arno/822096/fragmented-market-rise-niche-social- networks
  • 15. 5 things you can do right now !
  • 16. 1. Find your story What do you want to engage people with?
  • 17. 2. Define your ideal member Age Gender Profession Who will your community be built for?
  • 18. Keep these sharer types in mind Altruists Hipsters Connectors Helpful Creative Relaxed Thoughtful Popular Planned Email Cutting-edge Email/FB Careerists Boomerangs Selectives Valuable Reaction Careful Intelligent Empowered Informative LinkedIn FB/Twitter EmailSource: NYT Psychology of Sharing study
  • 19. 3. Choose your technology Forum? Chat room? Social Network? ...
  • 20. 4. Recruit founding members Which customers/suppliers/friends could help you get the conversation started?
  • 21. 5. Start creating content Check out the case study video for more on how KidStart built their community Think of what interests your community, and start creating!
  • 22. Heres your checklist1. Find your story2. Define your ideal member3. Choose your technology4. Recruit founding members5. Start creating content
  • 23. THANKS FOR JOINING!Check out the follow-up slides with practical tips & inspiration:Using Social to Grow & Engage your Customers Contact details: @socialgo