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I phone 5 rumor

  1. 1. Ac1dSn0w
  2. 2.  Last time, when Apple introduced new iPhone device a. k. a. iPhone 4S, it exceptionally dissatisfied Apple followers, as it didn’t supply much deviation compared to preceding model. But let’s not avoid that iPhone 4S is no slouch today.
  3. 3.  Of course, Siri is the important trading point of the device, and iPhone 4S is even now trading such as a hot-cake in the market place. However, many experts believes that Apple must rather try a different technique and introduce a new device as soon as possible to keep afloat in competitive marketplace.
  4. 4.  When iPhone 4S unveiled couple of months back, we considered that the dust has just been settled down surrounding the iPhone 5. Well, we were wrong, it didn’t take a lot before we began witnessing new set of rumours, gossips, leaks, crazy requirements surrounding next era iOS device.
  5. 5.  Amongst the strong Android mobile handsets, Apple is somehow falling short of its goal. Monster Android has began capturing low-end and high-end device market place with range of mobile phones for all category people. Earlier this year, there were speculations that Apple might roll-out two different variations of iOS device, first one will be a low-end device and second one will be monstrous device with improved specs.
  6. 6.  Continuing the later part, German Mac blog, Macerkopf is reporting that two impartial source tell them that Apple is inside examining a number of settings for new iOS device. The first rumours didn’t surprised us very much but the afterward did.
  7. 7.  In respect to their review, new Apple devices are screened with both dual-core and quad-core CPU processor. We’re not surprised a little bit with this rumor (news) as Apple is currently slipping in back of others (except Windows Phone) when comes to hardware specification.
  8. 8.  What’s weirder, though, are the resolutions of those devices. As mentioned in the title, Apple is testing out 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution as well as bizarre 1440 x 800 resolution. The later on resolution is some thing we don’t see often. Well, but, nobody can declare what Apple plans to offer next. Along with the amazing previous history, and as a pioneer, in smart phone technology, nothing is unachievable for Apple as of now.
  9. 9.  Take this with a grain of salt, as everyone find out how loathe Apple is to fragment iOS device. Steve Jobs has been taunting Android OS as fragmented OS. Specified the past record, Apple would not dare to confuse the developers with diverse resolution device, so in the end, we might get only 720p resolution device.
  10. 10.  Considering the fact that there are undoubtedly heaps of potent Android device attainable in the market, we shouldn’t be amazed to get Quad-core processor motorized iDevices. That said, Apple has a numerous testing standard, we may well get completely different device, with different specifications, from what we pointed out over here.
  11. 11.  It is expected for Apple to try out some thing different. Moreover, they are recognized to amaze the end users and tech-gurus. If Apple has to survive versus Android storm, then they should rather substantially modify their device.
  12. 12.  Nokia has undoubtedly known for it Gorilla glass technology, Samsung/HTC are best recognized for super AMOLED display, LG has already presented a device with monstrous specs, now it’s a time for Apple to show their skill. Being a conquer, Apple will be under much more stress and analysis of the people.