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  • 1. Stanton T Friedman Nuclear Physicist - Author - Lecturer
  • 2. Conclusions After 52 years of study and investigation: Evidence is overwhelming that aliens are visiting Earth Some few people in various governments know a great deal about our Visitors Mankind is not the most advanced civilization. There has been much innovation Out There.
  • 3. Technological Progress comes from doing things differently in an unpredictable way. The future is NOT an extrapolation of the past. There is a need for change. We know this from bombs: A. in WW 2, Blockbuster bombs exploded 10 tons of TNT B. In 1945 A-Bomb released energy of 15,000 tons of TNT C. In 1952 Hydrogen fusion bomb released energy of 10 million tons of TNT. 3 Mile wide fireball. Later 57 Million tons of TNT equivalent.
  • 4. REAL WORLD Apollo Command Module round blunt body 25,000mph; not pointed nose and wings. Magneto-aerodynamics control lift, drag, heating, radar profile, sonic booms.. like EM Sub Biggest nuclear fission rocket engine Phoebus 2B 2 Meters in Diameter, 4400 Megawatts, 1969 Navies have nuclear submarines: around the world underwater and Nuclear Powered aircraft carriers operating for 18 years without refueling. Fusion rockets (D-He3) would eject charged particles having 10 million times as much energy per particle as in Chemical rockets.
  • 5. 1952 H-Bomb Fusion Rocket
  • 6. Cosmic Watergate CIA UFO
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  • 10. Thank you www.stantonfriedman.com email [email_address]