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What Converts In The Facebook News Feed - Justin Kistner (Social Fresh WEST 2013)
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What Converts In The Facebook News Feed - Justin Kistner (Social Fresh WEST 2013)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • As I shared, we’ve spent many years creating social stores, tab apps and social microsites and hoping that people would engage beyond the post. While we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, nothing has been important than how important (and effective) marketing in social streams can be.This is some data from Facebook,The volume (inventory) of posts in the news feed is immense – 115B dailyBrand posts are 16x more likely to be clicked and 10X more likely to generate a Like, Share or Comment than right rail adsAnd on mobile, where there’s no banner or right rail advertising, performance is astoundingly highLastly, when post include rich media they are even more effective THIS IS EVEN MORE TRUE WITH THE LATEST NEWS FEED UPDATES
  • Transcript

    • 1. Beyond The Click: New Research On What Converts In The News Feed
    • 2. How conversion works in the news feed
    • 3. News Feed
    • 4. 71% Mobile 819M Facebook MAUs 219MMobile only Facebook users +25M per quarter 71% Mobile Twitter monthly active users 51%of engagement is from mobile Source: ShopIgniter aggregate data. Facebook Q2 2013 earnings. Twitter data from Strategy Analytcs ( er&a0=5350) It’s a mobile first world Over half of our campaign engagement is from mobile
    • 5. Social Marketing 2.0 Yes, Social Marketing has evolved again Social Marketing 1.0 • Desktop • Right-Hand Rail • Centralized on the fan page • Tab apps • Viral • Fans • Engagement Social Marketing 2.0 • Mobile • News Feed • Decentralized in the feed • Social Optimized Landing Pages • Paid • Customers • Conversion
    • 6. Social optimized landing pages?
    • 7. Social optimized landing pages?
    • 8. Advantages • They are optimized for native mobile apps and desktop – HTML 5 – Responsive design – Fast loading times • Native integrations – Conversion Spec – Open Graph actions • Integrated analytics – Built-in analytics – Combined views of platform and landing page data • Published synchronously with native posts for 1:1:1 paired messaging across ads, posts, and landing pages
    • 9. Spectrum of marketing outcomes Social Aggregation + Amplification • Event Buzz • Social Feeds (Ig, Tw, Yt) • Customer Stories Awareness + Storytelling • Video Carousel • Lookbook • Jukebox Product Discovery + Exploration • Single Product Explorer • Collection Explorer • Shoppable Video Lead Generation + Purchase Intent • Form Capture • Pre Order • Wish List/Cart Reach ConvertEngage
    • 10. What Works
    • 11. Social Campaign Elements The pieces you need to drive conversions Social Posts Social Optimized Landing Pages Integrated Analytics Social Ads
    • 12. 4 3 2 1 0 Status Video Offer Photo Link Question 0 1 2 3 4 5Millions Avg. Organic & Viral Impressions 5 Paid Posts Unpaid Posts Organic Viral .08 .06 .04 .02 0 0 .02 .04 .06 .08 .10%.10 CTR
    • 13. Social Optimized Landing Pages Averages from ShopIgniter campaigns • Link Open Rate: 0.3% (not the same as CTR) • Consideration Rate: 193% • Conversion Rate: 4.4% • Mobile Share of Engagement: 51.4%
    • 14. Example Campaigns
    • 15. Xfinity Sell Pay-Per-View Event Goal Promote the PPV fight May Day. Drive video views to create interest. Convert people by sending them to the Comcast buy flow. Strategy • Use 4 rich media posts to deliver a 3 video carousel and deep link into the Comcast buy flow. • Leverage Facebook ads to scale up reach.* Results 11.9% Conversion Rate 42% Lower CPA 2X Videos Viewed Per Person .8% CTR 6.1M Impressions
    • 16. Bowflex TreadClimber campaign Goal Promote the TreadClimber. Create demand by driving views of their TV commercials. Then, convert people by driving people to click for more info. Strategy • Use rich media posts to deliver three, 30 second video spots and allow people to share or get more info. • No discount, prize, or special offer. • Leverage Facebook ads to scale up reach ($15K spend). Results 9.53% Conversion Rate 14X Average Video Views 18X Lower Neg. Feed. Rate 1.01% eCTR 5.1M Impressions
    • 17. Universal Pictures Oblivion movie premier Goal Promote the launch of the Oblivion movie. Create demand by driving video views of the trailer and behind the scenes footage. Then, convert people by driving people to get showtimes and tickets. Strategy • Use 3 rich media posts to deliver a five video carousel and capture the zip code to deep link the user into the Fandango buy flow. • Leverage Facebook ads to scale up reach. Results 5.73% Conversion Rate 30% More Videos Viewed Per Person 2X Average Engagement Rate 3.48% CTR 570K Impressions
    • 18. Bloomberg Radio Launch of Boston station Goal Promote the launch of the Boston station for Bloomberg Radio. Drive registrations for a sweepstakes to collect emails for email remarketing. Strategy • Use 2 rich media posts to deliver a contest registration form. • Leverage Facebook ads to target people in their target market, which was people in the Boston area with an interest in finance.* Results 52.8% Conversion Rate $1.99 CPA 9X Registration Goal *Randomly selected contest winner was a banker living in Boston 3.21% CTR 383K Impressions
    • 19. Thank You | @shopigniter |