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Social Fresh Tampa 2011: Relevant Content Delivered Everywhere w/ Schneider Mike
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Social Fresh Tampa 2011: Relevant Content Delivered Everywhere w/ Schneider Mike







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Social Fresh Tampa 2011: Relevant Content Delivered Everywhere w/ Schneider Mike Social Fresh Tampa 2011: Relevant Content Delivered Everywhere w/ Schneider Mike Presentation Transcript

  • http://amzn.to/lbm4dRelevant Content: Delivered Everywhereby @schneidermikeFebruary 2011 (v1.0 of this ever evolving talk)
  • Some stuff to talk about Explicit: •  What is check-in and why do we give a %$@#? •  Location platforms •  5 things location can do for you •  Setting up goals for location in your content strategy •  Deciding the message to push into social spaces •  Aligning your message with your brand pillars •  Creating opportunities for engagement beyond a checkin Themes: •  Choosing platforms that will suit your needs •  Choosing variables to test and optimize •  If this is not valuable to you, please inject your thoughts 2http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Social check-in 3http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • WHAT IS A CHECK-IN AND WHY DO WE GIVE A %$@#? 4http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • What is a check-in? •  It’s an attachment of a person to a place or thing or idea at a point in time 5http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Why do people do it? •  Earn rewards / see what happens next •  To get / create recommendations •  Loyalty to a business •  To be the mayor •  To tell people where they are •  #give2get 6http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Checkin usefulness 7http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Semantic •  Making every piece of data useful •  Structuring data so that it is expected •  The way that I capture information around a piece of data is the same everywhere and therefore can be used anywhere. 8http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Semantic: unstructured data •  Museum of Science •  Science Museum •  Boston Museum of Science •  The Science Museum 9http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Semantic: A place is more than just a location 10http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Context •  The location of a person (or their intent to be in a location) provides powerful context. 11http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Unnatural Behavior •  Whip out phone when you get to a place •  Find the application you want to check in on •  Open the app •  Find the place •  Click the place •  Check in •  Look for tips and offers •  Repeat for n apps 12http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • #Give2Get: Social Loyalty 13http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • http://bit.ly/terrifyingfuture 14http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Why should we care about location? “One out of five searches on Google are related to location…” http://goo.gl/eAs9M 15http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • LOCATION PLATFORMS 16http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Location. It’s everywhere 17http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Location platforms Content Offers Gaming 18http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • The shiny piece tips & pictures & badges 19http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Do not forget •  Google Places •  Facebook Places •  Yelp •  Buzz.com •  YP.com 20http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Whatever Mike. I don’t need to care about Yelp 21http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Start caring 22http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • 5 THINGS LOCATION CAN DO FOR YOU 23http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • 5 things location can do for you •  build brand awareness •  create customer advocacy •  acquire new customers •  retain the ones you have •  enhance audience intelligence 24http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Golden rules of LBS •  Stake your claim to places pages in every system. Do not be afraid to try more than one. •  Connect with mayors, ambassadors, leaders, duchesses, chiefs, poobahs and sheriffs. •  Test, learn and optimize – especially while costs are low with risk low and return potential high. •  Follow the Ben & Jerry’s Rule •  Be creative and build your own thing using an API* • you might not be able to do this ALWAYS, but don’t start from scratch when you build. That’s insane. Use foursquare, google places, facebook places, simplegeo or another existing platform 25http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Setting up goals for location •  We begged for location. •  We got it. Now what? •  You can go direct or indirect (or both) •  Control for location as a variable •  Allow location to provide context 27http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Goals: enhanced brand engagement •  Align your brand with places •  Extend your engagement strategy by being where your customers and prospects are •  Further pay off your brand strategy •  Measure the impact through •  Follower delta •  Social mentions •  Interactions •  Unlocks 28http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Goals: direct impact •  Advertise •  Create offers / specials •  Measure Impact through •  Impressions •  Unlocks •  Redemptions 29http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Deciding the message to push into social spaces •  Social Media 101 •  Go back to your brand’s roots •  Take a step back from your product •  Act like a person at a party 31http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Mike, you’re talking like a consultant (d-bag) SORRY ABOUT THAT 32http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Pick Places That Match Your Brand •  Align your brand to places that your audience goes •  Your places •  Public places •  Competitive places •  Analyze your competitor’s audience •  Put content in spots where they’re likely to be. 34http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Pick Messages That Are Contextually Relevant •  Tell people what to do •  Be precise •  Combine variables like place and time 35http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Hugo Boss foursquare campaign •  Left tips at museums to promote artists. •  Users who checked in at Hugo Boss stores in New York City received a free catalogue and a chance to participate in a raffle. •  Users also received an art guide with information about art and other places of cultural interest. 36http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Hugo Boss foursquare page 37http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • USA Today foursquare Page •  USA launched a branded foursquare page where they leave tips at various travel hotspots and hidden treasures across the country. •  They have a 10 Great Places feature and relevant tips on restaurants, shopping areas, bike trails, historic landmarks, and nightlife. •  About 300 tips left at various locations across the US. 38http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Engagement beyond the check in •  Content •  Photos •  Tips •  Recommendations •  Activities •  Challenges •  Games •  Rewards 39http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • AT&T and Toms Shoes Gowalla Campaign •  Created a unique reward (going to the 1 millionth shoe drop) for users who checked in at various technology and apparel stores. •  Offered rewards such as smart phones and netbooks from AT&T. •  Results •  5,500+ people entered •  25% chose to share the news via Facebook and Twitter •  2,000+ checked into AT&T stores •  950+ likes related to the Gowalla, Toms Shoes and AT&T program on Facebook •  522,000+ users reached via more than 700 tweets following their check-ins 41http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Buffalo Wild Wings SCVNGR Campaign •  Users do challenges on SCVNGR for prizes such as free soda or Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards. •  Challenges include taking a picture with a fan. •  All of the points go toward the grand prize of a trip to see the NBA finals with Scottie Pippen. •  Results •  Ongoing campaign through March. 42http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • Murphy USA Whrrl Campaign •  Designed a location-based loyalty program. •  Made a Murphy USA Whrrl society to •  Reward most loyal customers •  Build a customer community •  Activate customers in the real world •  Promote its brand through social media •  Virtual scratch tickets offer members a chance to win prizes. •  Results: •  44% of society members had never been to Murphy USA before •  Society members visit Murphy USA on average 4x per month while 50% of society members visit 6x per month (the industry average is 2x per month) •  The average purchase by society members is $30 (the industry average is $15) 49http://amzn.to/lbm4d
  • thank you #techi WATCH TECH INTERRUPTION DEBUTING AT #SXSW. PRESENTED BY @PEPSICO 50http://amzn.to/lbm4d