Pinterest, An Expression Engine by Shauna Causey


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Pinterest, An Expression Engine by Shauna Causey

  1. 1. Pin It. Pin It. PIN IT! Save-and-Share Photo Sites:A Look at Pinterest and Clipboard by @ShaunaCausey
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Pinning: It’s like a sport…
  4. 4.“Hottest start-up in Silicon Valley.” -WSJ“Twitter for photos.” -Technorati“Proving competition for Facebook.” –The Texan Delicious + Flickr + Twitter in one site.
  5. 5. Pinterest: 101SET-UP• Add profile info• Link Facebook and TwitterUSE• Upload images or vidoes (pins)• Include a click-through link for each pin• Repin other photos from the feedPROMOTE/ENCOURAGE SHARING• Add a “follow” or “pin it” button from your site• Integrate Pinterest into your communication plan: drive traffic and promote your boards across platforms.
  6. 6. Pin. Save. Share any photo.What is Pinterest? A place to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.
  7. 7. What is it? Photo sharing social website and mobile app Profile, newsfeed, and photosarrangedby groups (boards)
  8. 8. The user’s feed:A streamof photos fromeveryone you’refollowing
  9. 9. Pinterest: Why It Stands Out• Simple, Easy Design: “One of the primary aspects that set Pinterest apart from other bookmarking services is rethinking how images should be presented to the user.” -DesignShack• Low maintenance for brands• Strong sharing component• Fosters aspirational actions around our interest graph• Sales Potential: Is it finally social commerce?
  10. 10. Pinterest Stats
  11. 11. Pinterest Stats Google
  12. 12. Who’s on the site? Google
  13. 13. Who’s on the site? Google
  14. 14. Pinterest: why all the hype about a few brands?• Most the media examples were early adopters• Tell a story throughphotos• Cross promote from other social sites• Follow active users back• Pin product regularly• Learn and adapt based on community favorites (repins and likes)• Find creative uses
  15. 15. Poll: Why do you use Pinterest?
  16. 16. #1 Find and save recipes
  17. 17. #2 Fashion ideas
  18. 18. #3 Inspirational Quotes
  19. 19. #4 News updates
  20. 20. #5 Home ideas
  21. 21. #6 Research on trip planning
  22. 22. #7 Funny photos
  23. 23. #8 Cute kid pics
  24. 24. Brands and Examples
  25. 25. Pinterest: Brands Who Rock…• Whole Foods• Land’s End• ModCloth• West Elm• Etsy• Birch Box
  26. 26. FeaturingFan Faves
  27. 27. Contests
  28. 28. Land’s End: Pin It To Win It Contest
  29. 29. Activism
  30. 30. Awareness for an event
  31. 31. Sharing Ideas
  32. 32. Pinterest: What’s next?• Affiliate sales (in some form)• Forecasting trends• Crowdsourcing
  33. 33. Just a few ideas for brands...• Behind the scenes shots• Brand lifestyle boards• Employee and community wish lists• Posts about location/geography near the office• Infographics• Announce news- graphic press release
  34. 34. A note about Clipboard: the Pinterest for geeks…
  35. 35. Clipboard.comA place to save and share the web.
  36. 36. Clipboard: Why It Stands OutBesides having a similar experience toPinterest, Clipboard stands out for a fewreasons:1) Easy to save text, not just photos:Save tweets, articles, and photos, entireweb pages and photos.2) Public and private clippingfunctionality3) Technology: easy to use Clipper toolfor text and photos
  37. 37. Want a beta invite to Pinterest or Clipboard? Or, have something to add? Let me know: