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  • Why wouldn’t we use our existing graphic for this point? The build will need to be redone.
  • Transcript

    • 1.  Know and be an active part in the social landscape Move forward when aligned with prioritized business objectives Strategy before everything else. All tactics will come once the overall strategy is in place Integrate social into company values and culture. High-performance execution Measure, analyze, optimize
    • 2.  4
    • 3. Big PictureRemember: You are a Marketer. Not just a Social Media Marketer.
    • 4. Solution Architecture and Social Media Activation Ongoing Advisory Community/Hub ActivationStrategy Social Presence Advocate/Community Activation Conversation Integration Strategic Planning
    • 5. A baseline quantitative and qualitative assessment of brand, competitive and category mentions and presences in the social mediasphere.
    • 6. Conduct Interviews•Internal stakeholders Assess Social Media Readiness •Determine internal needs, interests, requirements and limitations, social media proficiency.Reconcile POV’s•Identify common threads among various stakeholders•Draw insights
    • 7. PAID MEDIA Print, TV, Radio & Out • of Home Physical • Events • In-Store Experiences • Retail Shopping • Word-of-Mouth SOCIAL Digital Virtual NON MEDIAOWNED MEDIA EARNED MEDIA• Websites & Microsites • Social Networks• Online Display • Photo/Video Sharing• Search • Blogosphere• Email Marketing • Influencer Engagement• Branded Content • Microblogging• Branded Community • Cons Generated Content • Mobile Apps • Virtual Worlds
    • 8. Strategic Framework Long Term Near Term Vision Action PlanDevelopment of strategic plan document that represents key insights, a 12-monthstrategic vision/positioning, a strategic framework for the tactical plan, and a high levelroadmap that can be turned into a near-term plan.
    • 9. All tactics should be aligned with overall business strategy andgoals - You can have the a crazy, sexy program idea – it meansnothing if it doesn’t service business objectives
    • 10. Beware the Secret Language of Clients Hidden agendas – always ask, “How is this program going to be really judged in the C-Suite after we make these goals? What are they looking for that are missing here?” There’s always an answer that points to a huge red flag.
    • 11.  Regulated Industry #1 – Surprisingly Social Insurance Company • Had it’s own SM division • Culturally, mostly “in” • Very successful national ad campaign • Had run a number of programs with limited success • Other divisions, influential to overall budget, not seeing strategic direction, any ROI or accountability • A lot of differing opinions on objects, goals, direction, etc. which no one really communicated to each other.
    • 12. Of course your fans are going to buy your products $%^ percent more than non-fans. They already have!
    • 13. Too many marketers are focused on engagement as an outcome – that’s justtable stakes.
    • 14. Next level is driving your fans to action – polls, links, advertising
    • 15.  Proctor and Gamble Coca-Cola McDonalds
    • 16. Driving an individual’s action is good – what we really want is hot GROUP action.Driving your customers to create customers - they buy, then tell their friends tobuy (and so on, and so on…)
    • 17. Beware the Blah, Blah, Blah We’ve all heard the crap about “if you build a Facebook Page, you build an army of fans who will advocate for you for free!!” How’s that working for you?
    • 18. Beware the You Talkin’ To Me? The right Advocates are priceless. And it’s a job. Anytime you ask someone to use their time for you, it’s worth compensation. You get paid for your work, so should they.
    • 19.  Empower Your Fans: – Give them the tools to advocate for you – badges, banners, avatars – Use polls, caption contests and small scale promotions to find the True Fans among your followers – Highlight a Fan monthly on social presence Empower Your Employees – Create a program for employees to contribute in a powerful way, with content, updates, posts, etc. – Highlight an artist monthly with their favorite tips and products – Updates as part of the Content Calendar so that no duplicate content, etc. posts within that month
    • 20.  Panasonic’s Living in HD Community: – Initially created for LIHD families, then pushed to public – Created a Content and Promotional strategy that extended offline – 450 during initial public month (April), was at 10,000 by June – Social Momentum – Community Kate – Content – Welcome Experience, Highlight Active Members – Promotions – 30x30 – Events – SXSW – Advocacy – LiHD Insiders
    • 21. Case Study: Panasonic Living in HDCES Influencer “In-Reach” Diggnation Lives in HD“Organic” Content Creation LiHD “Insider”
    • 22.  Ways to Connect: – Twitter: jquig99 – Facebook/janequigley or /strategyjq –