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SNAP: Finance Lab at the Social Finance Forum 2012
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SNAP: Finance Lab at the Social Finance Forum 2012


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Overview presentation on SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) impact investing initiative by Leena Augemieri, Director, Scientific and Program Development, Child Development Institute, Stop Now and Plan (SNAP).

Overview presentation on SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) impact investing initiative by Leena Augemieri, Director, Scientific and Program Development, Child Development Institute, Stop Now and Plan (SNAP).

Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • Transcript

    • 1. MaRS Social Finance Forum Dr. Leena K. Augimeri November 2012“SNAP is the best available ‘state-of-the-art’ evidence-based program in the world for under 12 offenders.” (Dr. David Farrington, OBE, Cambridge University, UK – world renowned research criminologist)
    • 2. The Issue • 1 in 5 children/youth under 19 suffer with mental health issues • Aggression, Bullying, Violence... • More than 153,000 young people were accused of a crime in 2010 (Stats Canada, 2011) • Over 16,000 will have started their criminal career before the age of 12 costing society $24 to $104 billion
    • 3. The PathwayStrong evidence shows that there are ‘seven years of warning’ before a juvenile becomes a serious, violent offender. Age 7: Minor problems Age 9.5: Moderate serious problems Age 11.9: Serious delinquency offences Age 14.5: Serious violent offences
    • 4. The Solution STOP NOW AND PLAN (SNAP®)“The most fully developed intervention to date for child delinquents” (Howell, 2001 & 2003) Teaching children how to... STOP AND THINK BEFORE THEY ACT & COME UP WITH EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PROBLEMS
    • 5. SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan) The SNAP® Model is a framework for effectively teaching children and their parents: emotion regulation self-control problem-solving skillsAchieved Through:Weekly SNAP Groups for Children and Parents SNAP® Individual Counseling —work on individual goals Community Connections —community supports & recreation SNAP® Family Counseling SNAP® School Support / Advocacy Girls Growing Up Healthy Group —relationship development SNAP® Parent Problem-Solving Group —continued care SNAP® Leaders in Training —continued skill development and job skills (children/youth) TAPP-C (Arson Prevention Program) Home Work Club / Academic Tutoring Overarching Goal: To keep children in school and out of trouble.
    • 6. The Evidence 27 years of rigorous research achieving the highest standard of scientific and clinical excellenceChanging the Developing Brain in Without Intervention 75%just 12 weeks: WILL REOFFEND With SNAP only 32%Teaching it to Stop and Think MAY REOFFEND Awarded Highest Designations for a CrimePre SNAP Prevention Program in Effectiveness / Quality / Achievement • Public Safety Canada’s National Crime Prevention Centre • Child Welfare League of Canada • Public Health Agency of CanadaPost SNAP • U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention • U.S. White House’s Helping America’s Youth Initiative • U.S. Department of Justices’ Crime Solutions
    • 7. Our Reach: Canada & the World • 92 sites worldwide • 4,000 children/yr
    • 8. Why SNAP®Your INVESTMENT will create happier, healthier Cost Savings Increases children & families and safer communities exponentiallyDirect Cost Savings In: Policing Probation Health Cost Mental Health CostCustody Security School Incarceration Resources Victim Costs $ 6.5 million Response to Anticipation of Result of Crime Crime Crime Recent estimates for male offenders $ 1.1–2.5 million between the ages of 12 and 21
    • 9. The Savings: Financial & Social Public Safety Canada demonstrated that SNAP as an early intervention model had the greatest potential criminal career cost savings (2011) Conservative estimate: future costs of a criminal career if no intervention takes place = $1,143,604#1: SNAP (under 11 yrs):$1.137 million (savings/youth)#2: Youth Inclusion Programs(11 – 14 yrs): $946k#3: Multi-Systemic Therapy(15 – 17 yrs): $618k
    • 10. SNAP’s FirstSocial Return on Investment (SROI) New SNAP Implementation in AlbertaInvestment in SNAP is only $5,000 - $8,000 per child Return on Investment • Year 1: $1 = $7.55 • Year 3: $1 = $16.66
    • 11. The Plan• By 2017 with the appropriate resources and support we will reach over 23,000 children per year• SNAP to be a WORLD RENOWNED PROGRAM OF CHOICE for agencies, schools and communities.• SNAP to become a self sustaining social innovation with high impact, reach, growth and durability (with targeted and universal applicability). – SNAP Centre for Research and Social Innovation
    • 12. The Challenge• Convincing investors that targeted early intervention programs yield the greatest financial returns over time – Reducing school, health, mental health, crime costs and increasing employment opportunities and productivity• Determining where to invest our energy and time ⁻ Targeted versus Universal applications: SNAP Boys/ Girls, SNAP for Schools, SNAP for Youth in Custody, SNAP for Aboriginal Communities ⁻ New markets• Operating a sustainable revenue generating department within a not-for-profit agency
    • 13. Success Stories