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Facebook Marketing Tips and Hints for Business
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Facebook Marketing Tips and Hints for Business


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Facebook Marketing Tips and Hints for Business

Facebook Marketing Tips and Hints for Business

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Facebook Marketing Tips
  • 2. Facebook Marketing for Business
    It is near impossible nowadays not to know about Facebook. It is the world’s most popular social media platform, creating a cultural phenomenon with more than 600 million users worldwide. With increasing numbers of individuals utilising this network, many of whom will be current and potential clients, Facebook represents a key social network for your business to have a presence on. With the increasing popularity of Facebook now challenging the traditional search engine giants such as Yahoo and Google, creating a Facebook business page creates positive effects on the business’s visibility and searchability online.
  • 3. Create a Business Page
    Create a business that is separate from your private Facebook account. Ensure you fill out your profile completely. Facebook is a fantastic tool when you are able to paint a picture about yourself and your business. When filling out the information fields, enter as much detail as possible, including the address, opening hours, descriptions and contact information. Remember to add in the website section the addresses of all websites operated by the business and any blogs or other social media accounts.
  • 4. Create a Profile Picture
    It is important for the branding of the business to create a profile picture that replicates the company logo. The profile picture can now be 180 pixels wide by 540 pixels in length. Simply use Photoshop or use a graphic designer to create a Jpeg image of this size which has your logo, products and services offered and any contact information for the business; a great way to start customising your Facebook business page.
  • 5. Let People Know About Your Facebook Page
    There is no point in dedicating the time and effort to create a Facebook business or fan page if you are not telling people about it. Use a number of both online and offline techniques to communicate to your current and potential customers that the business now has a presence on Facebook. Add a Facebook logo image to your email signatures with a link to the site; add a like button on your website; add a logo and inform people when publishing print electronic versions of company newsletters, as well as email marketing campaigns; add a Facebook logo on the back of your business card.
  • 6. Grow Your Network by Importing Contacts
    By importing a list of contacts from your own email account, you can rapidly increase the awareness of your Facebook business page and the resulting popularity and use of the site. Simply create a CSV file of your contacts and go into the edit page settings on your Facebook business page. On the left hand side menu, click on marketing and in the box that appears, click on ‘tell your fans’. You will be prompted to locate the CSV file on your computer and upload. If you have a Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail email account, you can alternatively enter the email address and the password and it will automatically download the details of all contacts. This should be completed at regular period to keep new clients and potential customers updated with the existence of the business page.
  • 7. Get a Custom Domain for Your Business Page
    Once you have 25 fans of your business page, you can set a custom website address name through Facebook which replicates the business name or website address. Simply click on edit page and then click on marketing on the right hand side menu. When the box opens, click in ‘Alias’. A dropdown box will appear if you are managing more than one business or fan page; select the business page you wish to create the custom URL for and then enter the name you want; click on ‘check availability’. If it is available, confirm the choice. If not, you will have to come up with another suitable name.
  • 8. Start or Join an Event
    One of the key aspects of Facebook is giving you the ability to interact within the community that you serve; this is not limited to an online environment. Create an event in your industry and get involved; open the event up to everyone and meet people who may be potential customers or business partners. By creating an event, you will be perceived as an expert and leader in your specific industry or area of specialisation.
  • 9. Load Images and Video
    Facebook image functionality is great; you can upload a near limitless number of photos and images, arrange them into groups and tag people who are in them. People who are visiting your Facebook page need something different than what is presented on your website; they need to be entertained. Video is also able to be uploaded and played on a video tab within the Facebook business page. Video and images are the perfect way to highlight your business while having a bit of fun.
  • 10. Facebook PPC Advertising
    Similar to Google Adwords, Facebook has its own version of PPC (pay per click) advertising. With the ability to customise the parameters surrounding whose page the advert appears on, including geographics, demographics and even personal interests and group memberships, this can be an extremely efficient and effective way of presenting targeted messages.
  • 11. Customise Your Business Page
    It is important that you create a branded Facebook business page; people need to instantly identify with the page and its association with your business. In the next section, focusing on Facebook applications, it highlights many ways to customise your page. It is absolutely necessary to customise the appearance and functionality of your business page to better serve your current and potential clients – as well as to stand out from the crowd. Having a unique, catchy and visual pleasing business page can have a dramatic effect on the amount of time people will spend on your Facebook page.
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  • 16. Get Involved
    Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. Never in its initial design was it contemplated to be a search engine – but with the pure numbers of people using Facebook, it has recently become the third most powerful search engine in the world. Millions of people use Facebook everyday and if you don’t have a presence here, your business may simply go unnoticed. If there is one platform you should be trialling, get on to Facebook today!
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