10 Key Takeaways from Social Media Biz Summit 2013 (#SMBS13)


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Social Media Biz Summit 2013 was a social media conference held in Buffalo, NY on May 14, 2013. The main theme of the event was how to use social media to achieve business objectives. Some of the biggest topics discussed included social media marketing, content marketing, social ROI, market research, and social engagement. Speakers included Ted Rubin, Ric Dragon, Sam Fiorella, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Niels Schillewaert, Deborah Weinstein, and several others social media experts.

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10 Key Takeaways from Social Media Biz Summit 2013 (#SMBS13)

  1. socialeddy.com // twitter.com/SocialEddy // facebook.com/SocialEddy10 KEYTAKEAWAYSFROM SOCIALMEDIA BIZSUMMIT 2013
  2. Social Media Biz Summit went down in Buffalo, New Yorkon May 14, 2013.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  3. SMBS 2013@SocialEddyMarketers, business owners, and social media fanatics of allkinds gathered at the gorgeous Montante Cultural Center atCanisius College to talk social business.
  4. The BIG question?SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  5. Is your social media investment giving you theresults you expect?SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  6. socialeddy.com // twitter.com/SocialEddy // facebook.com/SocialEddySome of the hottest topics discussed atSMBS13 were:Influence marketingRelationship-buildingSocial marketing strategySocial ROIMarket researchDisaster preventionContent marketing
  7. 01Sam Fiorella from Sensei Marketing encouragedbrands to stop focusing on influencers…SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  8. …and focus on customers instead.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  9. Credit: Steffanie ChristoforeLots of talk circled around relationship-building.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  10. 02Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer ofCollective Bias, compared social relationships tomuscle tissue.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  11. The more weengagethem….SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  12. …the stronger they become!SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  13. Credit: Patrick Gruban03 He added that clicking a button is not arelationship…SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  14. …and that we have to start looking people inthe eye digitally.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  16. SMBS 2013@SocialEddy04Ric Dragon, CEO of Dragon Search, said thatbrands need to research their target audience todrive social marketing efforts…
  17. SMBS 2013@SocialEddy05 …and only deliver “thick” content i.e.content with real value.
  18. Credit: Patrick GrubanNatalie Petouhoff a.k.a. Dr. Natalie discussed the importanceof determining the ROI of social media marketing efforts.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  19. 06 She said that if you don’t know your audience,you can’t create content that’s relevant to them…SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  20. …and suggested using a real-time listeningdashboard to gain the necessary insight.07
  21. Credit: Patrick GrubanNiels Schillewaertfrom InSitesConsultingemphasized thepower of marketresearch.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  22. He noted that it’s not about how manylikes you have….SMBS 2013@SocialEddy08
  23. …but how many fans are true brand advocates.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  24. Peter McGregor, Social PR Manager at Strategic Objectives,highlighted some of the biggest social media brand fails,like Belvedere Vodka.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  25. 09He said that customers can be your biggestadvocate…SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  26. …or your biggest adversary.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  27. So be sure to build and guide your community!SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  28. Credit: Patrick GrubanSMBS 2013@SocialEddyMarissa Wilson andElena Kunsevich fromPerry’s Ice Creamexplained how the95-year-old companyengages customers witha very small budget.
  29. 10They suggested emulating effective ideas fromsuccessful companies to create engagingcontent…SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  30. …and encouraged brands to find their own voice.SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  31. Got it?Good!SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  32. Now getout thereand getresults!SMBS 2013@SocialEddy
  33. SMBS 2013@SocialEddyWant to engage your audience and manage your socialmedia more effectively? Sign up for a free trial atwww.socialeddy.comSee you in 2014!See you in 2014!