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Klck bloggers network v3


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In this presentation you will learn how to drive more traffic to your blog

In this presentation you will learn how to drive more traffic to your blog

Published in: Business
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  • 1. KLCK Bloggers Network October 11 2010Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny
  • 2. How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog
  • 3. Why Blog?
    Starting a blog shows commitment and passion
    Establishes you as someone who has something to say, teach, and learn.
  • 4. Characteristics of a Great Blogger
    Helps others
    Adds value
    Writes regularly compelling content
    Engages audience
  • 5. Have you chosen your niche?
    Is it your passion?
    Is it clear what your blog is about?
    Stay focussed
  • 6. Determine Your Audience
    Craft your posts based on your target audience’s needs
    This will help you stay focussed
    What valuable content can you provide them with?
  • 7. Create Compelling Content
    Guest Posts
    Ask open-ended questions that invite comment
    Google loves updated content
    Good graphics - screen captures, video
    Post frequently but remember quality wins over quantity
  • 8. Start with a Great Headline
    “On average, 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money.” - David Ogilvy, founder of the Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency
    Google: “Recent research suggests that users decide to stay or leave your site in 8 seconds or less — in that short amount of time, headlines are the one piece of copy that users will actually read.”
    Source: Denise Fay: How to Write Killer Headlines –
  • 9. Top Tips for Headlines
    Short and simple
    Draw in the reader with your headline
    Ask a question
    10 ways, or 7 easy steps headline
    How to headline
  • 10. Ask Yourself
    Does your headline touch a nerve?
    Does it make a unique claim or statement?
    Does it provoke curiosity?
    Is it credible?
    Is it specific?
    Does it have a news element?
    Does it offer a compelling benefit for reading?
    Source: Clayton Makepeace teleconference, 12/20/06. (Courtesy of The Blog Squad)
  • 11. A Note on SEO
    Use your SEO terms in your first line, and throughout blog post.
    Rule of thumb – use 2-4% (i.e. 2-4 times per 100 words)
    Anything more is called keyword-stuffing, and is frowned on by you know who!
    Use your SEO terms subtly when you post messages in other blogs.
    Respond or guest post often.
  • 12. Links Are Web Currency
    Google considers each link to your site a vote for the site
    Where those links come from is important.
    The more reputable links are better votes
  • 13. Creating Links
    Comment and post your url on other relevant blog posts
    Guest post on other peoples blogs or sites.
    Add a hyper-link to your bio to help increase links.
  • 14. Build Traffic with Comments
    Adding value – if you can’t add any value to the post don’t post links
    Push the conversation
    Ask questions
    As I leave comments on other peoples' blogs I am building relationships and getting to know other people
    Try to post comments on blogs that have influence
  • 15. My Top Tip
    Email directly
    comment on
    the blog of
    those that leave
    comments for you
  • 16. Host a Webinar
    Demonstrate an aspect of your expertise.
    Remind your audience they can continue getting the same great content by subscribing to and reading your blog.
  • 17. Run a Contest
    Social Media Examiner offers this excellent idea.
    Run a contest based on the content of the blog.
    Have an “answer hunt” where the answers to win the prize(s) are found within the blog posts.
    That will get people reading the quality, content-rich posts while attempting to win a prize.
    Then use Twitter to post questions and the winner(s).
  • 18. Guest Blog Posts
    Inviting other bloggers to guest post on your blog
    Offering to guest post on complementary blogs.
    Both ways can generate visibility for your blog.
    Creates connections with colleagues
    Value to bloggers and readers
  • 19. Tips for Building your Community
    Sharing knowledge
    Spend time educating, entertaining, engaging your audience
    It’s not about broadcasting yourself, it's about conversation.
    Develop a strategy to have them WANT to become part of the community
  • 20. Promote Your Blog
    Submit your blog to blog directories
    Write and post a media release
    Send an email announcement to your mailing lists
    Create a video to promote Your blog
    Release videos through YouTube
    Publish a blog post from your own website with the video on it
    Google loves combination of video AND WordPress
  • 21.
  • 22. Share the Love
    Make it easy for readers to share your posts
    Share the love – return the favour
  • 23. Stumble Upon
    Easy to register and post your blog
    If the page has already been submitted by another user, the "I like it" or "thumbs up" icon will appear
    If the page has not been submitted you will be asked to complete a brief review of the post
    Include information in your review that will help others determine the content of the post
    Add Stumble Upon buttons to your posts.
    Encourage those who read to Stumble your content
  • 24. Promoting your Blog on Twitter
    Write a strong bio
    Add a link to your blog
    Promote your posts to Twitter
    Don’t be a spammer!
    Engage with your Twitter community
    Use a Twitter management tool such as HootSuite, Tweetdeck to monitor conversations by setting up searches for particular keywords.
  • 25. Where are the conversations around your area of interest happening?
  • 26. Maximising LinkedIN
    Create a group
    Join existing groups
    Provide helpful answers to questions
    Also Yahoo Answers
  • 27. LinkedIN Answers
    Sign into your LinkedIn account.
    Use search bar, select Answers from the dropdown and enter your keyword.
    Why not try answering some?
    Use the Advanced Search option to find keywords specifically in questions only, and check the option to look for only open questions.
  • 28. 3 Keys to Success
    Keep Blogging
    Keep Promoting
    Keep Engaging