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Search (SEO) & Social Media Working Together:  DMA Days Presentation
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Search (SEO) & Social Media Working Together: DMA Days Presentation


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  • 1. Search & Social Working Together?
    Even In Social Media They Still Need to Find You!
    Liana “Li” Evans, Director of Social Media
  • 2. First Lets Understand
  • 3. In the Beginning We Had Advertising & Marketing
  • 4. We Use to Push Messages
    And Audiences Were Forced to Listen
  • 5. There Was No Engagement
    Even Though Consumers Wanted It
  • 6. Then Search Came Along(The Old Way – 10 Blue Links)
    *courtesy Mike Grehan –
    And Google Changed the Landscape
  • 7. But Again… Customers Weren’t Really Engaged
    Google Just Pushed 10 Blue Links Out
  • 8. And With Direct Marketing
    Again, Not Much Engagement
  • 9. Then Came Along Social Media
  • 10. Which Finally Gave Consumers a Way to Talk Back - EASILY
  • 11. And Communities Now Share Their Experiences with One Another
    And Not Only do Audience Members Listen, Search Engines Do Too
  • 12. Google Said This… Nearly Two Years Ago
  • 13. Look At Search Now
  • 14. Search & Social
  • 15. Search, Social & MapsApparently Google Knows Where I Am Thanks to Social Media
  • 16. Not Just Textual Search, But Images, Too
  • 17. And What About Video…?
  • 18. Searches – Not Just On A Search Engine Anymore!
  • 19. In August 200910 billion videos viewed
  • 20. In April 201030.3 Billion Videos Viewed
  • 21. It Really Isn’t About Going “Viral”
  • 22. Social Media
    The Thing of it Is…. It’s No Longer About You
    It’s About Them, How They Find You & If They Find You Valuable
  • 23. It’s About Fulfilling a Need – Their Need
  • 24. Apparently the Chicago Blackhawks… are a need!
  • 25. OK, That’s Cool But How Do I KNoW THIS STUFF WORKS?
  • 26. Let’s Take 3 Steps Back
  • 27. 4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing
    Helps you find where your audience is
    Helps you understand how & why they talk about you
    Helps you plan for the good & bad
    Keeps your plans focused & on target
  • 28. 4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing
    Its what Social Media is all about
    And it’s the only way you’ll be successful
    Goals help you understand how Social Media affects your bottom line (ROI)
    Metrics help you know what’s working & what isn’t
  • 29. At the End of the Day You’re Accountable
    Don’t Just Count – Counting Can Be Misleading
    Tweets, Followers
    Think about all those spam accounts
    Fans & Friends
    Are they REALLY your fans?
    Do You Look at Interaction & Engagement?
    How Much Are the Sharing
    How Often to the Recommend
    How Does What Your Doing Affect Traffic & Buzz
    Conversations Going On
    Traffic Diversification (Search/Direct/Referrals)
  • 30. Where Are You Getting Your Data?
    Web Traffic
    Alone it only tells your part of the story
    Buzz Monitoring
    Only tells Where & When the Conversations happen
    Insights/Social Media Site Data
    Lets you know what’s going on with your profile
  • 31. How Do You Pull It All Together?
    Excel Spreadsheets
    Pivot Tables
    Word Documents
    Summaries of Engagements
    Overview of Goals/Metrics
    But Does the C-Suite Understand?
  • 32.
  • 33. Alright - I Get Social Media’s Important, But How Can I Use IT?
  • 34. Let’s Look at a Real World Example
  • 35. I Want to Sing at Karaoke!
  • 36. Local & Social Can Be Powerful
  • 37. It Doesn’t Stop at the Web Browser or Google Search
  • 38. Apps Are Social & You Still Need to Be Found
  • 39. How Do I Do What You Did?
    Great… That’s All Fine & Dandy But….
  • 40. How Can Anyone Guarantee a
    Top 10 ranking anymore?
    Think about it!
    Logged into your Google Account? Google personalized your results
    Local - They know your IP, serve you geographically relevant ads & results
    Have the Google Toolbar installed? Google knows your history & serves up results according to where you’ve been before.
    Using Chrome? Google knows all! 
  • 41. You Need to Start With the Basics
    Step One: Do Keyword Research
    How do people search for your products/services
    How do they search for YOU
    Are they searching more for YOU or an “idea” of what you sell, do or provide?
    Search in Search Engines is Different than Search in Social Media
    Step Two: Optimize Your Site
    Get Rid of Site Inhibitors – Flash, Frames, etc.
    Snappy Titles Tags
    Valuable Content
  • 42. And Keep Building on the Basics
    Step Three: Optimize Your Digital Assets
    Titles, descriptions, tags, categories
    Titles, descriptions, tags, groups, geo-location
    Titles, descriptions, tags, transcripts
    Step Four: Incorporate Social Media
    Names, Locations
    Interests , Hobbies & Industries
    Photos, Videos, Content (tagging)
  • 43. Remember SEO Is Still Fundamental
    It’s Just Not Unique Anymore! (Seriously It’s Not!)
    Without a Solid Foundation, You’re Strategy Could Crack
    Optimize Your Titles
    Optimize Your Content
    Use Tagging
    Categorize Your Content
    Optimize Your Digital Assets
    Videos, Photos, Audio
  • 44. Do You Understand Your Audience?
    How Do They Search?
    Using Search Engines?
    Using Social Media?
    Searching Videos? How About Photos?
    Maybe a Smart Phone (Droid, Blackberry, iPhone)?
    What Lingo Do They Use?
    Are They Local, National or Global?
    How Do They Prefer Their Content Served?
    Video, Text, Audio, Photo, Maps, Directions, etc.?
  • 45. Search, Social, Mobile It’s All About Being Found
    • iPhone Apps
    You Need to be Optimized in OpenTable to Fill the Table
    • Google, Bing, Yahoo
    Your Title Tags Should Reflect What You Sell not just “Home”
    Your Profiles Should Indicate What You Talk About
    “We’re a candy company crazy about 80’s retro candy like Pez!”
  • 46. Last – But Not By Mean Least
    • Value
    • 47. Your Audience Deems What Is Valuable, Not You
    • 48. Content
    • 49. Make it Portable! Easy to Share, Makes it Easy to Find!
    Don’t Be Stingy
    Link to others, say thank you & spread the love!
    Remember It Isn’t All About You
    Other people make it easy to find you as much as a search engine does!
  • 50. Want To Learn More?
    Current White Paper:
    Measuring Social Media - Social Media Impact: Unicorn or Elephant
    Pending Book:
    Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media – June 24th, 2010 (Que Press)
  • 51. Contact
    Serengeti Communications:
    Phone: 703-556-3390
    Liana “Li” Evans – Director of Social Media
    Text: LIANA to 70259 (add your email after “LIANA”)