Social beat report survey on digital marketing


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Social Beat carried out a survey on Digital Marketing in April. The results from the survey provide useful insights into the upcoming trends and relevance of social/digital media for businesses to grow and expand.

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Social beat report survey on digital marketing

  1. 1. A look into insights from the Social Beatsurvey on Digital Marketing
  2. 2. Demographics of the survey: Respondents were spread across different industryverticals
  3. 3. Usage of Social Media: 76% of the companies already use social media in some form
  4. 4. Respondents felt the top-3 objectives of the social media marketing wereGoal from Social media: Build brand awareness and a communityBrand Awareness Customer Engagement Generating leads
  5. 5. Relevance of Social Media: Over 91% feel social media is relevant in their industry
  6. 6. Facebook & Twitter are the top two channels, followed by YouTubeThe quick rise of YouTube as a medium for digital marketingemphasizes the changing trend from “Look n Feel” to “Watch nExperience”2010-2012 period saw the rise of pictures as the prominentmedium but the now the focus has changed to videos
  7. 7. Majority of companies with in-house teams are spending more than 18 hours on theinternet
  8. 8. 33% of the companies are ready to spend around Rs. 50000 to Rs. 1 Lakh or more (permonth) on their social media marketing initiatives.
  9. 9. Almost all wants to have a digital strategy butEither they do not know how to leverage the digital medium to boosttheir businessOr they do not have the required expertise effectively handle it.Facebook & Twitter are the top two channels, followed by YouTube and LinkedIn
  10. 10. No matter how well-known the business is, if we are ignoringthe digital media, we are clearly losing a chunk of ourbusiness.How big the chunk is, depends on the industry. Butclearly, we would not like to end up on the wrong side.It is about money. If it is able to drive the revenues for abusiness, then definitely it is not just a concept.It is for real and here to revolutionize the way marketingis done traditionally.
  11. 11. It is not just about likes and shares for companies, it is also about convertingthem into tangible benefits for the company, i.e. sales and revenuesROILike Sales,Greater RevenuesBusiness leads
  12. 12. The biggest ROI is thatYour business will still exist 10 years down the lineHow do we measure ROI ?
  13. 13. For one of our healthcare clients which is already a leading name in the industry, had a300% boost in the number of leads generated via digital media. Now, since this result isthe impact of social media marketing on an established players business, that clearlysays something big regarding the impact digital media is having on businessesResults speak for themselves
  14. 14. Mail us: team@socialbeat.inORVisit us: www.socialbeat.inDigital Marketing. Focus on Results.