Relevance of social media in India by Social Beat


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This presentation was used for the talk on Frontiers of New Age Business at KCT Business School (Coimbatore) by the Social Beat co-founder, Mr. Vikas Chawla. The main agenda of the meet was the discussion of Relevance of Social Media for Business & the Youth in the present context. Its a very effective analysis of the present day context of digital marketing to boost businesses. Also, the evolving trend of recruitment policies of companies getting affected by the rise of social / digital media is also brought to light

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Relevance of social media in India by Social Beat

  1. 1. Brand Management &A Perspective on DigitalMarketingVikas
  2. 2. Why is Social Media morerelevant than ever before
  3. 3. Brand Management &A Perspective on DigitalMarketingMacro Perspective of Digital Media
  4. 4. Globally, over 2.2 billion people on theinternet
  5. 5. Only going to rise, thanks to smartphonesPersonalComputersSmart PhonesTablets
  6. 6. With 125m internet users, India isgrowing rapidly
  7. 7. India seeing the highest growth, evenamongst BRICSource: ComScore, July 2012
  8. 8. Putting Digital India in perspective:ONLY 10% penetrationPopulation:1241mTV: ~800mMobile:~702mInternet:~125m
  9. 9. So What is Social Media?
  10. 10. Sharing3 types of social mediacommunicationConnectingPublishingContent
  11. 11. Publishing ContentContent is the key to any digital strategy
  12. 12. Allows you to connect/networkwith everyone from everywhereConnecting
  13. 13. Sharing• Find where your audience hangs-out• Produce content your audience will love and share
  14. 14. “Likes” and “Follows” are not whatmatters
  15. 15. Evaluating your successIncreased traffic leading to salesAnalytics to understand betterBetter brand awareness
  16. 16. Brand Management &A Perspective on DigitalMarketingSocial Media for Business
  17. 17. Adidas Success storyMcDonald’s Failure storyRed Bull Mega Success story123
  18. 18. Red Bull STRATOS Success story• Red Bull STRATOS: Red Bull Gives You Wings• A business move that translated into estimated sales of tensof millions of dollars• More than 8 million people watched the YouTube livestream of Felix Baumgartner becoming the first person tobreak the sound barrier• Experienced a 108 % increase in fan base growth• Grew its community of Twitter followers by 300% and isnow the #2 beverage brand overtaking Coca-Cola
  19. 19. Adidas Successstory• Activities like Cricket Trivia and Fantasy Cricket• Sneak previews and premiering of the new campaign TVC’sreleased first on Facebook before TV• In less than a year, the page grew up to more than 1.1million members and still growing at a feverish pace.• According to the AC Nielsen report• Adidas was one of the most talked about brand on thesocial media• Even ahead of the official sponsors of the ICC WorldCup including competitor, Nike.
  20. 20. Digital Marketing cannot mend a brokenbusinessJust by having a digital strategy wont take awayyour customer complaints: if anything, it willonly amplify your complaints
  21. 21. McDonald’s Failure @Social media experiment• McDonalds launched a Twittercampaign using the hashtag#McDStories• asked users to post nostalgic stories abouttheir experiences on Happy MealsSocial media campaigns always contain ameasure of risk• Need to anticipate reaction from customers• Need to prepare contingency plans
  22. 22. Why is Social media important forbusinesses• It finds you customers and builds clientele• It gives businesses the ability to find out what people are sayingabout them (and others) in their industries• It builds your brand• It provides a test audience (vs. focus groups)• Solidifies your reputation as a valuable and knowledgeable resource
  23. 23. Social media has changed the waymarketing is done• It’s a permission-based marketing• Social media is like a collaborative• Become a member, ask questions, give answers,add value to the community, ask & answerquestions• Plus, no boundaries of time & space
  24. 24. Brand Management &A Perspective on DigitalMarketingFindings From our Survey
  25. 25. 90% felt social media was vital, but still 24% arenot using social media
  26. 26. 55% not sure of how to market their product usingsocial media
  27. 27. Brand Management &A Perspective on DigitalMarketingSocial Media for Young Graduates
  28. 28. From recruitment perspective, today the trend isevolving - “Its not just what you know, but also who youknow”
  29. 29. Entrepreneurshipcalling !!• Over 500+ tech startups in Tamil Nadu alone
  30. 30. Digital World is complex, but keep it simple
  31. 31. The PUPPY StoryAnything is posibble!!