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Designing community projects for Coventry University
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Designing community projects for Coventry University


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A presentation given to the Centre for Social Relations at Coventry University, to demonstrate how Social LIfe's work can be used as a tool to develop better community and neighbourhood programmes. We …

A presentation given to the Centre for Social Relations at Coventry University, to demonstrate how Social LIfe's work can be used as a tool to develop better community and neighbourhood programmes. We focused on the Foleshill area of the city, using this as an example of the way our work could be practically applied.

Published in: Design, Sports

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  • 1. Designing a new community initiative, and introducing Social Life’s work A workshop for Coventry University 8th October 2013
  • 2. Social Life’s aim is to put people at the heart of placemaking, we work in the UK and internationally.
  • 3. We continue to build neighborhoods that fail to thrive as flourishing communities and struggle finding ways to revive failing areas.
  • 4. Where are the people?
  • 5. •  Our Our organisational heritage
  • 6. Today’s workshop Aims: •  to introduce Coventry University’s Centre for Social Relations to Social Life’s work •  to use social design and innovation methods to develop ideas for a “neighbourhood university” in Foleshill
  • 7. Our work
  • 8. Our starting point
  • 9. The first question: what is a community?
  • 10. An alternative view •  Physical boundaries to promote geographical identity •  Local myths & stories •  Visible leadership •  Strong social relationships, networks & bonds •  Rituals and rhythms •  Shared belief systems, garden cities, new towns, eco-cities
  • 11. Stuck vs dynamic?
  • 12. A framework for social sustainability The Young Foundation/Social Life Social Sustainability Framework, 2011
  • 13. What we do We do research and use ethnography We use data We advise organisations across sectors We run practical projects We facilitate discussions
  • 14. Innovation methods
  • 15. Understanding how places innovate The Young Foundation social innovation spiral
  • 16. Framing Malmö’s innovation story Data/studies on social need External inspiration, social design principles, co-design solutions with participants Learn from success of environmental sustainability programmes Consensus about need for new approach Disengaged communities, poor education, high levels of disadvantage Malmö is known internationally for green tech but also in Scandanavia for its social problems
  • 17. Prompts Innovations develop as a result of urgent need: this can be commercial, social or political There are many tools to help people make the link between needs and activities Your task Using prompt cards, think about the neighbourhood university. How could this work?
  • 18. Big neighbourhood data
  • 19. Wellbeing Resilience Wellbeing and resilience in Poplar
  • 20. Social sustainability indicators 13 indicators made up of 35 questions measuring dimensions of social sustainability.
  • 21. Comparable area benchmarks: statistically significant results No%problems%affec@ng%facili@es%in%local%area*% %Importance%of%where%you%live%to%sense%of%who%you%are*% Plan%to%remain%resident%of%this%neighbourhood%for%a%number%of% Feel%like%I%belong%to%this%neighbourhood_*% How%safe%do%you%feel%walking%alone%in%this%area%during%the%day%in% Been%feeling%reasonable%happy*% Can%you%influence%decisions%affec@ng%area*% How%important%is%it%for%you%personally%to%feel%that%you%can% Series1% %Tried%to%get%something%done%about%the%local%environment*% Felt%you%were%playing%a%useful%part%in%things_*% %People%pull%together%to%improve%neighbourhood*% I%borrow%things%and%exchange%favours%with%my%neighbours*% Most%people%can%be%trusted%or%you%cannot%be%too%careful%with% How%sa@sfied%or%dissa@sfied%are%you%with%your%local%area%as%a% Have%been%asked%what%you%what%you%think%*% How%safe%do%you%feel%walking%alone%a9er%dark%in%wider%area*% !0.4% !0.3% !0.2% !0.1% 0% 0.1% 0.2% 0.3% 0.4% 0.5%
  • 22. Empire Square Imperial Wharf Knowle Village The Hamptons
  • 23. Cressingham Gardens SW2
  • 24. Neighbourhood data Data can be used a tool to help understand and think about places, sometimes it provokes strong reactions Data that reveals how people feel about a place and how they experience their lives often tells a very different story to conventional deprivation statistics Your task Look at the maps of Foleshill what do these tell you? Is the data about what we would expect to find in comparable areas useful? Misleading? Downright wrong?
  • 25. Mapping community assets
  • 26. Eco Bicester: we worked with Cherwell council and the developer of exemplar stage, A2Dominion, to build social sustainability into the ambitious new development, planned to be 20,000 homes over 20 years.
  • 27. Bicester Community Asset Map N 2 A4095 95 A40 e ckn Bu d ll R 12 Sk im 7 Rd B4100 Buc king ham A4 9 Ch u rch il lR d Ln 3 2 4 6 Rd 7 2 2 09 A4 3 3 4 3 6 11 5 2 d Oxf ord R 1 1 1 B410 A4 1 5 London Rd 3 4 1 3 1 1 1 A4 Charbridge Ln Qu ee 1 5 30 3 4 ns 3 B40 3 1 Ave 2 Bic est er Gavra y Dr 30 Lau nto n St 1 4 Fie ld Ho we s B40 1 5 42 2 A4 09 5 2 2 5 Ln 10 Banbury Rd Eco-town Site mi ng dis h 4 0 1 4 1 42 8 A4 ck 2 wi tch re W ay W Rd
  • 28. Bicester Community Asset Assets located in Bicester 1 Bicester Link Point (Cherwell DC) 2 Bicester Town Council 3 Bicester Resource & Wellbeing Centre Statutory Organisations Assets located outside Bicester or non-physical assets 1 Bicester Village 1 Langford Village Community Centre Community Centres Bicester Vision 2 West Bicester Community Centre 3 Bicester East Community Centre Places of Interest 5 Garth Park Bicester Chamber of Commerce (Banbury) 1 Bicester Local History Society Banburyshire Community Transport Assoc. 2 Bicester Rotary Club Cherwell Volunteer Bureau (Cherwell DC) Cherwell District Council (Banbury) Community Organisations 1 St Edburg’s C of E Church 3 Bicester Round Table 4 Langford Women’s Institute Religious Organisations 1 Langford Village RA 2 Emmanuel Church 3 Bicester Methodist Church Grassroots Bicester 4 Parish of the Immaculate Conception Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action 2 Bicester Parkland RA Heyford Park RA (Upper Heyford) 1 Bicester Leisure Centre Bure Park RA 2 Stagecoach Bicester (Theatrical arts) Sport & Leisure Organisations 1 Langford Medical Practice 4 Longfields Primary School 5 Kings Meadow Primary School Schools 1 1st Bicester Scout Group 5 Bicester Town Rail 2 2507 (Bicester) Squadon ATC Bicester Hive (Bicester Garrison) 3 St Mary’s RC Primary School 4 Bicester Choral & Operative Society 4 Bicester North Rail 7 Child First (Day Care) 2 Bure Park Primary School 3 Bicester Concert Band 3 Montgomery House Surgery 6 Bicester Library 1 Brookside Primary School 5 Bicester Green Gym 2 North Bicester Surgery Community Facillities 3 Bicester Market 4 Chesterton Golf Club 4 Southwold Community Centre Cherwell Crime Partnership: Bicester Residents Associations 2 Bicester Farmers Market Youth Organisations 3 Bicester Courtyard Youth Arts Centre 6 Bicester Community College 7 Glory Farm Primary School 8 Langford Village Primary School 9 The Cooper Secondary School 10 Bardwell Community Special School 7th Bicester Scout Group 11 St Edburgs C of E Primary School Bicester Youth Council 12 Southwold County Primary School March 2012
  • 29. Bicester Community Asset Map N 2 A4095 5 9 A40 ell ckn Bu Rd 12 Sk im min gd ish L 4 n 7 d am R ingh A4 9 Ch ur ch Buck B4100 1 5 42 09 2 A4 5 2 2 5 10 Banbury Rd Eco-town Site ill Rd 6 Lau d Charbridge Ln 5 09 A4 3 3 4 3 6 11 3 1 5 2 Oxf ord R d 1 1 4 1 1 B410 A4 1 5 London Rd 3 1 1 rR 7 2 2 A4 este Gavray Dr 1 Bic 3 4 sA ve Qu 3 B403 0 3 1 een 2 nto n St 4 B403 0 Rd 4 Fie ld Ho we s Ln 3 2 1 0 1 2 4 1 42 8 A4 wic tch re W ay kW
  • 30. Mapping Foleshill’s assets It is relatively easy to find out about local institutions. It is more difficult to find out about people based assets, and strengths that grow out of social networks. Your task Look at the pictures of Foleshill, what do these tell you about the assets in the area and within the community? What else do you know about community assets in Foleshill? How would you go about filling out this picture?
  • 31. Using personas
  • 32. The Social Life of Cities is a new collaboration with Cisco: bringing together city leaders to find new ways of driving urban innovation and to think differently about creating thriving and sustainable places. We have been working in Chicago’s south side, and Malmö in Sweden.
  • 33. July 2012: How can digital technology create resilient neighborhoods in Chicago’s South Side?
  • 34. Resilience: the ordinary superpower
  • 35. Developing personas for South Chicago
  • 36. AMOS Think about different kinds of people living and working in South Side neighborhoods and why they would use TATV The issue The issue facing me that the service is trying to address is…. Touchpoints and devices Touchpoints and devices He has smartphone and uses Things Iahave with or around it to (eg car, TV, mobile metext his friends, use the internet, Because … phone) ….listen to music, text his family. Who are the people and organizations that I Relating spend time withorganisations Ime others? The people and and connect spend time and connect with are … because…. Amos goes to the neighborhood high school and has good relationship with some teachers. He sometimes goes to an after school youth group that runs anti-drugs, anti-gang programs for boys. His family regularly attends Church. Amos is 16 and lives in Woodlawn with his mother, brother and sister. He lives in an apartment in a public housing building. He feels unsafe in the neighborhood because of gangs and gun crime. He has friends who have been robbed at gunpoint and been caught up inBiography He is careful about when shootings. My name he goes and his mother and where is….My age …..I live in…..with..… My being study his worries about him family,out on andown. work background …. What matters to me day to day? What matters Staying safe on the streets, What s important to me in my dayseeing life is… I spent time doing … to-day his friends. because …. My values are … Capacities and resources HowcanTATV helping can tackle a I is do easily…. I me t do easily… problem? are … because …. My skills Amos wants to know about trouble hotspots so he can avoid them and wants alerts about violent incidents so he can stay out of the way.
  • 37. Developing personas for Foleshill Hypothetical service users help people think about the detail of different people’s experience and empathise with their lives. This is a user centred design method. Your task Take the personas templates and create some hypothetical Foleshill residents What would you need to do to make this robust? What research would you need to carry out?
  • 38. Designing interventions
  • 39. Community consultation about Somerleyton Road
  • 40. Using trade off lines
  • 41. Consolidating personas: south Chicago
  • 42. First ideas for the design of the Stay Safe app: south Chicago
  • 43. Using the personas, beginning to design a template Design methods allow us to turn complex issues into visualisations. Our initial designs need to be tested and prototyped. Your task Look at the two sheets and see how you could work with your personas to start to build a picture of how a neighbourhood university could work in Foleshill.
  • 44.