Building New Communities


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Presentation to Cherwell District Council Local Strategic Partnership Reference Day, June 2012.

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Building New Communities

  1. 1. Building new communitiesPresentation to Cherwell District Council LSP Reference Day 18th June 2012
  2. 2. Social Life is a new venture set up by the Young Foundation
  3. 3. Social Life has been established as a centre ofexpertise in social sustainability. It takesforwards the Young Foundation’s 50 yearheritage of work on community dynamics,including the work of Michael Young, and PeterHall, both former Directors of the Institute ofCommunity Studies.The Young Foundation brings togetherinsights, innovation and entrepreneurship tomeet social needs. The Young Foundationworks across the UK and internationally –through research, influencing policy, andcreating new organisations, often withimaginative uses of new technology.
  4. 4. We continue to build neighbourhoods that fail to thrive asflourishing communities
  5. 5. This is an urban and a rural issue: more in common thanoften believed
  6. 6. Success and failure are both complex and subjective.
  7. 7. Where are the people?
  8. 8. 200 years+ of planned new communities
  9. 9. We believe we can learn from both the mistakes, and thehopes, of the past.
  10. 10. Putting people at the heart ofplacemaking
  11. 11. •  OurOur organisational heritage
  12. 12. Future communities consortium: learning from past mistakes
  13. 13. The first question: what is a community?
  14. 14. An alternative view: whatmakes a community?•  Physical boundaries to promote geographical identity•  Local myths & stories•  Visible leadership•  Strong social relationships, networks & bonds•  Opportunities for informal, spontaneous social encounters•  Rituals and rhythms•  Shared belief systems, garden cities, new towns, eco-cities
  15. 15. Working in Bicester: with Cherwell council and the developer of exemplarstage – A2Dominion - to build social sustainability into the ambitious newdevelopment, 20,000 homes over 20 years.
  16. 16. Two workshops plusmany conversationsOur findings…Legacy of past and Importance ofhistoryAcceptance of inevitability of furtherdevelopmentWish for meaningful consultation anddialogueStrong perceptions that infrastructurehad not kept pace with growthWish for ‘one Bicester’ and to get awayfrom ‘Tesco Town’ label.
  17. 17. Bicester: locations of growth
  18. 18. Bicester Community Asset Assets located in Bicester Assets located outside Bicester or non-physical assets 1 Bicester Link Point (Cherwell DC) 1 Langford Village Community Centre 1 Bicester Village 2 Bicester Town Council Community 2 West Bicester Community Centre 2 Bicester Farmers Market Places of Centres Interest 3 Bicester Resource & Wellbeing Centre 3 Bicester Market 3 Bicester East Community Centre Statutory Bicester Vision 4 Southwold Community Centre 4 Chesterton Golf Club Organisations Cherwell Crime Partnership: Bicester 5 Garth Park Bicester Chamber of Commerce (Banbury) 1 Bicester Local History Society Banburyshire Community Transport Assoc. 2 Bicester Rotary Club 1 St Edburg’s C of E Church Cherwell Volunteer Bureau (Cherwell DC) Community 3 Bicester Round Table Organisations Religious 2 Emmanuel Church Cherwell District Council (Banbury) 4 Langford Women’s Institute Organisations 3 Bicester Methodist Church Grassroots Bicester 4 Parish of the Immaculate Conception 1 Langford Village RA Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action Residents 2 Bicester Parkland RA Associations Heyford Park RA (Upper Heyford) 1 Bicester Leisure Centre 1 Brookside Primary School Bure Park RA 2 Stagecoach Bicester (Theatrical arts) Sport & 2 Bure Park Primary School Leisure 3 Bicester Concert Band 3 St Mary’s RC Primary School Organisations 4 Bicester Choral & Operative Society 1 Langford Medical Practice 4 Longfields Primary School 5 Bicester Green Gym 5 Kings Meadow Primary School 2 North Bicester Surgery Schools 6 Bicester Community College 3 Montgomery House Surgery Community 7 Glory Farm Primary School 4 Bicester North Rail 1 1st Bicester Scout Group Facillities 8 Langford Village Primary School 5 Bicester Town Rail 2 2507 (Bicester) Squadon ATC 9 The Cooper Secondary School 6 Bicester Library Youth 3 Bicester Courtyard Youth Arts Centre 10 Bardwell Community Special School Organisations 7 Child First (Day Care) 7th Bicester Scout Group 11 St Edburgs C of E Primary School Bicester Hive (Bicester Garrison) Bicester Youth Council 12 Southwold County Primary School March 2012
  19. 19. What can be done?
  20. 20. Reviewing the evidence“… where these facilities were already in place when people began toarrive, the community came together and networks were formed moreeasily” CLG New Towns Review“ … most mixing across social groups takes places between children. Itis these contacts … that provide opportunities to meet and formrelationships.” CIH/JRF 2005“ … planning for hard infrastructure alone would never build acommunity … it would only be done by a matrix of formal and informalopportunities or supported activities.” Cambridgeshire PCT (2007)
  21. 21. A framework for social sustainabilityThe Young Foundation/Social Life Social Sustainability Framework, 2011
  22. 22. Plaque to commemorate the site of former Arkwright TownNew Arkwright, Derbyshire
  23. 23. • HafenCity, Hamburg Hafen City, Hamburg: sociologist appointed as “go-between” - intermediary for early residents and developer• 
  24. 24. What does this mean for Cherwell?
  25. 25. Locations of growth in Banbury
  26. 26. My questions for you1.  How can you understand community dynamics better and work with them?2.  If residents don’t want consultation meetings and leaflets, what are the other options?3.  If consulting communities reveals profound opposition to housebuilding, what can you do to build support for new developments?
  27. 27.