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#SocioNetForum: How to best Build a Successful SM Strategy (social4ce 17 Mar 2013)


Published on

Presentation given by @patrickattallah CEO & Founder of social4ce at the 1st Regional Technology & Social Networking Forum, 17th and 18th March 2013 KUWAIT.

Presentation given by @patrickattallah CEO & Founder of social4ce at the 1st Regional Technology & Social Networking Forum, 17th and 18th March 2013 KUWAIT.

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  • 1. How to best Build your SM Strategy? Patrick Attallah CEO & Founder @patrickattallah @social4ce©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 2. If you ask anyone today about social media, they will directly start talking about Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, most will admit that social media is widespread, and that it is becoming important and global. If pushed further, when asked how social media is transforming the way business works, most won’t have a clear answer at all.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 3. The key reason for failure resides in the ongoing misconceptions that have grown in this area “Social media doesn’t deliver real business value and can waste a lot of employee time.” “Social media is just another marketing channel. All you need is to get a Facebook page, open a Twitter account and give your CEO a blog.” “You don’t need a business justification for social media because it’s so cheap and you can’t anticipate or measure the benefits anyway.” “Social media brings unacceptable risks to privacy, IP protection, regulatory compliance, HR infractions, customer service and more.” “All you need to do is provide social media technology and the rest will happen on its own. After all, isn’t that how it works on the Internet?” leading to ineffective practices©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 4. 11 PRINCIPLES FOR BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL SM STRATEGY©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 5. Lay the groundwork for Social Success Convey clear benefits to your business, customers, and employees by: 1.  Defining the vision 2.  Setting clear goals 3.  Establishing a SM project team 70%  of  enterprises  achieve   business  objec/ves  with   social  media  yet  only  43%   have  a  formal  social  roadmap   to  address  their  goals   (Source:  Al/meter  Group)   ©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  ©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 6. Using social media successfully means that you mustfirst re-asses internal roles, processes, policies in orderto align your social business strategy with yourbusiness objectives.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 7. In defining your vision, remember that social channels are 1 designed for two-way conversations; they’re not just another marketing channel for broadcasting your message. Aligns your social media vision with business priorities and 2 objectives. Define how your organization will need to adapt. Set milestones and checkpoints to ensure that your social transformation is on course. Include people from across your organization in the social 3 media taskforce that are savvy about social media and knowledgeable about your business and its goals. If you don’t get social integrated throughout your enterprise and infused in your culture ASAP, no other advice will matter. Ted Coine @tedcoine©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 8. Listen and Learn From Your Communities Know Your Customers Like Never Before. Gain social insights to understand what really matters and to shape unique customer experience 4.  Know where are your customers 5.  Build the right presence 6.  Establish rules of engagement 62%  of  consumers  handle   service  issues  with  social   media.   (Source:  ClickFox,  Social  Media:  An  Emerging   Customer  Service  Channel)  ©social4ce  presenta/on  17thth  March  013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah   ©social4ce  presenta/on  17  March  2 2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 9. Despite today’s limitations, social media listening has an increasingly important role to play in brands marketing and engagement strategy.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 10. Know Your Customers 4 3 basic types of information that social media data can contribute to 1.  Content What people are saying 2.  Activity What people do? How do they behave? 3.  People Understand groups and how they interact and influence each other©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 11. Build the right presence by Defining 5 P.O.S.T. People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to How many communities of accomplish with them? purpose? What type of engagement? PEOPLE OBJECTIVES SM STRATEGY TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Scope of the social Which social channel will you conversations? What’s in it use? Primary and secondary. for them? How will you How to best integrate it? bridge the gap?©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 12. The priority is to rethink your connection to your customers, 6 partners, suppliers and prospects, to strive for a two-way communication and therefore to build relationships with them. Establishing rules of engagement in a broader social media policy creates continuity and consistency in your messaging across social channels. Formally training your internal staff on those rules ensures fewer social missteps. While only one person may be waiting for your direct reply, thousands more could be watching.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 13. Engage Customers in New Ways Customer expectations have changes. Build deeper relationships by engaging with them in new ways. 7.  Rethink your content 8.  Be customer centric 9.  Co-create with them 56%  of  buyers  feel  connected   to  brands  that  engage  socially   (Source:  ConeInc.)  ©social4ce  presenta/on  17thth  March  013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah   ©social4ce  presenta/on  17  March  2 2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 14. We’ve entered the Age of the Customer Engaging customers is a real challenge.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 15. Engage Customers in New Ways Customer expectations have changes. Build deeper relationships by engaging with them in new ways. 7.  Rethink your content 8.  Be customer centric 9.  Co-create with them 56%  of  buyers  feel  connected   to  brands  that  engage  socially   (Source:  ConeInc.)  ©social4ce  presenta/on  17thth  March  013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah   ©social4ce  presenta/on  17  March  2 2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 16. 7   Think Content, Not Campaign Content isn’t a one-and-done campaign, it’s a strategic approach that requires a consistent and ongoing effort. Reimagine, Don’t Just Recycle Your content will stand apart if you manage to create stuff ore reuse content, that is truly special - that is sharable and useful.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 17. A shift must be operated in 8   your marketing decisions BRAND CUSTOMER CENTRIC CENTRIC Customers « you don’t have » Customer Value Customers « you do have » matter the most matter the most You are guided by what You are guided by what your everyone say is « trendy » Proposition client data say is « needed » You think of something you You think of something you « could » offer Insights « should » offer You look for the coolest/ You look for what is the most cheapest/ newest Media Channels effective for each customer Your objective is to « Sell, Sell, Your objective is to Sell » and than say « You’re Voice « Recommend, invite, help » welcome » and than say « Thank you » Instead of regular statements about how good your product is, your consumers today seek to be engaged and have meaningful interactions with you.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 18. 9   Invest in your communities by turning customers and partners into stakeholders. Develop programs to focus community activity on collaborative missions to accomplish great things. Working together to do something great is the perfect way to foster affinity and loyalty. Percentage  of  enterprises  geVng   new  product  ideas  via  social   media:   30%  in  2010      …    75%  in  2020   (Source:  IDC,  ICT  Market  Outlook:  What’s  Next?)  ©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 19. Connect & Collaborate with Colleagues Businesses that use social technologies internally cultivate a deeper level of employee engagement. So: 10.  Empower your employees 11.  Build social into every business process 66%  of  employees  say  social   networking  increases  sharing   (Source:  Al/meter  Group)  ©social4ce  presenta/on  17thth  March  013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah   ©social4ce  presenta/on  17  March  2 2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 20. Shift your approach from Social Marketing to Social Business. The 10   value of “social” goes well beyond marketing. & “Social” needs to be an integrated strategy for every department and 11   every business process and function across your organization. By building social into every business process, you’ll build a more effective and productive workforce and create a more relevant business.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 21.  ‫ﺷﻜﺮا‬Patrick Attallah  Founder & CEO @social4ce   +961 1 383 029 Credits: The little Blue Book of Social Transformation (Salesforce) Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management (by social@scale) social4ce is a trademark of MEDIABIZ MENA LTD a Lebanese Limited company registered in Beirut Badaro Main Street, Beirut – - other offices in Paris, Jeddah, Riyadh©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 22. about social4ce social4ce is a boutique consulting firm based in the Middle-East and focused on social business. we help our clients, businesses and organizations, leverage the power of social media by embedding social technologies into all their processes through a 4 pillars approach: customer experience, consumer empowerment, co-creation and product elaboration, collaborative enterprise.©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 23. What we do is social business Social business is a profound change that impacts all departments in the organization A Social Business is the result of optimizing your organization’s entire ecosystem (customers, employees, business partners) by embedding collaboration, information sharing, and active engagement into its operations and culture. The outcome is a more responsive, adaptable, effective, and ultimately more successful company. A Social Business leverages all the social media tools and techniques, but expands the usage and efficiencies beyond “communications and marketing” to all of the organizational processes, both internal (such as human resources and talent management) and external (such as customer service, supply chain, product development, marketing, communications, and more).©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 24. 3 services offering Social Media MARKETING - Community Management - Social Media Campaigns - Online Brand Reputation - Online PR and Influence - Social Media Advertising - Social Shopping and Sales strategies Social Business CONSULTING - Social Business Governance & Risk Management - Social Media Readiness Diagnostic - Social Media Listening and monitoring - Social Business Strategy - Social Customer Service - Social CRM Strategies - Customer Satisfaction Measurement Social Media TALENT - Recruitment 2.0 - Social HR Consultancy - Social Media Trainings -  Employer’s branding -  Social collaboration©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah  
  • 25. Our references - we’re proud to have worked with©social4ce  presenta/on  17th  March  2013  -­‐  @social4ce  @patricka:allah