social4ce Social Media Talent Services Offering

social4ce Social Media Talent Services Offering



social4ce is a social business boutique consultancy based in Beirut, serving the MENA region. ...

social4ce is a social business boutique consultancy based in Beirut, serving the MENA region.

social4ce Social Media Talent consists of:
Recruitment 2.0: Find your Social Talent
Social HR Consultancy: Create a Social Workplace
Training: Create a powerful team. Build on solid foundations



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social4ce Social Media Talent Services Offering social4ce Social Media Talent Services Offering Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media TALENT & RECRUITMENT Building Talent Communities© social4ce 2013
  • 75% * of leaders in human resources and talent management believe   their companies are behind the curve regarding both internal and external social networking technology. 2013 will be the year of social HR, with organizations integrating social technologies into the way they recruit, develop & engage employees. *According to a recent study called State of Social Technology and Talent Management, commissioned by SilkRoad.© social4ce 2013
  • Adopting a social HR strategy Why?© social4ce 2013
  • EXTERNALLY HR 2.0 1. Attract the right candidates for the right positions 2. Recruit and manage talent activities online 3. Identify and support high potential employees 4. Increase productivity via collaboration INTERNALLY© social4ce 2013
  • We offer you Recruitment 2.0: Find your Social Talent Social HR Consultancy: Create a Social Workplace Training: Create a powerful team. Build on solid foundations© social4ce 2013
  • Recruitment 2.0: Find your Social Talent 1.  Identify your social media staffing needs: Profile, role and responsibilities 2. Sourcing 3. Candidate screening, evaluation and selection We help you find the "needle in the haystack" candidate!© social4ce 2013
  • Social HR Consultancy: Create a Social Workplace 1.  Hiring process and social recruiting: how to best use social media channels? 2. Social media team assessments: individuals, team, organization 3. Employer band strategy: how to create the image of a "great place to work" for your organization? 4. Designing onboarding programs for new recruits 5. Collaboration and social learning workshops Make a great move towards becoming a social business!© social4ce 2013
  • Training: Create a powerful team. Build on solid foundations. 1. How to use social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, building a blog) 2. What is a social business? Understanding social media trends 3. Community Management: Understanding the impact of social media on your organization 4. Recruitment 2.0: using social media as part of your recruitment processes We tailor our programs to your needs!© social4ce 2013
  • Social Media Marketing Training Modules UNDERSTANDING STRENGTHEN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MEASURING YOUR THE NEW SOCIAL COMMUNITY RISK FACTORS: SOCIAL MEDIA ROI MEDIA CONSUMER MANAGEMENT PROTECTING YOUR Which KPIs? Building LIFESTYLE BRAND ON your social media Social conversations SOCIAL MEDIA measurement How is it affecting principles. Role of the brands and practice. Community manager. Crisis Management. organizations? What Engagement tactics. Brand reputation. impact does it have Cases studies. How to Social Media 1 day program on the ways to Audience: communication set the right tone of influence. managers, marketing promote and sell, on voice? Channels managers, marketing the customer management, 1 day program analysts, controllers experience? moderation, editorial Audience: communication planning, response. managers, PR, 1 day program Audience: marketing marketing managers, managers, sales managers, 3 days program business owners, CEOs, CMOs, communication Audience: community brand managers managers, Business Owners, managers, marketing Customer Service managers, PR and Managers, CEOs communication associates© social4ce 2013
  • Social Business Consulting Training Modules SOCIAL MEDIA BUILDING YOUR THE SOCIAL BUILDING YOUR TRENDS SOCIAL MEDIA CUSTOMER SOCIAL HELP DESK STRATEGY EXPERIENCE What are the latest How to best integrate social media Who’s your target How to measure the new online and business trends… audience? What are customer satisfaction? social media social commerce, you trying to achieve? How to build customer touchpoints and how social collaboration P.O.S.T. People, loyalty? How social to best connect with etc..? How can you Objectives, Strategy, media can help? your social customer. fully benefit from Technology. Which social media? What content for which 1 day program 1 day program are the main channel? Which Audience: marketing Audience: Customer challenges you may results (KPIs & ROI)? managers, CMOs, Service Manager, Help be facing? customer service desk reps, CRM managers, business managers 2 days program owners, brand managers, Audience: marketing customer loyalty 1 day program managers, CMOs, Audience: CEOs, CMOs, managers, CRM communication managers Sales Director, managers, Business Marketing Managers, Owners, Social Media Business Owners Managers, Brand and/or Product managers.© social4ce 2013
  • Social Media Talent Training Modules PERSONAL TO GIVE OR NOT TO INTERNAL SOCIAL SOCIAL RECRUITING BRANDING GIVE ACCESS TO COLLABORATION – THE RISE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES DESIGN AND How to best use social BRAND CALLED AT THE WORKPLACE IMPLEMENTATION media for “YOU” recruitment? What is What are the risks? Workshop format. Brand Employment? Misuse of SM by Understand where How to discover Your employees, What are internal collaboration Brand and How to 1 day program the solutions? Who is is more likely to deliver Audience: HR managers, Build it online. the DOs doing it right, wrong? value. How social recruiters and DONTs. How to draft a social tools can help? Craft 1 day program media policy? your internal social Audience: managers, collaboration strategy CEOs, business owners, 1 day program and plan. public figures Audience: managers, business owners, HR 2 days program managers, managers Audience: HR, CEOs internal communication managers, managers.© social4ce 2013
  • “More companies are discovering that an uber- connected workplace is not just about implementing a new set of tools – It is also about embracing cultural shift to create an environment where employees are encouraged to share, innovate and collaborate virtually.” Jeanne Meister, Harvard Business Review© social4ce 2013
  • Get in touch with us Patrick Attallah Founder & CEO +961 1 383 029 @social4ce   Monica Karam Partner & Social Media Strategist +961 3 91 12 00   social4ce is a trademark of MEDIABIZ MENA LTD a Lebanese Limited company registered in Beirut No. 1014924 with main offices in Badaro Main Street, Nadim Kmeir Building, Beirut – © social4ce 2013 other offices in Paris, Jeddah, Riyadh