Social Meida for College Entrepreneurs - University of Washington Mktg 455 - Social3i

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Slides used by Social3i in presentation to the University of Washington Mktg/ENTRE 455 class in May 2011.

Slides used by Social3i in presentation to the University of Washington Mktg/ENTRE 455 class in May 2011.

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  • KOMO using twitter, how news is using twitter, CNN, KIRO, Individual anchors, get news from big or the individual, become your own editor
  • In 2011, Facebook Users Uploaded 4,300 Photos Every Second Over New Year's Weekend, 750 million photos total for the NYE weekend.Facebook has More than 500 million active users, 50% log on any given day
  • (60% in the 18 to 29 age cohort) According to a Common Sense Media poll from August 2009, 22 percent of teenagers log on to their favorite social media site more than 10 times a day, and more than half of adolescents log on to a social media site more than once a day. Seventy-five percent of teens now own cell phones, and 25 percent use them for social media, 54 percent for textingFlowtown found that Twitters users, on average, are 39 years old, while those who use LinkedIn are an average of five years older.
  • List of each sponsored athletes' most recent post, a live Red Bull video stream, interactive Red Bull games, and highly ranked drunkish dials


  • 1. Entre 455 – Social Media for Entrepreneurs
    May 10, 2011
    Presented by: Andy Boyer, Social3i
  • 2. Copyright Note
    The material used in this deck is a combination of content originally created and developed by social3i Principals, as well as content sourced by researching social media in major search engines and content sharing sites.
    Hopefully all charts and graphs in the deck attribute the work to the original owner, along with a link to where the content was sourced. However, due to the widespread sharing of this deck, it is possible that some information is not accurately attributed. We apologize for any errors, and are not making any claims that all of the data in this presentation is the original work of social3i Consulting.
    If you feel your work has been unfairly distributed or represented in this presentation, please contact
  • 3. Resources:
  • 4. Today’s Agenda
    • The Social Media Landscape
    • 5. Things Social Media People Talk About
    • 6. Stats to Impress Employers
    • 7. Some Top Campaigns
    • 8. How to Get a Job
    • 9. Building a Personal Brand Using Social Media
    • 10. LinkedIn
    • 11. Tools You Can Learn That Will Impress Employers
  • But first, who am I
    • University of Arizona Undergrad | UW MBA ‘06
    • 12. Background in Marketing includes Minor League Baseball, Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, RealNetworks B2B and E-Commerce, Freelance Marketing Consulting. Social Media Firm, now Social3i
    • 13. More info on my company:
    • 14.
    • 15. Twitter: @social3i
    • 16.
  • The Social Media Landscape
    (Aka… Why do we care about Social Media?)
  • 17. This was a game changer
    Jan 2009 -
    Plane crashes in the Hudson River
    3:26 pm photo was posted to Janis Krum’s (@jkrums) twitter profile
    New York Times broke the news at 3:48 pm and didn’t post to the frontpage until 4:00 pm
    Page 7
  • 18. How Twitter is changing news
  • 19. How Twitter is Changing Sports
  • 20. Live from Bin Laden’s House
  • 21. The Mainstream Has Adopted Twitter
  • 22. This is what your future boss thinks Facebook is
    In 2011, Facebook Users:
    • Uploaded 4,300 Photos Every Second Over New Year's Weekend
    • 23. 750 million photos total for the NYE weekend.
  • This is why my generation doesn’t get YouTube
  • 24. Content moves from Social to mainstream
  • 25. Content moves from Social to mainstream
  • 26. Content moves from Social to mainstream
  • 27. Stats to Impress Employers
  • 28. The Social Web is influencing customer decisions
    Data: Nielsen Research / Comscore Media Metrix 2009
  • 29. The Face of the New Internet is Social
    Facebook has passed Google & Yahoo in # of Visits Per Month
    Jan 2010
    Jan 2011
  • 30. ~30% of users are over 35Source:
    40% of internet users between 30 and 49 years of age use social media every day
    Fastest growing demographic!
  • 31. Marketing Budgets are Integrating Social
  • 32. ROI is Important
  • 33. What Channels are People Using
  • 34. HR Execs Use Social Channels Like Linked In
  • 35. Campaigns We Like
  • 36. Quiz Time: Basic Logos We Need to Know
  • 37.
  • 38. Making sense of everything (The Brian Solis Flower)
  • 39. Best Practices: Dell Idea Storm
  • 40. Letting your community help you choose
  • 41. And in small businesses, brands want to remind their consumers that they are there
  • 42. Anything you can do on your web page, you can do in Facebook
  • 43. Big brands with big budgets
  • 44. Small brands with small budgets
  • 45. Small brands with small budgets
  • 46. YouTube Content cycles
    • A video on YouTube gets 50% of its views in the first 6 days it is on the site, according to data from analytics firm TubeMogul.
    • 47. After 20 days, a YouTube video has had 75% of its total views.
    • 48. That's a really short life span for YouTube videos, and it's probably getting shorter. In 2008, it took 14 days for a video to get 50% of its views and 44 days to get 75% of its views
  • 49. Old Spice
  • 50. The Twitter Customer Service Angle: Comcast Cares
  • 51. Comcast Cares
  • 52. Comcast Cares
  • 53. Starbucks
  • 54. Starbucks
  • 55. Starbucks
  • 56. Local Customer Support via Twitter
  • 57. Fail (Or win?) Skittles goes all SocialDay 1
    Page 45
  • 58. Day 2
    Page 46
  • 59. Day 3
    May 12, 2011
    Page 47
  • 60. The Result
    Page 48
  • 61. Blogs: Coca-Cola Happiness Machine
  • 62. Single Brand - Multiple Accounts
  • 63. A Brief Moment ot Talk about Mobile and Tablets
  • 64. Getting a Job in (or with) Social Media
  • 65. You are competing for jobs against this guy
  • 66. What Should Your Resume Include(If you want to work in Marketing)
  • 67. What happens when people search for you
  • 68. What happens when people search for you
  • 69. The Personal Brand
  • 70. Blogging for Profit – Andru Edwards
  • 71. Make a Job Your Own
  • 72. My Twitter #Win
  • 73. Who to Copy: Folks from UW #MCDM Program
  • 74. LinkedIn
  • 75. Build a robust presence on LinkedIn
  • 76. LinkedIn Signal
  • 77. Tracking
  • 78. LinkedIn Maps
  • 79. Advertising on LinkedIn
  • 80. Slideshare
  • 81. Connecting LinkedIn with Slideshare
  • 82. LinkedIn Best Practices
  • 83. Tools You Can Use to Impress Employers
  • 84. Publishing Tools:Tumblr
  • 85. Publishing
  • 86. Publishing
  • 87. Get Creative with Facebook “Pages”
  • 88. Get Creative with Facebook “Pages”
  • 89. Cheap tricks to make you look smart:Facebook Apps - Involver
  • 90. Cheap tricks to make you look smart: Facebook Apps - North Social
  • 91. Twitter Tools – CoTweet, Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck, etc…
  • 92. Url Shorteners – ( , , etc…)
  • 93. Listening and Discovery
  • 94. Cheap tricks to make you look smart: Blogging
  • 95. Measurement ToolsRadian6, Alterian, ViralHeat,
  • 96. Unlimited Choices – Check
  • 97. Q+A
  • 98. Contact Info
  • 99. social3i Management Bios
    Andy Boyer
    Integrated Marketing Strategy & Planning
    As Co-Founder of social3i, Andy develops holistic social media programs that are integrated into overall marketing efforts. He was a Principal at social media agency Spring Creek Group from 2007-2010, leading client campaigns inside Microsoft and other companies, developing short and long term social media strategies, and recruiting a team of Engagement Leads and Community Managers. His previous experience is highlighted by six years in e-commerce marketing at streaming media pioneer RealNetworks from 1996-2002.
    Twitter: @aboyerLinkedin: Add Andy to your networkE-mail:
    Xavier Jimenez
    Integrated Marketing Research & Ideation
    Prior to co-founding social3i Xavier was Principal and Analytics Practice Head at social media agency Spring Creek Group in Seattle Washington. Xavier has worked with Fortune 500 brands like, RealNetworks, American Greetings, T-Mobile and Microsoft to deliver deep consumer insights using emerging media measurement technologies. As chief social intelligence strategist, Xavier is tasked with qualifying and transforming raw data from online video, mobile advertising, widgets, blogs, social networks, and other user generated content into deep customer intelligence.
    Twitter: @xjimenezLinkedin: Add Xavier to your networkE-mail:
    Colin Lamont
    Integrated Marketing & Mobile Campaigns
    Colin Lamont has 15 years direct marketing, e-commerce, and product management experience in helping build and grow consumer products and services. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Marketing at GotVoice, an Ignition Partners funded mobile solutions company that was successfully sold. An expert of integrated marketing, Colin leverages social media outreach to support direct marketing, branding, PR, speaking engagements and events to cost-effectively grow companies. Previously, Colin worked at RealNetworks, starting in 1995, & culminating as Director of Consumer Marketing for the RealGames and GameHouse divisions in 2006.
    Twitter: @social3i
    Linkedin: Add Colin to your networkE-mail:
  • 100. Thank You
    Twitter:   @social3i