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Part 3 - Social Media Strategies 201 at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts
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Part 3 - Social Media Strategies 201 at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts


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Part 3 of the workshop on Social Media, delivered by Social3i to the School of Visual Concepts in May 2011. Topics in this section include social advertising, social commerce, contests and …

Part 3 of the workshop on Social Media, delivered by Social3i to the School of Visual Concepts in May 2011. Topics in this section include social advertising, social commerce, contests and promotions.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. blog || Seattle Washington
    School of Visual Concepts
    Social Media Strategies and Programs for Marketers - 201 Level
    Section 3
    May 18, 2011
    Andy Boyer & the Social3i Team
  • 2. Agenda
    9:15 Section 1: Social Media 201 Overview
    • Going past Facebook Walls, Twitter and YouTube
    • 3. Questions we get asked a lot
    10:15 Break
    10:30 Case Study: RealNetworks - Reality TV, Streaming Video and the Real-Time Web
    • What RealNetworks is doing in the hot online video space right now
    • 4. How RealNetworks has embraced social media as a means to connect with a highly engaged audience.
    • 5.
    • 6. Overview of the Challenges and Opportunities RealNetworks is finding while working with Social Media
    11:15 Section 2: How to Use Social Media Analytics and Measurement Tools - Xavier Jimenez
    12:15 Lunch
    12:45 Section 3: Advanced Channel Tactics and Execution
    • Advanced Wordpress setup
    • 7. Facebook iFrames,
    • 8. Contests
    • 9. Facebook/LinkedIn Advertising
  • WordPress
    Why Blog?
    Best Practices
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14. WordPress Benefits
    - Content Management System (Blog + Website)- Community Support- Open Source (Plugins)
    - Themes
  • 15. Best Practices
    Choose Wisely. Both Themes and Plugins - Limit Amount of Plugins
    - Use Reputable Companies / Developers
    Posting Strategies - Develop Voice or Voices (Multiple Authors) - Consistency with Voice and Timing - Write for the Web (bullets, images, video)
  • 16. WordPress Themes
    Automatic (Company that owns WordPress) of Themes)WooThemes(Quality Developer)
  • 17. Useful Plugins
    Akismet (Spam)All-in-One SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Google XML Sitemaps (SEO)WP Super Cache (Speed)Disqus (Social Commenting)Google Analytics for WordPress
    (Track Stats on Authors, Categories, Post Types, etc)
  • 18. Facebook
    Best Practices
    Posting Strategies
    Contests & Promotions
    Tabs (iFrames)
  • 19. Short and Sweet
    Posts 80 Characters or less in length have 27% Higher engagement rates.
    Engagement Rates are 3X Higher for Brands that used a full URL
  • 20. Post Timing
    Brands that post outside of business hours have 20% Higher engagement rates.
  • 21. Day of Week Posting
    The most effective engagement rates for days of the week varies highly on vertical and industry. TEST… TEST… TEST
    Takeaway  - People are on Facebook when they are not working, or don’t want to be working.
  • 22. Action Keywords
    Keep It Simple. Fans Follow instructions well.
  • 23. Promotional Keywords
    Softer is Better. Fans Follow instructions well.
  • 24. Interrogative Keywords
    Don’t Ask Why. Ask Where, When, Would and Should.
    Posts that end with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate.
  • 25. Facebook EdgeRank
    Affinity  - How often you interact on Facebook with that particular user
    Time - How old the published post is, and how the time elapsed between interactions
    Weight - Past interactions on that particular type of content. Each type is weighted differently.
  • 26. Contests & Promotions
  • 27. Contests & Promotions
    User Generated Contests (Crowdsourcing)
    Product Giveaways
    Trivia & Quizzes
  • 28. Contests & Promotions
    • Keep the Prize tied to the Contest
    • 29. Keep it Interesting & Worth their Time
    • 30. Multiple Winners
    Viral Myth
    • Status Updates & Interaction Needed
    • 31. Offline Marketing Integration
    • 32. Facebook Ads. #1 source. Sent to Contest Page
  • Contests & Promotions
  • 33. Contests & Promotions
  • 34. Contests & Promotions
    Hosted Contests (Dream Wedding – User Generated)
  • 35. Contests & Promotions
    Donations or Payments with Status (Awareness)
  • 36. Social Advertising – Facebook
    Choose your audience by location, age and interests.
    Choose to pay only when people click (CPC) or see your ad (CPM).
    Connect with more than 500 million potential customers.
    Promote your  Facebook Page or website.
  • 37. Social Advertising – Twitter
    “Promoted Tweets are offered on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis, so you only pay when a user Retweets, replies to, clicks on or favorites your Promoted Tweet. Retweeted impressions by engaged users are free.
    Just like regular Tweets, the ones that users engage with most tend to be insightful, conversational, fresh and timely, and crafted for sharing”
  • 38. Social Commerce
    Social Advertising – LinkedIn
    Target by Geography, Company, Job Title, Groups, Gender, Age and more.
  • 39. B2B vs. B2C Usage
  • 40. Building Ads – Image Optimization Tips
    Fill Space (Horizontal 110 x 80)
    Faces (Up-close of faces do well if relevant)
    Branding (Add branding to image, free)
    Zoom / Scale
    Transparent or White Background
    Contrast with FB Colors (Stand Out)
  • 41. Building Ads – Title & Copy Optimization Tips
    Try One Line
    Ask Questions & Elicit Reactions (Humor)
    Short can be better
    Clear with Offering & Why they should care
    Reason to Click (Coupons, Offers, Giveaways)
    - #1 People Become Fans is Access to Promotions
    Personalization in Ad Copy (Geo, Likes & Interests)
    Tell them to “like” your brand
    Call to Action
    Sound like a Human not a Large Corporation
  • 42. A / B Testing
    • Define Measurement & Goals (Clicks, Fans, Signup, Sales)
    • 43. Choose a Control (Starting Ad)
    • 44. Create Test Ads. Change 1 variable (image, headline, etc)
    • 45. Test Targeting Features
    • 46. Statistical Significance (100+ clicks vs. 3)
    • 47. Run Simultaneously
    • 48. Don’t Assume FB suggested bid is correct
    • 49. Cost of Ads (Time of Year, Targeting Depth, etc)
    • 50. Optimize & Repeat!
  • Social Commerce
    Facebook Credits
    “Facebook supports real-world transactions connecting well over 500 million users to the consumption of pretty much anything.”
    “Facebook credits currently cost $5.00 for 50 credits, and so forth, and can now even be purchased at 7-Eleven, over 20,000 CoinStar machines, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, to name a few.”
  • 51. Social Commerce
    • Up to 25% of a shopper’s online time is spent on Facebook
    • 52. 28% of all purchasing in last 6 months influenced by Social Media
    • 53. The Value of Facebook Fans:
    • 54. 41% more likely to recommend a brand
    • 55. 28% more likely to continue using them
    • 56. Worth on average $136.38 in yearly sales
    • 57. Spends $71.84 more per year than non Facebook Fans
    • 58. Nearly 40% of users Fan a brand on Facebook for deals, AND THEN
    • 59. They are 60% more likely to recommend the brand to friends
  • Facebook Plugins for your web site
  • 60. Facebook Plugins for your web site
  • 61. iFrames & Applications
  • 62. iFrames & Applications
    • Your Design - Own Stylesheets
    • 63. Dynamic Programming Languages (PHP, Database Pulls, etc)
    • 64. Analytics - Google Analytics, Website Optimizer
    • 65. Conversions - Testing, Tracking, Optimizing
    • 66. eCommerce, Products, Contests - Purchase directly within iFrames
  • iFrames & Applications
    Example [Simple] Uses
    Newsletters / Email CaptureLead Generation FormsProduct PagesLanding & Conversion Pages
    Contests, Sweepstakes
    Walled Applications
    Media Creatives
  • 67. Thank You
    Social Commerce Sources:
    Social Media Today, Wildfire Interactive, Mashable, Ecwid, Forbes, Gartner , Strutta.