Managing Your Personal Social Media Brand


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  • Social3i is a digital marketing agency that specializes in integrating social media into overall content marketing and lead generation strategies. We have a deep and wide knowledge working with and developing our ownsocial media community management, research and analytics tools. We focus not just on driving positive brand impressions but also actionable outcomes.We have managed social media campaigns for technology brands such as Windows, Bing, Internet Explorer, Office, RealNetworks and more.Our careers have developed through a process of molding digital communications campaigns for some of the world’s top brands including Microsoft, Best Buy, T-Mobile and RealNetworks.We are locally based, and have built strategic programs for Merrill Gardens, the Seattle Sports Commission, 97.3 KIRO FM, 710 ESPN Seattle and the Subway Washington Games.We’ve worked with small companies and start-ups such as Relaborate, PortfolioGen, Golazo Energy, Zapd, GotVoice, and Imagekind, and have also advised companies who have raised money through the Alliance of Angels and Northwest Entrepreneur Network.
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  • Via regular meetings and teamwork
  • Establish Yourself As A Voice of AuthorityCreate a blog in your industryGive advice, guidance, tips
  • Managing Your Personal Social Media Brand

    1. 1. Why Social Media? A Primer Presented at Moss Adams Andy Boyer Oct 17. 2012 social3i insight | ideation | influence@social3i | @aboyer
    2. 2. Logo Spotting Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Wordpress Blogger Wikipedia Foursquare Tumblr Flickr @social3i | @aboyer Pinterest Instagram MySpace Farmville Angry Birds
    3. 3. @social3i | @aboyer social3i Proprietary and Confidential 3
    4. 4. About Andy Boyer / Social3i @social3i | @aboyer
    5. 5. Where You Can Find Us @social3i | @aboyer
    6. 6. Who We’ve Worked With@social3i | @aboyer
    7. 7. What we do for fun @social3i | @aboyer
    8. 8. Personal Branding and Networking Through Social MediaWhy is it important?How can I get started? @social3i | @aboyer
    9. 9. Social Media By The Numbers Every minute of the day: • 100,000 tweets are sent • 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook • 2 million search queries are made on Google • 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube • 47,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store • 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram • 571 websites are created • $272,000 is spent by consumers online @social3i | @aboyer
    10. 10. Why Do We Need to Understand Social Media Industry Shift in Marketing Spend • 46% Decline in Tradeshow spending • 44% of Direct Mail never opened • 90% of marketers now use social networks in their marketing efforts. • Social media and blogs reach 80% of all U.S. Internet users. 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media and 79% are generating more quality leads. B2B Users and Customers Shifting to Social Vehicles • US Internet users spend 3x more time on social networks than email, and 6x more than on portals • 61% of U.S. Marketers use Social Media for Lead Gen • 63% of companies who are using social media say it has INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS of other marketing efforts • LinkedIn drives the most leads to B2B sites, according to Leadforce @social3i | @aboyer Source: HubSpot
    11. 11. Why Social Media is Important for YourPersonal Brand Network and Engage with Deepen Relationships Own your Brand Customers and Partners  Identification of  Sharing of news and  Determine what trendsetters and information from Google finds thought leaders partners and  Proactively work to  Conversations with the customers become someone right people in the  Collect real insight and thought leaders want right places about understanding of to engage with product ideas and partner needs and deficiencies wishes @social3i | @aboyer
    12. 12. The Vanity Search @social3i | @aboyer
    13. 13. 75 of theLinkedIn Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn in their corporate hiring process. (HubSpot) @social3i | @aboyer
    14. 14. LinkedIn @social3i | @aboyer
    15. 15. Quora Conversations Quora users ask industry specific questions. Business professionals have the opportunity to step in and answer inquiries to serve as “the voice” of their industry. @social3i | @aboyer
    16. 16. Blogging – Becoming an Authority @social3i | @aboyer
    17. 17. Passive Social MediaHow do I get started? @social3i | @aboyer
    18. 18. Where Are Customers Talking? • On Digital Channels Around the Web : – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – YouTube – Tumblr – Flickr – Quora – Yahoo Answers – Blogs – Forums @social3i | @aboyer
    19. 19. Listening via Google Alerts @social3i | @aboyer
    20. 20. Email Tools (Rapportive) @social3i | @aboyer
    21. 21. Using Twitter Tools to Listen (Followerwonk) @social3i | @aboyer
    22. 22. More Twitter Tools Tweet Deck Hootsuite TwitCleaner Twilert 100 more @social3i | @aboyer
    23. 23. Putting The Pieces TogetherHow do I tie everything together?What are the rules? @social3i | @aboyer
    24. 24. How Does Social Sell Products? • Leveraging customer testimonials found on social networks to influence buying decisions. • Addressing compliments and complaints found via forums and social channels • Participating in groups and forums for those who make buying decisions • Engaging with current and new customers to create brand advocates. @social3i | @aboyer
    25. 25. @social3i | @aboyer social3i Proprietary and Confidential 25
    26. 26. Shameless Plug - Relaborate @social3i | @aboyer
    27. 27. A Complete Social Media Process • Use Social Media Monitoring tools to track the conversations around a brand and the industry as a Listen whole. Also, we identify key industry influencers and brand advocates. • Establish 30-60 day editorial calendars to drive conversations and lead consumers through a Plan planned story arc. Then we develop syndication strategies to get the content maximum exposure. • Write short and long form content in multiple Develop channels that engages customers and encourages sharing. • Analyze key metrics such as Virality, Engagement Review and Reach to determine the success of our @social3i | @aboyer messaging strategies.
    28. 28. Remember - Play By The Rules • Consistency – Is each channel giving a consistent message and maintaining ideal brand or personal attributes? • Usefulness – Is your content useful and contributing to the conversation? • Authenticity – Is this the voice of you or your brand? @social3i | @aboyer
    29. 29. Let’s Chat Social3i Consulting 3135 Elliott Ave social3i Suite 225 Seattle, WA 98121 insight | ideation | influence @aboyer / @social3i | @aboyer