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What CMOs should know when they hire a Social Media Director
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What CMOs should know when they hire a Social Media Director


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Is your organization ready for Social Media Marketing? Is your team ready? Are you executives buying into your strategy? Explore the how-to steps in hiring the right Social Media Marketing Director …

Is your organization ready for Social Media Marketing? Is your team ready? Are you executives buying into your strategy? Explore the how-to steps in hiring the right Social Media Marketing Director and make sure your company is ready for major changes in the way you think, operate and conduct business in 2011.

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  • 1. What CMOs Need to Know About Hiring a Social Media Director in 2011 Alex Romanovich, Founder – Social2B Material in this webinar is for reference purposes only. This webinar is sold with the understanding that neither any of the authors nor the publisher are engaged in rendering legal, accounting, investment, or any other professional service directly through. this webinar. Neither the publisher nor the authors assume any liability for any errors or omissions, or for how this webinar or its contents are used or interpreted, or for any consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the use of this webinar. For legal, financial, strategic or any other type of advice, please personally consult the appropriate professional
  • 2. About the Webinar Speaker
    • Alex Romanovich, Founder – Social2B, CMO – EuroSpaClub International, Advisory Board Member – The CMO Club
    • Unique blend of technology, marketing and business development skills and experience (IBM, SGI, Bertelsmann AG, Unified Technologies, Global Advertising Strategies, Social2B, EuroSpaClub Intl.)
    • Frequent speaker and advisor on topics of International and Multi-Cultural Mktg. (CNBC, CNN International, Forbes, Crains, Voice of America, etc.), Social Media
    • Social Media Marketing, Social Value Chain, and Social Media Scalability Expertise
  • 3. Overview – Why Social Media is still important in 2011
    • 4 out 5 US businesses over 100 people will use Social Media Marketing in 2011(eMarketer, 2011)
    • Social Media Marketing spending is increasing and Social Media Advertising (Ad spending on social media destinations) will cross $2B in 2011(eMarketer, 2011)
    • 85% of Marketers indicated that Social Media Marketing generated exposure for their business (‘Social Media Marketing Report, 2010”)
    • There are over 4,700 Social Media Jobs available in NY market area alone (Source:
  • 4. How Marketers felt about themselves in 2010
    • According to The CMO Club , the Best Social Media Marketing service providers were employees – agencies were important, but internal skills and resources were of paramount importance
    • Top most sought-after marketing technologies skills within marketing organizations were in social media, analytics, search optimization and integrated marketing technologies
    Slide 4
  • 5. How Marketers felt about themselves in 2010 (cont.)
    • Social Media Marketing was the most popular title in demand (The CMO Club Marketing Survey, 2010)
    • While the weakest visibility for leading the growth agenda for the company was in Customer Social Networks (The CMO Club Marketing Survey, 2010)
    Slide 5
  • 6. Social Media as a separate discipline. Or not.
    • Social Media is Media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, etc.etc.
    • Social Media can be a part of SEO and SEM efforts :
      • Link Building + Socialization of Content
      • Traffic referral engine
      • More links and traffic + More Authority and Ranking Ability
      • Branding and Buzz
    • Social Media Marketing is part of ‘Marketing and Branding’
    • Social Media can be a part of the Value Chain in the Company
      • Human Resources HAS TO use it
      • Marketing MUST use it
      • Sales CAN use it
      • Customer Service SHOULD use it
    Slide 6
  • 7. Social Media Director Job Description – The ‘Linchpin’ Slide 7
  • 8. Social Media Director Job Description – The ‘Linchpin’ Slide 8
    • Lead Development of communications strategy and editorial calendar
    • Brand and voice consistency
    • Control client brand guidelines (legal, privacy, content)
    • Community building and advocacy building
    • Reporting and Analytics – road to ROI
    • Technology and Integration
  • 9. Social Media Director Job Description – The ‘Linchpin’ Slide 9
    • Develop and manage client social media initiatives
    • Create and/or curate outstanding content
    • Create global campaigns to leverage brands
    • Conduct analysis and measurements of initiatives
    • Research trends, emerging technology
    • Revise channel strategies in online media and marketing
  • 10. How do you find the best Social Media Director? Look for ‘human qualities’ first! Slide 10
    • LOVES your company and really understands its mission
    • Believes in the power of “social media transformation”
    • Team player, builder and positive energy magnet
    • Not afraid of failure (is your co.?)
    • Responsive to change, dynamics and ready for ‘disaster recovery’
    • Can speak like a human
    • Multitasker and not afraid to tackle issues re: IT, Legal, Operations, Privacy, HR
    • High level of Emotional Intelligence
  • 11. How do you find the best Social Media Director? Use ‘social media’ to find them  !
    • Use the same venue (social media) to find them and validate their behavior - cautiously
    • Be cognizant of the fact that ‘trolling social media’ for candidates is no different than hiring them through more traditional channels – same labor laws apply
    • In 2009 45%+ of employers now screened candidate profiles – almost ALL of them are doing now
    • Services are now available to integrate social media backgrounds and monitoring
    Slide 11
  • 12. How do you find the best Social Media Director? Use ‘social media’ to find them  !
    • However, be aware of the following risks and proactive steps :
      • Employers may face liability under federal, state and local law for using social media information (race, age, disability, religion, sex orientation, etc.) in a hiring decision
      • Have a neutral party, such as an employee or consultant, conduct social media search, with filters
      • DO NOT ‘friend’ applicants or gain access to their non-public profiles
      • Document your decisions
      • Consult with your legal counsel and your HR department for further guidance
    Slide 12
  • 13. Now that you find them, what will they do? A lot!
    • Social Media Directors must have the skills to do the job:
      • Communications and Marketing Skills
      • People Skills
      • Technology and Tools Skills
      • Multitasking Skills
      • Maturity and High Level of Emotional Intelligence
      • Leadership Skills
      • Enough patience and attention to detail to address many client-related issues and concerns
      • Legal and regulatory understanding and skills
      • Excellent writing skills (as in Blog writing and essay writing)
      • Business Development Skills
    Slide 13
  • 14. Five Reasons NOT to hire THIS social media director
    • Their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles are very ‘weak’ (low number of posts, recommendations, followers, and connections)
    • They’ve never implemented a Social Media Campaign or Program
    • They are an aggressive self-promoter, but little evidence of real accomplishments
    • Their expertise doesn’t cover at least 2-3 areas listed before
    • They are a great ‘strategist’, but evidence of little else – no writing samples either
    Slide 14
  • 15. PR Director vs. SM Director – is there a difference? Slide 15 Public Relations Activity Social Media Activity A single publicity ‘hit’ can make a difference Sustained effort to generate activity, sentiment and client satisfaction Relationship with a few Relationship with many Needs an angle, a theme Needs a voice (and many voices) Mainly passive Can be active Can be turned on and turned off A sustainable effort >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Used to be PR activity 
  • 16. Your organization – is it ready for a Social Media Director?
    • Latest CMO Club poll of top 150 CMOs in the US – Who leads social media efforts in your company?
    • Recent study by Accenture of over 300 CMOs and 300 CIOs (CMO-CIO Alignment Imperative) also suggests the following:
      • 46 percent of marketing executives do not agree that their company’s CIO understands marketing objectives and requirements.
      • Nearly two-thirds of marketers report challenges implementing marketing and IT solutions, citing the lack of priority given to marketing by IT as the chief reason.
      • Only one-fourth of marketers consult enterprise IT, contact center, and back office groups in selecting and deploying marketing solutions.
    Slide 16
  • 17. Top 10 questions to ask yourself before you bring Social Media Director on Board
        • Is my organization and my executive management team ready for Social Media Marketing and Branding?
        • Does everyone treat Social Media as a strategic effort or as an offshoot of marketing or PR/Communications?
        • Where in the organization will Social Media reside?
        • Will I be able to allocate sufficient budget to Social Media efforts in our company?
        • How will Social Media discipline be aligned with HR, Technology, Customer Service, Sales, etc.?
    Slide 17
        • What tools and technologies will I need to implement SM campaigns?
        • Will ‘social’ also include ‘mobile’?
        • How will we integrated SM marketing campaigns with existing, more ‘traditional’ marketing efforts?
        • How much organizational training will we need to implement in integrating ‘social’ within our Enterprise?
        • Are we going to use ‘social’ for advertising and PR/Communications? What about ‘disaster recovery’ and ‘reputation management’?
  • 18. Case Studies
    • Case Study # 1 - Kodak
    • Case Study #2 – Ford
    • Case Study # 3 – BP
    • Case Study #4 – Groupon, BuyWithMe, kgbdeals
    Slide 18
  • 19. 10 common misconceptions about hiring Social Media Director
    • As soon as we hire a SM Director, we will have a lot more presence and brand awareness
    • The economy is still sluggish, so we should not have a problem hiring a SM Director quickly
    • We should be able to hire one inexpensively
    • All we need to do is find someone with strong PR background and we should be all set
    • Our new SM Director will manage all social media profiles and keep track of all conversations
    • There are so many easy to use and cheap/free SM tools – we should have a good handle on metrics
    • Our C-Level team is not sure about SM value yet, but will ‘buy-in’ as soon as SM Director shows up
    • SM Technology and Tools should be easily integrated with our communications and PR process
    • Everyone in the company must be excited about SM, hence our training experience should be positive
    • Finally, as a CMO, I don’t have to worry about SM – I can just manage the resources and budgets
    Slide 19
  • 20. Conclusions
    • Social Media Director is Strategic Hire
    • The company has to be ready for SM Director Hire and for SM in general
    • Social Media Director is not a replacement of your existing resources in PR, Communications, Customer Service, HR, Marketing, etc.
    Slide 20