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Social2B Capabilities

  1. 1. Social2B Capabilities
  2. 2. Social2B is an Enterprise Social Media Marketing, Consulting, and Product Development team of top industry professionals, dedicated to helping B2C and B2B clients leverage the explosive growth of social media marketing. We create solutions at the intersection of marketing, technology, and social media that drive client engagement, conversion and bottom line results, backed by unique metrics, measurement and campaign management methodologies. We advise Enterprise clients on social media maturity and scalability issues, social value chain optimization strategies, while helping them build the appropriate social media infrastructure and integration points. For more information, please contact us at or review our track record at www.social2b.comSocial2B
  3. 3. We have assisted many companies in the early stages of building their Social Media Infrastructure with the foundation in measurable and scalable architecture and toolset. Here is a partial list of offerings that we were able to help our clients with: 1 Social Media Strategy and Ideation – marketing platform strategy, acquisition strategy, engagement and conversion techniques, campaign management tactics, measurement and scalability methodology, marketing budget allocation and optimization (traditional versus emerging media)Social2B
  4. 4. 2 Social Value Chain Analysis – value chain metrics mapping to Social Media metrics and measurements For more information, please refer to: p/social-value-chain-analysis/Social2B
  5. 5. 3 Integration of Social Media and Search Media Optimization – an extremely important component at the intersection of acquisition, engagement and conversion (pre-click and post-click). 4 Social Media Marketing – social media communications, profile management and community building, social bookmarking, persona management, content development, writing, content curation, content adaptation, advocacy building.Social2B
  6. 6. 5 Web design and integration for Conversion – Web design is not typically what we lead with, but we fully understand and practice the importance and value of specific design parameters that need to be present – in general and on a campaign basisSocial2B
  7. 7. 6 Tool management, Deployment and Tool Selection Process – our knowledge/experience of/with the toolset for Social Media and surrounding disciplines benefits the client in the following areas: A. Monitoring – Radian6, SocialMention, Vocus, Trackur, Raven and RavenSEO, many others (useful link - B. Reporting – SocialReport(one of our favorites with lots of potential for scalability and integration), Radian6, WebTrends, Raven, SiteCore, many others C. Integration of email and social media – eWay Direct, YESMail, others – one of the most important components of the overall strategy and tactics (cascading, integration, acquisition, etc.) D. Marketing Platforms or components – ECHO, KickApps, Java Software, Custom Built and Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube, Vimeo, others E. Social Media Publishing or CMS platforms – Butterfly Publisher, SiteCore, others F. Mind Mapping – MindManager, others (useful in the ideation process and to architect your Social Media environment) G. Project and Campaign Management – 37Signals, Jira, MS Project, MindManager H. Automation – Marketo (B2B)Social2B
  8. 8. Branding- We have helped many clients to extend their brands (and their product sub-brands) through introduction of landing page strategies, as well as micro site strategies, driving traffic to both and achieving significant results in a short period of time 7 Execution for the above (implementation, deployment, maintenance and management) – we don’t operate as a typical vendor business model, as we tap into our own expertise and the expertise of our partners globally 8 Social Media Marketing Outsourcing – resource augmentation and skills transfer, training, team extensions (Executive Training to tactical deployment training modules)Social2B
  9. 9. Here are some of the new offerings from Social2B that can be promoted immediately: Social2B Social Media Diagnostic - we are getting good traction with this offering within the Financial Service market - - quick, and insightful offering, providing a third-party look into effectiveness and efficiency of SM efforts by marketing organizations. Social Media Value Chain Analysis - when you type social value chain we are on the first page of Google Search results - we wrote the book on bringing Social Media into the Enterprise and analyzing the impact of Social Media on B2B and B2C value chain in an organization - This topic positions the CMO as a leader within the organization and provides an opportunity to open many doors in driving Leadership Agenda. Strategies for Metrics and Measurements, Enterprise Integration, Budget Allocation Strategies, Optimization, etc. are included in the analysis. Social Media Training for the Enterprise - A unique training offering of 2-3 days which delivers excellent overview of the impact of Social Media within the Enterprise Environment, but also delivers a number of unique topics, such as Social Media and SEO integration, Social Media Analytics, SM Measurements and Metrics Methodology, etc. - enterprise/. Topics also include how to hire social media resources and leadership and how to develop and train your teams for successful outcome.Social2B
  10. 10. Social Media Content Management and Curation - Enterprise wide strategies for content creation, content management, and content curation for social media - B2B and B2C environments - management/ - HOT TOPIC! Content is king and leveraging it for successful engagement and conversion is an art form. Social Media Integration, Tool Selection and Management Process - there are so many tools and platforms out there and they all do different things - how does CMO decide what to invest into and what to get out of in terms of data, actionable information, etc. - management-deployment-and-selection-process/ (we have our favorites, of course, like SocialReport) - Building a tool and reporting architecture is extremely important, as many decisions will be made from the results of this important investment. Building an integrated marketing environment, with analytics and scalability capabilities is a MUST for any forward-thinking CMO and their organization.Social2B