Sin eng-50 - self (form)


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Sin eng-50 - self (form)

  1. 1. Name of the School: Tampines North Primary SchoolAddress : 30, Tampines Avenue 9, Singapore 529565School Leader: Mrs Low Bee Huay ( Principal )Story Title: Litter-Free Begins with You & MeTel.: 67854329 Email:Mentor Teacher : Ms Rafizah KaderSTUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Siti Nadhrah Bte Aziz Age: 11 Grade: 5 2) Name: Siti Salihah Bte Mohd Yusoff Age: 11 Grade: 5 3) Name: Michelle Tan Wei Ru Age: 11 Grade: 5 4) Name: Lau Chung Yan, Caslin Age:11 Grade: 5 5) Name: Jonathan Ng Age: 11 Grade: 5
  2. 2. Week 4 Term 3Majority of the students in our school 1 ) We wanted to collaborate with the vendors/cleaners by staging a “protest ordepend heavily on the canteen vendors strike”. However, pests like rats, birds andand the school cleaners to help keep theschool clean. cockroaches would be roaming around if we were to do it.We felt that the school cleanliness doesnot lie solely on the responsibility of the 2) Catch pupils picking up litter and rewardcleaners but everyone. We want to change them with their efforts with tokens.especially the students’ attitude towards 3) Increase the amount of bins put aroundthis. the school and change the rubbish bins to a more brightly coloured ones. In the end, after several brainstorming sessions, our group decided we need to bring awareness of the situation to the students first. We surveyed the school ground to find out which area and when usually littering takes place. We found out through our 3-day observation and interviews with the vendors and the cleaners that the canteen is most dirtied with wrappers and food leftovers during recess time and dismissal time. As Jonathan is part of the Infocomm club member in the school, we are able to create a video depicting the students’ perspective on littering and also interviewed the cleaners and the vendors on the difficulties they were facing with the littering done by the pupils. During one of the morning assembly period, with the Eco-club members, we present the video and did a show presentation on the implication of littering to the environment. In addition, we also reminded pupils on the their respective responsibilities while doing the adopted area duty in the school compound, we also introduced a new programme entitled S.E.L.F ( Students Embrace Litter Free). Primary 5 pupils will take turns picking up litter outside the school compound after school for the rest of the school year. At the moment, we are still working closely with the school green monitors to ensure that the objective of this programme is met.