Sin eng-46 - pet ranger our story


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Sin eng-46 - pet ranger our story

  1. 1. The Adventures of the Pet RangersAuthors :Teacher Mentor :Lim Jia QianMr Tan Yee KeeLee Jia YiTan Tian LeDavidErikaLew Jun WeiStephanie Lee 1
  2. 2. ContentsPrologue…………………………………………………………….. 3Starting from the Start…………………………………………4Ups and Downs……………………………………………………5Our Revival………………………………………………………...6The Pet Rangers are on the case……………………………..7After Work…………………………………………………………..8Spread the Love…………………………………………………….9Acknowledgements………………………………………………..10 2
  3. 3. PrologueA group of students were selected for this all rounded program andalso to join this Design For Change competition. It all started with apamphlet. 7 of us were told by our teacher mentor, Mr Tan Yee Kee thatwe were selected to take part in this project. We had our firstworkshop which was conducted by our teacher mentor, in our schoollibrary on a Saturday morning. During this briefing, we wereintroduced to this project known as Design For Change, a projectwhereby we needed to think of what really bothered us in theenvironment and work towards changing it. After much discussion, wedecided to take on the problem of water saving. 3
  4. 4. Chapter 1 – Starting from the Start Although water conservation efforts in Singapore was widespread andeffective , all of us felt that we still needed to step up efforts tosave water. Water saving is crucial as we can‟t live without water andwe also need to conserve our already limited water resources forfuture generations because they, too, need water to survive.After the first briefing and our first discussion, we started ourresearch on this topic and the brainstorming ideas to solve andpossibly change Singapore‟s „dry‟ fate. After a few weeks, we attended a second workshop at RafflesInstitution, conducted by experienced trainers. During that workshop,we met most of the other teams from other schools and were pleased tobe working hand in hand with such enthusiastic and brilliant minds tochange Singapore and eventually the world. After listening to the talkconducted by the trainers, we were given time to discuss our chosentopic. As we were discussing, one of the trainers came over to advise us onwhat we were planning to do. After listening to our brief summary ofthe discussion, she advised us not to do this topic as this problemhad been taken up by other team and it would be very hard to come outwith creative and feasible ideas. Also, it was unfortunately adifficult problem for us to change. After much discussion, we came upwith a second topic which was to stop animal abuse. This problem wasindeed a much easier problem and solutions were easier to achieve. Asexpected, ideas flowed freely and thus the pet rangers were born!As members of The Ministry of Pet Abuse aka M.O.P.A. ,„We, the Pet Rangers pledge to commit ourselves to making a change forthe pets in Singapore and all over the world!.‟ It might not be in our lifetime but I know one day, the world willbe pet abuse free. Pets are not there for their owners to lash theiranger at. They are not there to be cute. Like all living things, petsdeserve to be loved until the day they die. 4
  5. 5. Chapter 2-Ups and DownsApprehensive, the pet rangers held their first official meeting andfinalised the plan for their first mission. Pet ranger, Lim Jia Qianhad already drafted the plan as discussed. Each ranger was assigned atask. The pet rangers either contacted our mother organisation, theSPCA for their cooperation or collaboration and to find out what wecould do in this mission or did proposals, powerpoint slides, videosor posters and a „pledge‟ board to make new allies against thedespised pet abusers. As we glance at our given tasks, I know ourminds have started to imagine our adventures as the pet rangers! As expected, we received all the support we could ever need. Wereceived flyers, badges , certificates and posters to help us in ourquest for justice and a pet-friendly world -or at least aneighbourhood. Although there were a few delays and a few pet rangersstill in „holiday‟ mode, our first stepping stone was to begin at anearby primary school. We were to share our experiences and passionfor pets there. I could just imagine us giving out leaflets andlaughing along with the cute primary school students as they scribbledtheir pledges on colourful heart shape stickers. I could almostpicture the 7 of us hopping into the mini van to visit our parentorganisation as well as represent the SPCA to give badges to thefuture pet rangers. However, it was not meant to be. It was not smooth sailing ahead.Instead, so as to not affect the primary school students‟ at a crucialtime of preparation before their PSLE and preliminary examinations orexaminations, we let our dreams fade but not to dust. „ We can fail, but we must never fail to try!‟Somehow,we knew we could get through. We worked hard to reach to wherewe are now, so we just can‟t give up now. We won‟t give upbecause ,somewhere, there might be a pet waiting to be rescued… 5
  6. 6. Chapter 3 – Our Revival Just a few days before our implementation week, we managed to comeout with a second backup plan which was to work in our own school,Unity Secondary School. We were facing a severe shortage of time, butwe still managed to plan our time well and made do with whatever wehad to make this exhibition booth a success. We decided to use the posters and pledge boards that we had donepreviously. For the pledge boards, we decided to use some post-itnotes as well as stickers for the Unitians to write down their pledgesand stick them on the pledge boards. Secondly, we decided to displayour PowerPoint presentation on automatic mode in the booth as we didnot have any available time slots to do our presentation talk. One ofour team mates also agreed to design a donation box and bring it onthe actual day. After the materials needed for the exhibition booth were settled, westarted to prepare the logistics. We decided to have the exhibitionbooth at our school foyer after school. This venue and timing wasselected because this way, those going out for lunch or going homewould pass by the foyer and visit our booth out of curiosity. We alsoborrowed 3 display boards to hold 2 posters and 1 pledge board. Wealso used the tables at the foyer to display our boards as well as setup the booth. Lastly, we asked one of our friends from the multimediaclub in our school to help us videotape and also take pictures as wemanned our booth.We also invited our fellow Unitians to come and support us. One of ourteam mates even went on stage during the morning assembly to introduceour project to the school. Besides these efforts to publicize ourcause, we also went around the school to put up posters about abusedanimals. We sincerely hope our fellow Unitians would come to our boothto know more about the abused animals and how they can prevent it aswell as rediscover their love for pets. 6
  7. 7. Chapter 4 –The Pet Rangers are on the Case The week we had been waiting for had finally arrived – ourimplementation week. As planned, we would be only doing the exhibitionbooth for 2 days due to the time constraint. Minutes before theofficial opening of the booth, we started setting up the booth. Theposters and pledge board were brought out and placed beside our tables.The PowerPoint slides were done and placed on the table on automaticfor everyone to view. The donation box was made in a haste as one ofour team mates did not manage to find a suitable one. Small tokensfrom the SPCA were also placed on the table. Each person is entitledto 1 token after they donated as a token of appreciation. Brochuresand pamphlets were placed on the table for people to take andunderstand more about animal abuse and what we can do to help them. During the booth, Unitians, from secondary 1 to secondary 4 & 5,even the teachers, came to support us. We receive great responseduring our time at the booth and a lot people came to write down ourpledges. Most of our Unitians were generous enough to donate money tothe SPCA to allow them to buy better facilities for the animals inSPCA. One of our Unitians even donated $50 to us. For the both days of our booth, we received great support from eachand every Unitians and also the teachers. There is always a reason towhatever had happened. We would not be so successful on the both dayswithout what happened on the first day of our booth… On the first day of our booth, a stray cat was found on the roofabove our school library. People had the thoughts that everything was 7
  8. 8. being set up for a show but it was not. Members of the SPCA were thereto help rescue the cat from the roof but the stray cat refused to berescued. Crowds of Unitians were there to witness what had happenedand after this incident, more people went to our booth and write downtheir pledges and even donated money to help the SPCA.Chapter 5 – After Work After two long days of working at our booth, we finally managed totake a break. We counted the number of pledges and donations collectedand raised during the campaign. We were satisfied with the results andresponses we received from our school. Even though we did not have anassembly talk to explain more about our campaign, the school stillparticipated actively in helping us to reach our goals. Initially, we targeted 200 pledges from our fellow Unitians andteachers. Surprisingly, we collected around 250 pledges which werebeyond our target. That may not seem like a very large number; howevereach of the pledges shows the care, feelings and awareness towards theabused animals that the school has. We feel that no matter how manypledges we have collected from the two-day campaign, be it little ormany, this is an experience and opportunity to let our fellow Unitiansand teachers to think and reflect thoroughly on what they feel and howthey can be part of it. While selecting the best 3 pledges from the students and best 2pledges from the teachers, we came across different pledges whichexpress different thoughts towards animal abuse. We are delighted tosee some of them who were actually committed to help by stopping 8
  9. 9. animal abuse when they see it happening. Number of words written inthe pledge doesn‟t matter, is the thought which counts. A simple twoword “Protect them” portrays how the person felt at that time. Perhapsanimals do mean a lot to him, or maybe animals aren‟t as happy as theywere before, they fear of how humans abuse them, till the state wherewe have to protect them. Isn‟t it scary?After that, we counted the amount of money raised in the donationdrive during the campaign. We raised a total amount $215.55 and weappreciate the support given by the school. As we have said before,the amount donated does not matter as it is the thought which counts.We did not expect to collect a huge sum and even a small amount makesa difference. As little as $50, could actually provide a cat a fullday meal on canned food for probably 1 to 2 days.Chapter 6 – Spread the LoveAlthough we have reached the end of our journey, but the care and lovefor the animals continues. Our love for the animals does not just endhere. It continues and would never ever stop.After this whole campaign, we had learnt a lot of things and alsogained some experience of public speaking and also a lot more. We allfelt that it could be done better if we had more time and if we couldco operate better. This project had allowed us to work bettertogether as a team and managed our time better. We learnt the sprit ofteamwork and knew that we would only succeed when we work together asone. 9
  10. 10. AcknowledgementsFirstly, we would like to thank our teacher mentor, Mr Tan Yee Kee,for his unconditional guidance, encouragements and advices for us. Hispositive thinking has greatly motivated us to finish this projectsuccessfully even with our busy schedules. We are really grateful tohave Mr Tan as our teacher mentor, guiding us through this project andovercoming the obstacles with us.Secondly, we would like to thank our school, Unity Secondary School,for giving us this rare opportunity to participate in this design forchange competition, thus allowing us to make a change in theenvironment. Our school has given us this chance to let us strive ourbest for this competition and make the school proud. Besides that, ourteachers have supported us throughout this competition during theexhibition booth and believed that we are able to help the abusedanimals. 10
  11. 11. Finally, we would like to thank our dear families and friends fortheir optimistic thinking and continuous support for us. Some werethere to help us lighten our burden when we are stressed with our work.We really appreciate their support and compassion for us. Without theaid of the above mentioned, we would not have finished this projectsuccessfully. We sincerely thank them for their guidance and supporttowards us. 11