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Sin eng-45 - glaucoma awareness(form)
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Sin eng-45 - glaucoma awareness(form)


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Name of the School: St. Hilda’s Secondary SchoolAddress : No. 2 Tampines St. 82 Singapore 528968School Leader: Taninette WongStory Title: Glaucoma awarenessTel.: 8444 8347 Email: tanineteeeee@hotmail.comMentor Teacher : Mrs. Cindy FuSTUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Huang BaoBai Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 2) Name: Joshua Tseng Age: 13 Grade: Secondary 2 3) Name: Grace Ann Age: 13 Grade: Secondary 2 4) Name: Chong KarMun Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 5) Name: Taninette Wong Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2
  • 2. 5th August 2011 1) To make an obstacle course whereTo raise awareness to let people know that the player goes through the courseglaucoma exists not only in the old, butalso among young people and also to blindfolded, to experience the trauma of having loss of sight.change the way people treat them. 2) PowerPoint presentation on glaucoma awareness to the Secondary 2 cohort. 3) Bake cookies with a slip of paper on it which would help to introduce glaucoma to our fellow schoolmates. (Continued below) Our final solution was to share about the awareness on glaucoma to our fellow classmates during assembly period. And we further raised the awareness by setting up a booth during our school carnival th on 5 August 2011 for our fellow schoolmates to put themselves in the shoes of a glaucoma patient. The booth has 3 different sections to it, namely: 1. Reading and writing out the words on a slip of paper 2. Going through a maze of messy tables and chairs 3. Finding 6 balls within the booth. * The games were carried out while wearing a blindfold with two cut-out holes. (Continued below)
  • 3. 2. IMAGINE: ( Continued from previous page ) 4. Paste posters all around the school. 5. Make a notice board in the school canteen where students and teachers can learn more about what we’re doing and also learn more about glaucoma.3. DO ( Continued from previous page )Throughout this entire journey, we learnt how to work well together in teams and also helped tostrengthen our friendship bonds as we did not know each other well before embarking on this project.We also learnt more about glaucoma through this programme. Details of the project are as below:▪ There was about 10 people involved in making this project successful.▪ We spent about 1 week in the preparation of the hall’s presentation and setting up of the booth. The implementation of the booth’s activity was about 1 hour 30 minutes.▪ The entire Secondary 2 cohort (332 students) attended our presentation on glaucoma awareness held in the hall.▪ 30 participants from the school took part in the booth’s activity.Comments of the participants are as follow:▪ “I think the project managed to reach out to the students and teachers. Overall, it was enjoyable and the project was interesting.” Sabrina Mustaffa▪ “I think the project was fun, many students and even teachers participated in the game. It managed to send the message of glaucoma to the students who played the game.” Farah▪ “I think the service learning project was interactive and helpful. It allowed me to experience the life of sufferer from glaucoma in a different way. Now I understand the difficulties they faced and I will show my care for them next time.” Taninette Wong▪ “It was good, the experience and talk allowed me to understand more about glaucoma.” Mr. Khoo Tse Horng (Principal)▪ “I feel that the process has been a good experience for me being the tour guide of the game. I do get a clearer understanding from seeing at different perspectives of the participants.” Grace Ann