Sin eng-35 - i pulley (form)


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Sin eng-35 - i pulley (form)

  1. 1. Name of the school: Greendale Secondary SchoolAddress: 51 Edgedale plains, Singapore 828866School Leader: Mr Mark MinjootStory title: Ipulley is for LifeTel: 63158616 Email: Mentor Teacher: Mr Norman Loh Student Information: 1) Name: Krystelle Seow Gek See Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 2) Name: Shanice Ng Yi Xuan Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 3) Name: Gan Wei Leong Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 4) Name: Sim Pei Yi Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 5) Name: Choo Jia Yik Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 6)
  2. 2.  2nd Week of AugustWe are attempting to improve the Ideas include:lifestyle of the population of theelderly age group, who are likely to Creating a video presentation toexperience various health related spread the awareness of theproblems. These problems could problems faced by the elderly.further affect them in ways such as Creating an equipment to facilitate atheir emotional and mental well- convenient exercise workout.being. Design Need Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Osteoporosis and Stroke are just some illnesses that have been known to plague the lives of the elderly. These problems arise due to several factors affecting their lives, such as the fear of losing independence, being unable to take care of their daily basic needs, losing of friends and family to old age and the agony of loneliness in their daily lives. This constant worrying and stress can lead to depression and other mental conditions, which then give rise to other illnesses.
  3. 3. In recent years, the severity of issues affecting the elderly has been magnified at asocietal level. With greater awareness of elderly issues and a rapidly greyingpopulation, there is an increased number of day care centres for the elderly. The roleof the day care centres, as its name suggests, is to provide physical care for theelderly in the absence of its caregivers. That aside, these day care centres also seek tofill the emotional void in the elderly as they are given the opportunity to socializewith fellow elderly people. In recognition of the importance of physical exercise inthe lives of the elderly, estates in Singapore are designed with to fit exercise cornersand some are even equipped with specially-designed exercise for the elderly toperform simple movements such as swinging their limbs and lifting of weights.Design SituationIn our recent visit to the St Luke Elder Home, our team of 5 members witnessed first-hand how the elderly spend their teatime interacting, exercising and resting. Therewas a physiotherapy room equipped with machines to train their psychomotor skills.Some of them were engaged in board games, coloring sessions, threading of needlesto stimulate their brain function.We noticed that the there is this particular exercise which requires the elderly to pulltwo handles in a vertical motion training their arm coordination. However there wereonly 2 sets of these systems, because it was bolt to the wall, and there were notenough wall space to accommodate more systems. Probably because it was bolt tothe wall, the management has to make sure that there was a demand for moremachines before they bolt another. This results in a lot of inconvenience for theelderly, as they are unable to exercise in any other direction, and location of theirchoice.
  4. 4. Design SolutionOur solution to this problem of inconvenience is to design a system that allowsmore flexibility in the set up. In another words, our design should be mobile butat the same time safe for the elderly to exercise with. By researching on theproducts currently available, we were equipped with knowledge to design ourown exercising machine. After much discussion, alterations and rejections, wefinally decided on a design and have it fabricated. At the end of the day, wedecided to name it ipulley.Amidst our packed term schedule, we managed to arrange a trip down to thehome to test our finished product. We were simply thrilled at the opportunity ofhaving our target users try out our product!We were simply delighted upon receiving the smiles and kind encouraging wordsfrom the warm and friendly elderly. However, we could not lengthen our stay longenough for everyone of the residents of the home to try out our ipulley.From the suggestions we received after the testing, we work on improving ourmachine, and work towards improving the lives of the elderly, as our teamstrongly believes that Exercise is for LIFE!A few constraints that we encountered may have impeded the effectiveness ofthis study, and as a result our impacted group consists of 15 elderly. Firstly, notevery elderly in the home were allowed to try our product due to certainregulations established by the day care centre. Secondly, pupils were not able toconduct interviews with the elderly well due to language barriers. Lastly, thephoto-taking policies in the home meant that we could not submit more picturesto lend evidence to our conceptualization. Nevertheless, it was an enrichinglearning journey for the pupils involved in the project.