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In turn, the students become an active supporter of the library and gain an understanding of how librariesfunction and why...
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Lhs march 2011


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library monthly report

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Lhs march 2011

  1. 1. LARNED HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY MARCH MONTHLY REPORT GWEN LEHMAN, LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST PAM FITZGERREL, LIBRARY ASSISTANT LHS TAG Team Takes Dr. Seuss to Phinney Elementary In celebration of Dr. SeusssBirthday, the LHS Teen AdvisoryGroup traveled to PhinneyElementary to share their favoriteDr. Seuss book with the studentsduring their library skills time.Several of the TAG members woreCat in the Hat hats and Ms. Lehmanbrought Dr. Seuss bookmarks tohand out to each of the elementarystudents. As the elementarystudents came to the library, theywere broken into small groups andplaced with one of the TAGmembers for their first story. Asgroups finished with their story, theelementary students rotated to anew TAG member for a differentstory. The young students rotated3-4 times before the ned of theirlibrary time. Some of the booksshared by the teens were The Cat inHat Comes Back, Theres a Wocketin My Pocket, The Sneeches andOther Stories, The Cats Quizzler, MissionAnd to Think That I Saw it onMulberry Street, I Can Lick 30 Tigers The Larned High School Library will be anToday and Other Stories, The Butter inviting, user-friendly hub providingBattle Book and several others. opportunities for active, engaging andWhile fun was had by all the challenging learning for students and staffstudents, the TAG members through various media resources,commented that they had their programming and collaboration. The LHSbook memorized after so many Library will provide a quality program thatreadings. will enable students to be lifelong learners and enhance the curriculum and technology standards of Larned High School.
  2. 2. LHS LIBRARY INTERNET LHS TAG Team IDENTITYCard Catalog: Allowsstudents and staff to searchthe collection at school orhome, access eBooks, renew& place holds on books-- Library Blog:Information relating tobooks, technology, events,news and more-- Many people have asked, "What is TAG?" TAG is an extra-curricular program sponsored by the LHS Library Media Center and stands for TeenLHS Library Facebook Advisory Group. The mission of the LHS Teen Advisory Group is to insure thePage: Updates on events, availability of quality resources for both leisure activities and school relatedprograms, books and more-- assignments for LHS students and staff. Through creative, original programming, the Teen Advisory Group will encourage student and staff involvement in thehome.php?#!/pages/Larned- LHS Library Media Center. The members of Teen Advisory Group will engage inKS/Larned-High-School-LMC/221632271653 activities designed to promote, encourage and enhance their reading skills and appreciation. Members of TAG are expected to:LHS Library Website:General information on • Provide suggestions/recommendations to the Library Media Specialist onlibrary policies & procedures, materials to purchase for the library collection (including books, audio books,programs and Teen Advisory magazines and graphic novels)Group--http:// • Discuss how the Larned High School Media Center can better serve needs of LHS students and staff150620171264587/site/ • Suggest and plan programs for the library to offerdefault.asp • Assist the Library Media Specialist with projects as requested to help improveLHS Library Delicious: library servicesCollection of bookmarks • Promote and encourage the love of reading in othersselected specifically for the • Read, discuss and plan promotion of the Teen Top Ten (this is done during theneeds of staff & students at summer)LHS--http:// • Write book reviews and create book trailers for the Larned High Media Center website • Attend as many programs as possible and help with setup and cleanupLHS Library Flickr: • Be a responsible library userShared photos--http:// • Set an example of appropriate library behavior for other • Help promote participation in library programssocdownload/
  3. 3. In turn, the students become an active supporter of the library and gain an understanding of how librariesfunction and why they need supporters. Although the TAG program only began three years ago, we have seen a 33% growth in our numberof members with potential for continued growth. Over the past three years, TAG members have takenpart in planning, decorating, promoting and managing the Scholastic Book Fair; planning, promoting andorganizing of various fundraisers for the library; promoting reading through special programs like BannedBook Week and Teen Top Ten; promoting the love reading by visiting the elementary schools and readingtheir favorite childrens books to the students; developing their critiquing skills through the participation ofspecial book discussion meetings; and growing in their personal relation skills through various TAG parties.Sadly, the TAG program may come to an end this year as the district library program will be revamped andshift to a district librarian. The current TAG members are still undecided about their desire to continuewith the program. Many have stated that it will not be the same without Ms. Lehman and while theyrespect the new district librarian, Rosa Blattner, they feel it will not be the same. Data Snapshots LHS LIBRARY STATISTICS, MARCH 2011 Total Circulation 679 9th Grade Circulation 103 10th Grade Circulation 60 11th Grade Circulation 48 12th Grade Circulation 71 Other 397 Card Catalog Total Page Hits 140 LHS Lib Facebook Page Monthly Active Users 19 Kan-ed Application Usage Totals 24 Interlibrary Loan--Loaned Total 16 Interlibrary Loan--Borrowed Total 5 Filled Denied Total Resource Requests 42 3 Computer(s): Library Desktops 5 0 Computer(s): Laptops 30 1 Multi-media Cart/Projector 3 0 TV with DVD/VCR 2 0 Video Camera/Camcorder 2 0 Other 0 2