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Creating your Blackboard class environment

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • This is customized by individual - not for the class. \nPersonalize Page\nAdd, remove, edit & arrange module\n\nBut be thinking about which modules the students should probably have at their fingertips (something you could use as a class discussion when first helping them set-up their Blackboard and enrolling in your class).\n
  • Similar features for customization\n
  • Look at the different modules. Add, remove or move the modules. Customize your page. When you introduce this to the students, give them time to do this so they get it out of their system.\n
  • Make a master course first. This is the perfect class - if you had all the time and the best students in your class.\nWhen your master course is ready, then we will make a copy of the course and give it the school term and year. This will become your actual course for the students.\n\n*Someone from the tech department will be added as an instructor for your course in case something happened to you so the materials could still be accessed.\n
  • You can only Edit the Class List\n
  • \n
  • Guest and Parent Access\nProperties - leave these alone\nLook closer at Style and Tool Availability\n
  • This would be the easiest way to get your students enrolled.\n\nControl Panel - Customization - Enrollment Options\nSet to self-enroll\nGive start and end date\nRequire access code to enroll\n
  • Menu Style - change the look of your buttons, choose the Button Library for all options\nClass Entry Point - change the main page students see when they come to your class\nBanner - upload a banner for your page (the sample was created with Spell w/Flickr - took me 5 minutes to create & upload)\n
  • Select which tools you want to use and who can see them\n\nOnes you might use:\nBlog\nJournal\nDiscussion Board\nGroups\nCalendar\nGlossary\nWikis\nTasks\nContacts\n\nThings you wouldn’t need:\nBlackboard Scholar\nChalk Title Management (relates to content from a publisher)\nMcGraw-Hill elements\nVirtual Classroom\nWimba Pronto\n
  • Class Tools:\nAnnouncements - add class announcements that show on home page and student page “My Institution”\n3 Types of Blogs - Individual, class, group\nCalendar - post due dates for projects, tests, etc.\nDiscussion - lists all your discussion boards, even ones specific to a group\nGlossary - sim. the page\nJournals - Set-up Journal features for the students\nMessages - like private email\nRubrics - create them, but can’t upload any\nSend Email - send email to all users, select groups or individuals (there have to be accounts in there though)\nTasks - create new student tasks\n\nEvaluation:\nClass Reports - user activity and class coverage reports\nEarly Warning System - rules you can set that send email notifications to students and parents relating to test scores, due date and class access\nPerformance Update - specific student activity at a glance\n
  • Don’t count on this for your grade book - it will not sync with Powerschool\n\nPackages & Utilities:\nClass Copy (we’ll do this from the master class)\nImport Class Cartridge - we don’t have access to these resources\nMove Files to Class Files (if you had files in one master class you want to share with another master class)\n
  • Learning Module through Class Link - probably won’t use\nBlank Page - for new content, gives you a button in the left column\nModule Page - for alerts, notifications, etc. (like my Google Apps home page)\nTools Area - shortcuts for tools that the students are using in the class (blog, journals, discussion board, etc.)\n
  • \n
  • Use this for creating new content & also attaching files to the content. You have a Date and Time Restriction option.\n
  • Folder = attached files\nImportance of planning out your content for organization - categories, weeks, etc.\n
  • Basically, uploading files from your computer. Could be articles, photos, handouts, rubrics, instruction sheets, etc. They are all on this one page together.\n
  • Podcast files\n
  • Art images, diagrams, graphs, charts\n
  • Tutorials - videos you created rather than YouTube videos (get the YouTube ones in the Mashup)\n
  • Terms the students need to be familiar with - can also access through Control Panel (Class Tools Section)\n
  • Can be just one type or a combination of all three on a page (SlideShare didn’t work for me.)\n
  • Flickr Images, YouTube Videos, Slideshare presentations - have the resources on the same page related to a specific topic you are covering in class\n
  • Survey - Can create these fast in Google Forms and then put the link in the content area you wish for it to be completed (set to know who completed the survey and who didn’t)\nSafeAssignment - Paid feature that we don’t have\n
  • Create new questions, upload questions, reuse questions from another test\nBasic test set-up - number of questions, time test is available, time to complete test\n
  • Have a plethora of question types to choose from - your test could have a combination of question types for the students\n
  • Can create your assignments here and give them grading points\nYou can limit your availability time\n
  • Avoid Chat, Virtual Classroom and Echo Content\nDiscussion Board & Groups - definite to use \nBlog - this would be a good one, colleges are using this feature (would want them to also respond to other student blogs\nWiki - would be good for a class or group project\n
  • You put in the topic and description (with question or what you want them to respond to) - students respond to main question in topic, but then respond to comments from other students (sim. to class discussion)\n
  • Who can post, can they subscribe to the threads and/or topics (would receive an email notification), grading options\n
  • Blog availability must be set to yes\nIndividual - each student sets and posts to their own blog\nClass - all students post on the same blog\nTeacher - can edit & delete blog entries, can delete comments\n
  • Personal journals only student and teacher can read - more personal reflection\n
  • Can create a class wiki for content that only the teacher edits\n
  • Great for group projects so they only communicate with their group members and the teacher.\n\n*Note - any time you are unsure what a page is for, read the descriptor at the top and click “More Help” for additional information\n
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  • Blackboard

    1. 1. BlackBoardCreating Your Blackboard Class Environment Ft. Larned School District July 18, 2012 Presented by Gwen Lehman
    2. 2. Username & PasswordBlackboard Website: http://ilearn.essdack.orgUsername: firstname.lastname495Password: same as computer password
    3. 3. My Institution Tab
    4. 4. Notification Dashboard
    5. 5. Customize your page
    6. 6. Creating a New CourseWhen you are ready to start a new course, email the followinginformation to the tech department: • Name of the Course • Teacher(s) - teachers can team teach a courseMaster Course vs. Copy Course
    7. 7. Courses
    8. 8. Class Management Control Panel
    9. 9. Customize Class
    10. 10. Self-Enroll
    11. 11. Style
    12. 12. Tool Availability
    13. 13. Class Tools & Evaluation
    14. 14. Grade Center & Packages/Utilities
    15. 15. Build Content
    16. 16. Button Options
    17. 17. Item
    18. 18. Content Sample
    19. 19. File
    20. 20. Audio
    21. 21. Image
    22. 22. Video
    23. 23. Glossary
    24. 24. Mashups
    25. 25. Mashup Sample
    26. 26. Create Assessment
    27. 27. Test Canvas
    28. 28. Test Questions
    29. 29. Assignment Information
    30. 30. Add Interactive Tool
    31. 31. Discussion Board Information
    32. 32. Discussion Board Topic Settings
    33. 33. Blog Information
    34. 34. Journal Information
    35. 35. Wiki Information
    36. 36. Groups
    37. 37. Help Resources