Social intranet for small businesses


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Presentation by Sandra Buehler as given on November 30th in Amsterdam for Social Connections IV, the IBM Connections user group event

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Social intranet for small businesses

  1. 1. Social Intranet for Small BusinessesSandra Bühler, Belsoft AGAmsterdam, November 30th, 2012
  2. 2. About me… Connections
  3. 3. Language Disclaimer (or it could be worse…)
  4. 4. IBM Connections = Major Enterprises? Sure, the official success-stories about the adoption of IBM Connections are big multinational companies, which are globally distributed and acting all over the world, but... … what about us? How could IBM Connections help us as a small and local acting company?
  5. 5. Why did we implement a Social Intranet?
  6. 6. Our Objectives of Implementing Social SoftwareImproving internal communicationSimplify cooperationImproving know-how transferPreserving and sharing of know-how
  7. 7. Improving the internal communication
  8. 8. Improving internal communicationHow was the communication before the adoption of Social Software:Top-Down Verbally By e-mail 1:1Bottom-Up Verbally 1:1Among Peers Fragmented in business units and projects
  9. 9. Improving internal communication (Top Down)
  10. 10. Improving internal communication (Bottom Up)
  11. 11. Improving internal communication (among peers)
  12. 12. Simplify cooperation
  13. 13. Simplify cooperation (Transparency)
  14. 14. Improving know-how transfer
  15. 15. Improving know-how transfer (How to’s)
  16. 16. Improving know-how transfer (or how to shorten discussions)
  17. 17. Preserving and sharing know-how
  18. 18. Preserving and sharing know-how
  19. 19. Preserving and sharing know-how
  20. 20. Procedure and conclusion
  21. 21. Implementation of our Social Intranet – Best Practices Establishing know-how communities (we are technicians) Pilot phase - Appointing community-leaders, who are responsible for the content Establishing HR- and Management communities******************************************************************************************** Introduction and training of all employees Productive Official means of communication are the community blogs of the management since and HR. It’s the duty of the employee to follow and to get the information from January there) 2011 Convince the employees -> using positive examples of the benefit when using the social intranet (not only passively, but also actively) Management and community owners have to be role models******************************************************************************************** Future? Attitude of sharing and playing an active part in the social intranet should be a habit and might be required for a professional qualification
  22. 22. Conclusion of a new employee«… I never thougth that you could shorten the period ofvocational adjustment just by having in place somethinglike know-how communities and you can access theknow-how of your peers at your finger tips.»«… when I look up some technical informationin our Connections, I can be sure that the relevanceis much higher and I trust the source.»
  23. 23. Conclusion of the management after almost two yearsOur Objectives of Implementing Social Software were all achievedImproving the internal communicationSimplify cooperationImproving know-how transferPreserving and sharing of know-how There are still challenges Critical mass (10% rule doesn’t work) File Explorer in mind (where exactly is…) Finding the time to contribute during packed days
  24. 24. My personal conclusion«Our social intranet is a success story… but language skills and communication skills are moreimportant than ever.»
  25. 25. Numbers don’t lie67 communities26 users logged in last month 171 activities in the system2397 bookmarks23 contributors 221 forum posts62 wikis428 wiki pages 25 active bloggers 366 comments816 files(2.5 GB)
  26. 26. Questions?