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About Southern California Legal Group
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About Southern California Legal Group


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Southern California Legal Group, based in Ontario, CA, is a well-known personal injury law firm representing all types of personal injury cases.

Southern California Legal Group, based in Ontario, CA, is a well-known personal injury law firm representing all types of personal injury cases.

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  • 1. Obtain Rightful Compensation for Slips and Falls with Southern California Legal Group
  • 2. Slip and fall accidents occur when an individual slips, trips or falls and sustains an injury due to a hazardous or unsafe property condition. Most slip and fall accidents occur as the result of such dangerous conditions as:
  • 3.
    • Broken handrails
    • Broken stairs
    • Poor lighting
    • Slippery or wet floors
    • Torn carpets
  • 4.
    • Obstructed walkways
    • Exposed holes or ditches
    • Falling objects
    • Cracked or uneven pavement
    • Failure to post warning signs
  • 5. Under California law, property owners have a legal obligation and responsibility to ensure their premises are free of hazards or dangers that could possibly lead to an injury or accident.
  • 6. When the owner of a property fails to keep the premises safe, or fails to repair or remedy a dangerous condition within a reasonable amount of time, he or she may be liable for damages.
  • 7. Southern California Legal Group's experienced slip and fall attorneys work for you Victims of slips and falls can suffer broken bones, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, head injuries, brain injuries, internal bleeding and, in some extreme cases, paralysis, permanent disability or even death.
  • 8. The legal professionals at understand the hazards of slip and fall injuries and know what you are going through physically, emotionally and financially. An experienced slip and fall attorney can make dealing with the legal process as easy as possible for you, so you can begin to move on with your life.
  • 9. Based in Ontario, CA, Southern California Legal Group has helped hundreds of people throughout Southern California who have sustained slip and fall injuries. Southern California Legal Group wishes that these types of incidents never happen.
  • 10. Call Southern California Legal Group legal professionals at any time offers free consultations with attorneys who are there to offer advice on the steps you need to take to protect your rights to obtain compensation from responsible parties.
  • 11. For more details of the company, please visit