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June 2012 SoCal MRA News Bulletin


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June 2012 SoCal MRA News Bulletin

  1. 1. SoCal MRA Chapter June 2012 News Bulletin MRA Annual Conference & Expo in San Diego—June 4—6MRAs Annual Conference to be held on June 4-6 in San Diego is three motivating days ofhigh-level content in an energetic, warm and welcoming environment. Its a genuine peer-to-peer event where life experience merges with learning. You are guaranteed to collaborateand connect with a community of MR professionals "who do what you do,"share your interests and can help you succeed. Its also a lot of fun! MRA Annual Conference Hilton Bayfront, San Diego, CA SoCal Chapter Pub Crawl Event—Sunday, June 3rd, 2012The SoCal Chapter is excited to be hosting it’s second Pub Crawl event, in the Gaslamp District ofSan Diego, on Sunday, June 3rd. The first one was held in 2009, in conjunction with the MRA Fall conference, and it was a big success. The event ticket includes a beverage ticket for each of the first 6 venues, along with appetizers at the first 4 venues.What better way to familiarize yourself with the area, meet up with colleagues that you havent seen in a while, and get introduced to new contacts. A Big Thank You Goes Out To All Of Our Pub Crawl Event Sponsors S tay in touch with the S oC al C hapter Visit our website: join our group on LinkedIn: This is a great way toget involved with discussions and givre feedback.. We are very interested in servicing our members, so we look forward to your involvement with the chapter.
  2. 2. Page 2 SoCal Chapter News Bulletin—June 2012 Announcing the 2012—2013 SoCal Board of Directors We are proud to announce our 2012—2013 Board of Directors and Advisors for the SoCal Chapter: President: Ginger Blazier / Directions In Research, Inc. President Elect: Tobin Bailey / Research Now Immediate Past President: Myla Kovac / Field Dynamics Treasurer: Lorei Musselman, LA Research, Inc. Secretary: Carey Trotta Ragni / Trotta & Associates Director At Large—Education - Anthony Patino, Loyola Marymount University Director At Large—Membership – Jessica Parada / LA Research Director At Large—Programs/Events - Angelique Uglow / STS Director At Large—Communications - Mauricio Vasquez, Research Now ___________________________________________________________________________ Advisors: Education – Rudy Yu, Universal Studios / Membership – Ben Sheck, Taylor Research, Inc. Programs/Events – Lynn Stalone, I/H/R Research Group / Communications – Tony Blass, Field Dynamics Announcing the 2012—2013 SoCal MRA Board Ins tallation & Annual Member Reception July 10 t h , 5:30pm – 8:30pm Members Free/Non-Members $10Come join us for this exciting SoCal Chapter The event will be at the Café Sevilla Restaurant &event. Debby Schlesinger, MRA Chairman Elect, Tapas Bar in Long Beach. It is an authentic Spanishwill be installing the new board members for cuisine experience and the latest addition to Long2012—2013. In addition, this event will be our Beachs vibrant Pine Avenue, offering a casual ele-annual membership get together. We will inform gant contemporary Spanish ambiance.the members of what was accomplished in the Café Sevillaprevious year and an insight in to what will be hap- (562) 999-4503pening for the new board year. 140 Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA It is important that both members and non-members RSVP, so that we can get an accurate headcount. RSVP by sending an e-mail to: Angelique Uglow, or Ginger Blazier, Go to our website,, for more details. Other Chapter News California Department of Education- Career readiness campaignMyla Kovac, SoCal Chapter President was invited to participate in the California Department of Education “Career Readiness Sum-mit” on May 4th in Sacramento. It was a very eye opening event with a lot to absorb. The California Department of Education invitedour chapter to participate and educate teachers in K-12 regarding the advancements and changes to marketing research. CDE(California Department of Education) is proceeding with 17 key objectives to support, strengthen and sustain career and technicaleducation in the California. The initiative builds on the goals outlined in “A Blueprint for Great Schools”. It was exciting to speakabout PRC and the careers that can be found in Marketing Research with HS Diplomas through MBA degrees and the steps studentscan take to be part of the marketing research community. We will continue to be an important resource for the CDE. Winning isnt everything, but wanting to win is.” - Vince Lombardi