ATG Commerce: Full Capabilities Overview


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Full Capabilities overview of ATG\'s market leading ecommmerce solution

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ATG Commerce: Full Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. ATG Commerce MC Edition Applications ATG Commerce MC Edition includes several industry-leading applications that provide a full set of features to create world- class e-commerce experiences. Its primary components are described below. All the modules are tightly integrated. ATG COMMERCE ATG Commerce provides all of the necessary capabilities and tools for businesses and organizations from medium size to the largest industry leaders in the world to create a compelling and personalized online experience for consumers to research, shop, buy and manage their accounts. ATG Commerce allows merchants to: • Display product and promotional information, process CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW orders, and display order status ATG Commerce Maximum • Personalize content for each visitor, tailoring the experience to meet their individual needs Conversion (MC) Edition • Calculate pricing, tax, shipping, promotions and other costs and accept multiple payment types such as credit card, gift Solution Overview cards, credits ATG Commerce MC Edition is the top ranked e- • Interface with existing order management and fulfillment commerce solution that powers the world’s best systems to deliver digital and physical goods brands online. Its highly scalable, flexible, and • Manage visitor interactions from login, navigation and innovative component-based architecture enables search to order processing and account maintenance you to personalize the online buying experience to • Build and control their site with a full-featured set of fully engage your customers and help them find business and technical administration tools and a rich development environment desired products, comparison shop, register for gifts, pre-order products, redeem coupons, and benefit ATG MERCHANDISING from many other useful capabilities. ATG Merchandising provides a rich set of tools for business users, product/brand managers, and merchandisers to manage ATG Commerce MC Edition offers best-in-class products and their presentation in the Web storefront. They can also control the promotions that are currently active on the site, capabilities far surpassing all other e-commerce and define complex rules that govern how promotions are offerings. Capabilities include a comprehensive set presented. ATG’s Business Control Center (BCC), a Web-based of intuitive tools that allow marketers and graphical interface, allows business personnel to manage and merchandisers to directly control the management maintain the Web storefront, including a complete and customizable review and approval workflow. and display of products, prices, promotions, and content. ATG provides everything you need to create ATG SEARCH a compelling and relevant online experience that ATG Search is a dynamic, integrated search solution that increases conversion rates and order sizes. incorporates natural language technology into your storefront. It enables shoppers to quickly and efficiently navigate your You can extend the capabilities of ATG Commerce commerce site with features like faceted search results to find the exact merchandise they want, as well as the ability make MC Edition with a number of add-on applications, purchases directly from the search results page. It also enables including service center and knowledge “searchandising” (personalizing results for a given user) and management tools for customer service agents; B2B other marketing features like page redirects, results exclusion order management features for multi-channel and results positioning. selling; and e-commerce optimization services such ATG CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE as Click to Call, Click to Chat, and Recommendations; ATG Customer Intelligence is an integrated set of datamart and and hosting services. reporting capabilities that monitor and analyze commerce and
  2. 2. customer care performance. It combines key data from the ATG ATG Knowledge product suite, such as purchases, searches, escalations, and click- Extends ATG Commerce Service Center to streamline and thrus, with behavioral data from customer on-site behavior and improve customer service, combining knowledge management available demographic data, such as age, gender, and geography, with customer and incident management into a single solution. to provide superior customer intelligence. eStara e- Commerce Optimization Services e- ATG CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZER Platform-independent services designed to allow you to get the ATG Campaign Optimizer enables you to evaluate and improve most from your online investment. your e-commerce initiatives by performing multivariate testing • eStara Click to Call is an enterprise-level service that on your Web marketing-based promotions, online products, delivers more than just a call connection. It requires no and/or overall Web site design and functionality. additional hardware or software installation, and delivers all calls to existing telephony and CRM infrastructure. ATG OUTREACH Through Click to Call, companies can seamlessly tie their ATG Outreach provides a comprehensive set of marketing tools online and voice channels together. which allow merchants to define and execute multi-channel • eStara Click to Chat is a fully customizable enterprise-level marketing campaigns that touch both the Web and e-mail chat solution that offers an ideal complement to any channels. Campaigns can be triggered dynamically or planned organization looking to implement interactive help options out, and can be executed in multiple stages. Outreach draws as part of their online sales and support initiatives. upon ATG’s industry-leading personalization capabilities to create targeted campaigns for maximum impact, and can track • eSt ara Recommendations is a powerful, predictive service eStara and report on the campaign, across all channels, with a single that enables your Web site to automatically deliver relevant tool. recommendations to any Web site visitor, leveraging each and every SKU in your product catalog. It is another key tool ADD-ON APPLICATIONS to help you optimize your e-commerce results by delivering The ATG Commerce MC Edition product suite is complemented a customer experience that increases revenue and by several optional applications, including: strengthens customer loyalty. B2B Order Management ATG Managed Hosting Services An optional extension to the ATG Commerce MC Edition Gives online sellers all the capability of the ATG Commerce Suite, platform product that provides additional features helpful in while relying on ATG to provide all infrastructure, development, B2B environments, including: and 24x7 operational support resources. • Contract-based pricing • Purchase lists and order restrictions ATG Professional Services Provides expert consulting teams that work with customers and • Approval workflow partners to design and implement ATG-based solutions. This • Purchase orders and requisitions service helps customers exploit the full potential of ATG and maximize ROI. ATG Customer Support Services (CSS) ATG SELF-SERVICE Maintains a staff of experienced support engineers, who are also Diverts low-value customer service inquiries away from your some of the best developers in the industry, to resolve all of your agents and empowers your customers to answer questions and technical issues. CSS also provides a network of online support complete online transactions with highly personalized Web self- and product resources, putting the ATG information you need service. It combines an answer repository with multi-lingual right at your fingertips. natural language search and navigation capabilities into a single solution. ATG Education Gives your team the knowledge they need to ensure a successful ATG Commerce Service Center ATG implementation. Professional instructors ensure customers A Web-based contact center application for order administration, are fully trained on ATG products, providing courses for sales support, and customer care. It enables your sales and managers, business consultants, developers, system service agents to more efficiently help customers over the administrators and end-users. telephone, on the Web site, or via e-mail, by using the personalization capabilities of ATG's e-commerce suite. ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 2
  3. 3. ATG Commerce MC Edition Capabilities ATG Commerce MC Edition modules provide different functionality and some may be optionally deployed. The features described in this section assume that all modules are installed, as required to provide the most effective customer experience. Consumer Accounts Persistent Shopping Cart ATG Commerce gives you the tools to allow consumers to Any products that were placed into the shopping cart during a register on your site and securely store their profile details in consumer’s previous visit can still be there upon his return, so he order to simplify future transactions and more accurately target can continue to shop from where he left off. Merchants control marketing activity. ATG Commerce can be configured to whether the cart is persistent or cleared for each visit. automatically recognize returning consumers via a cookie, and requires a successful login before any sensitive information can Express Checkout be viewed or modified. Your registration process can capture key Consumers can specify their preferred credit card, shipping information about your consumers, including their e-mail address, and shipping method details. The Express Checkout address, gender, referral source, and default e-mail newsletter feature expedites the entire checkout process. sign-up. Anonymous Checkout Address Book Consumers can place an online order without leaving an A standard Address Book allows consumers to store multiple ‘account’ or customer profile. Customer information is used only addresses in a personal address book, and multiple credit card to process the order. numbers to expedite and simplify the order checkout process. Product Catalog Management Gift Lists and Wish Lists The product catalog is a collection of items (categories, products, Gift lists allow customers to register for an event, such as a media, etc.) that provides the organizational framework for your birthday or wedding, and create a list of products that other site commerce site. ATG Commerce includes a standard catalog visitors can view. Customers can create an unlimited number of implementation that you can use as is or easily extend as gift lists for themselves. Part of the purchase process allows necessary for your specific attributes or relationships. special handling instructions for gift purchases, such as address security, wrapping, and shipping. Wish lists allow customers to Product Catalog Structure save lists of products without actually placing the items in their The catalog is organized into a hierarchy consisting of catalogs, shopping cart. A wish list is similar to a gift list, except that it is multi-level categories, products, and SKUs. This structure reflects only accessible to the person who created it. Customers can the catalog representation on the Web storefront. Any single access their wish lists and purchase items from it at any time. product can be linked to one or more categories, and categories Information in gift and wish lists can also be used to trigger can be linked to multiple parents, making it easy for targeted promotions or marketing campaigns. merchandisers and other business managers to navigate the catalog and find what they are looking for. Catalogs and products can be shared across your brands and sites. SHOPPING AND CHECKOUT PROCESS Secure Transactions You can create custom catalogs for different customers, partners, ATG supports secure (Secure Sockets Layer) browsing and seasons, or other uses. This permits you to display different password-protected customer login, demonstrating that visitor product mixes to different viewers. For example, customers in information is visibly protected during the shopping process. one country may see a subset of globally available goods plus additional products unique to their country. Comparison Lists Comparison lists enable customers to select multiple product Multi- Multi- national Support SKUs and compare them side-by-side. Each catalog can support multiple price lists, each with its own currency to permit custom pricing by region. Catalog fields may ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 3
  4. 4. be extended to include as many languages as needed for your • Rules-based content targeting including personalized site. The appropriate price and content can be selected recommendations, offers, information, cross-sells, up-sells, dynamically based on entry URL, customer language selection, promotions browser settings, or other parameters that identify the desired • Segmentation based on any attribute including persona, regional settings for that session. purchase history, click behavior, search term, location, loyalty status, and others Content Administration Individual “catalog items” (anything held in the catalog • Search facets for guided navigation structure) may be viewed and edited in a simple graphical • Integration with service channels for multi-channel, multi- interface. Selecting a product displays product details and the stage campaigns associated product SKU(s) and permits changes to fields that user is granted permission to edit. Groups of items may also be • Personalized e-mail campaigns integrated with the Web selected and changed in bulk, setting one or more parameters site across all items in the set. Scenarios Scenarios provide an enormously powerful base functionality The catalog may include many types of assets, from standard that enables many site customizations that would otherwise products to media and text resources used in the Web site. require custom coding. For example, you may offer different Products may have a static set of attributes or be set up as promotions based on a customer’s history or status. You can configurable commerce Items. This feature allows you to sell offer specific items depending on actions taken on your site. items with variable components, such as a computer that can be There are few limits to the customizations you can offer using purchased with different hard drive capacities. scenarios. Instead of hard coding this behavior during IT release cycles that may take weeks or even months, scenarios can be set Changes to catalog assets are made outside the production up in minutes using graphical workflow setup tools, enabling environment, under version control, and subject to review and the business to react quickly to market conditions and seize approval workflows. Draft content changes may be previewed opportunities as they arise. and become available for review and approval when initial editing is complete. Managers may approve or send comments Promotional and Dynamic Content for areas requiring further work. Approved changes are ATG Commerce MC Edition enables the insertion of promotional published to staging and production sites on schedules you or dynamic content into your Web pages under various establish. ATG Merchandising ships with sample edit-approve- circumstances. Different content may be seen during different deploy workflows, and enables creation and updates of custom seasons, sale periods, or product launches. The display of this processes using a simple graphical interface. content can be controlled without manually editing Web pages. Gift Certificates and Coupons You can set up gift certificates as an item in your product catalog. MERCHANDISING AND PROMOTION CAPABILITIES When a customer purchases a gift certificate, it is delivered via e- mail to the recipient, who, in turn, can use it to pay for purchases ATG Commerce MC Edition ships with powerful tools for on the site. Coupons are similar to gift certificates, except that merchandising and promoting your products and services. they are a type of promotion (20% off an order over $100, for example) sent to specific customers. Customers redeem gift Personalization certificates and coupons entering all promotions-related codes One of the most fundamental requirements to improve during the checkout process. conversions and order size is to personalize the site visitor’s experience, presenting individually relevant offers and Pricing information to the right people at just the right time. ATG ATG Commerce ships with sophisticated pricing services used to Commerce MC Edition offers a rich set of capabilities to allow determine the correct pricing model for an order, individual item, you to automatically personalize your site: shipping charge, or tax, based on a customer’s profile. You may use standard pricing capabilities or create custom pricing calculators for complex pricing. These services make it possible ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 4
  5. 5. to generate prices dynamically under constantly changing business conditions. Abandoned Shopping Cart Processing Price Lists allow you to target a specific set of prices to a specific The unique technology that underpins ATG Commerce can group of customers. Both standard and ‘sale’ prices can be recognize significant shopping events, such as an abandoned stored for the products and SKU’s, allowing the merchant to shopping cart, and invoke pre-defined actions promotions and quickly switch between the two schemes. ATG Commerce also campaigns designed to encourage the consumer to re-engage supports bulk and tiered pricing. and complete the purchase. Promotions Promotions Dynamic Dynamic URL G eneration of Products for Search Engine Generation ATG Commerce provides a wide range of promotional facilities Optimization (SEO) for merchandisers to define and manage promotions that are Merchants often want to ensure the highest visibility of their invoked through the Web storefront to encourage customers to products on the popular Internet search engines (such as make purchases. Promotions can be set using the following Google) and consumer portals (such as Yahoo!). ATG Commerce characteristics: provides sophisticated technology to ensure that the contents of • Order, item, or shipping – Promotions may be applied to item tem, shipping the product catalog are visible and searchable by external search entire orders, individual items within the order, or the spiders and ‘bots’ in order to optimize their appearance in shipping characteristics of the order Internet searches. ATG Commerce recognizes when it is being ‘spidered’, and presents a URL to the search ‘bot’ that contains • Fixed or percentage – Promotional discounts may be fixed percentage product name and description information, which ultimately amount or a percentage of the order, item, or shipping cost increases a visitor’s ability to find the products they want. • Conditions – ATG supports a rich rule language that defines the conditions under which the promotions are invoked, SEARCH such as a discount granted only when a product attribute Site visitors use ATG’s Search capabilities to find the information attains a specified value they want. ATG Commerce MC Edition provides the flexibility to take search queues and deliver the most compelling content, • Offer - The promotions rule language also allows business targeted specifically for that prospect with tools to help the users to define the nature of the promotional discount offer. visitor find exactly what they want – and even identify items • Usage limits – Usage limitations can be imposed upon they didn’t originally realize they needed. promotions include time limitations and number of uses per consumer Instead of a simple keyword search, ATG Commerce Search provides a number of sophisticated techniques that will make • Substitution – You can substitute products, permitting the search experience more intuitive and effective for customers to buy an alternate product for the same price as consumers. an out-of-stock product • Closeness qualifiers can be established to let customers qualifiers Guided (or Faceted) Search know when cart contents are nearly enough to gain access Especially useful for complex products or for catalogs with a to a promotion they are not yet qualified to receive, large number of SKU’s, the Guided Search feature guides improving average order value and customer satisfaction. consumers to the products they are looking for by prompting them with a series of dynamic filters to help narrow down the Cross- Cross- Sell Relationships search results. The filters are conveniently established and Each product can be associated with a number of cross-sell maintained by business managers using ATG’s business products displayed on the product page in the Web storefront. management tools. Each product category may have a unique The relationships governing the cross-sells may be either fixed set of filters depending on the types of products being stored. relationships between specific products, or dynamic relationships whose display is determined in real time as pages are presented. Establishing cross-sell relationships permits you Natural Language Processing ATG Commerce Search can significantly improve the consumer’s to display additional products that a consumer shopping your search experience. Since search is the most common tool to help site may be interested in, improving their online experience and consumers navigate a catalog, this can be a vital sales driver. increasing average order value and conversion rates. ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 5
  6. 6. The search engine can employ advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to process user queries, interpreting the context of the query, rather than using raw keywords. For e-Mail Order Confirmation/Thank You e - Mail example, the search engine can identify misspelled search terms You can easily set up your site to provide the visitor with an e- that would otherwise prevent the consumer from finding what mail confirmation providing their order number and a summary she needs. There are also rich thesaurus and synonym of order details after successful submission of an order. capabilities that tie terms together in ways the consumer might not think of. With over 25 language- and industry-specific Fulfillment dictionaries as well as an ability to customize the terms used for Most fulfillment activity is done via your existing systems, which search, ATG supports many different regions and industries. the ATG site integrates with during implementation. In addition to that base capability, ATG Commerce also includes an HTML- capabilities Advanced searchandising cap abilities based fulfillment administration page that you can use for: Combining search, merchandising, and personalization features, • Viewing orders that are ready to be shipped. ATG’s “searchandising” capabilities empower merchants to • Notifying the fulfillment system that an order has been personalize the presentation of search results according to their shipped to the customer. selling strategies. You can deliver personalized search results showing relevant content and improve customer satisfaction as • Notifying the fulfillment system that a shipping group has well as your business results. changed and needs to be reprocessed. • Printing order information. ATG makes it easy to deliver this sophisticated search and merchandising combination, providing an easy-to-use Web Inventory Management interface for creating business rules that tailor search results to The ATG Commerce inventory framework facilitates inventory customer segments. These rules use search terms and defined querying and inventory management for your site. It allows you (and configurable) weightings to personalize search results. to Search terms can be associated with specific products. You can • Display appropriate messaging on the site for out of stock also use configurable search term redirects to guide customers or pre-orderable items to the best content when designated search terms are entered. • Set thresholds for reorder notification. ORDER PROCESSING AND FULFILLMENT • Create scenario-driven inventory events (overstock ATG Commerce provides tools to handle pre-checkout order- condition on a certain item drives a 10% off promotion, etc.) processing tasks such as adding items to a shopping cart, • Use inventory status to alter search results (for example, ensuring items are shipped by the customer’s preferred method, deprioritizing items with low inventory levels) and validating credit card information. The system is designed for flexibility and easy customization. • Remove items from inventory. • Notify the store of a customer’s intent to purchase an item Forms of Payment that is not currently in stock (backorder) or has never been ATG Commerce is set up to work with all major credit card types, in stock (preorder) managing authorization, settlement, and crediting. Support for Cybercash and Cybersource is built in, and you can easily • Make a specific number of items available for customers to interface with other card processing systems. purchase, backorder, or preorder • Determine and modify the number of items available for Ship- Multiple Ship- To Addresses purchase, backorder, or preorder Consumers may split their order, shipping some products to one address and other products to other addresses. • Determine when a specific item will be in stock Multiple Shipping Methods and Rate Calculations REPORTING AND MONITORING ATG Commerce can present multiple shipping options, and is Dashboards able to apply a number of different calculations to determine Business managers can easily create and define dashboards in a shipping charges for each option. Web-based interface that provide a convenient view of key ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 6
  7. 7. performance measures. Dashboards are an assembly of pre- MULTIVARIATE TESTING (ATG CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZER) defined thumbnail reports displayed side-by-side, allowing Multivariate testing is the discipline of systematically varying business users to easily spot changes in the business content alternatives to a target audience, and measuring the environment, just like on the dashboard of a car. Supplied success rate of each alternative in reaching a defined ‘goal’. dashboards include views customized for general managers, marketers, and merchandisers. Tests can be defined to vary images, page layouts, process / paths (ie, checkout flows), product cross-sells, promotions, and Standard Reporting and Ad Hoc Query Tools prices. Any one of these can be tested to see which is most ATG Commerce MC Edition includes a number of pre-built effective on the Web site. The test can be executed against all standard reports to satisfy the needs of a broad range of site visitors, or defined consumer segments. companies. These reports provide business insight into order • You can conduct multiple concurrent tests and run them for volumes and the financial value of orders over time. All reports any length of time can be viewed with a standard Web browser and exported to • Tests may be changed on the fly and are easily managed Excel or PDF format, e-mailed, or easily dropped into a through a Web-based interface PowerPoint presentation. Standard reports include: • Average order value and size (last 14 days) CUSTOMER OUTREACH • Hourly average order value and size The Web and e-mail marketing capabilities of ATG Outreach • Hourly net sales and units allow e-marketing practitioners to develop multi-stage, multi- channel e-marketing campaigns that include the following • Hourly order conversion rate and site visit count features: • Hourly site visit and page view count • Target segment d efinition – Campaigns or certain actions definition within a campaign can be targeted to specific consumer • Net sales and order count (YTD) segments. Business managers can define target lists from • Net sales and units (last 14 days) information in the Web customer profile • Order conversion rate and site visit count (last 14 days) • List import – If consumer data exists in other applications, import lists can be imported to form the target of a campaign • Order conversion rate and site visit count (YTD) • Campaign d efinition – Campaign definition is carried out definition • Product report site visit and page view count (last 14 days) by defining a series of campaign ‘stages’ which can branch • Top 10 products by net sales (last 14 days) and progress based on various conditions such as actions taken by the target consumer In addition, business managers can perform ad-hoc queries with • e - Mail WYSIWYG e ditor – An embedded HTML design tool editor an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. Ad hoc reports can be created allows designers to define content-rich e-mail templates using the following sets of metrics and dimensions: • Personalized content – To make the e-mails even more content • Metrics – Number of visitors, number of orders, average personal, content can contain very specific information order size (units, revenue), revenue, units, discounts, appropriate to the consumer, such as current wish list items average selling price, sales velocity (units, revenue), sales acceleration (units, revenue), conversion rate • Web content and t racking – In addition to sending e-mail, tracking campaigns can also publish and alter content on the Web • Dimensions – Time (year, quarter, month, week, day, hour), site, ensuring that consumers feel the full effect of the e- catalog (catalog, category, product, SKU), customer (gender, marketing campaign country, region/state, age), segment, stimulus • Cross- channel r eporting –Rather than separate e-mail and Cross- reporting On occasion, merchants already have experience with a third Web reporting, all campaign information is automatically party Web Analytics platform. ATG Commerce integrates easily consolidated into a single, dynamic report which provides with your preferred Web analytics platform using simple page summary level information, and allows drill-down to view tags. the contents of specific data points ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 7
  8. 8. SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE customize and expand the solution to meet your needs using its ATG Commerce MC Edition offers several security features to flexible Java and J2EE architecture. protect you and your site’s visitors. At its core, ATG relies on industry standard security practices to ensure the safety and Integration integrity of your site and visitor information. The platform easily fits into your enterprise and evolves with your changing infrastructure. Security Framework • Uses Web services standards such as SOAP and WSDL to ATG Commerce MC Edition ships with a robust security allow other channels and systems to access the capabilities framework that provides tools for managing security on the of the ATG site commerce site. It is possible to secure any object, process, or • Easily integrates profile information from multiple information using the framework, establishing access control applications – such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel or PeopleSoft – lists that determine what data and control functions are and makes this information available in personalized available to different users. The framework offers flexible scenarios implementation options, supporting security via Java programming calls, directly in pages using tag libraries or • Works with business commerce standards such as XML, through the use of secure objects. The framework is also highly cXML, ebXML, RosettaNet, and BizTalk extensible, permitting you to use as much or little of the base Multi- Support Multi- Site S upport functionality, and to implement the security controls that best ATG architecture makes it simple to support multiple sites on a fit your environment. You can also easily connect the framework single instance, leveraging common hardware and software. into existing security infrastructure, such as an LDAP source or a Sites may be set up to share or segregate as many of the catalog, database. user profile, and other site assets as desired. You have the flexibility to control the degree of component reuse that makes Multi- Multi- Tiered Security sense in each case. The security model permits or excludes access to protected data or services based on whether a user is included or excluded in an access control list. Permissions can be set based on a specific user identity, the organization(s) or group(s) that a user belongs to, or the role(s) to which a user is assigned. Hierarchical organization structures support “cascading” permissions, where children inherit rights of parent organizations, as well as full ability to override default rights at any level. Robust Encryption Passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information can be encrypted using industry-standard methods, such as SHA and SSHA algorithms. You can also substitute your own encryption technique, permitting you to use the controls best suited for your site’s internal or regulatory requirements. PCI Compliance ATG provides features and configurability needed to implement all the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Compliance program. OPTIMIZED FOR THE ENTERPRISE ATG Commerce MC Edition is built from the ground up for high performance in the most demanding environments. The solution scales to handle both large transaction volumes and heavy SKU-based product catalog Web sites. You can also easily ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 8
  9. 9. Technical Product Information ATG PLATFORM Development De velopment Tools ATG Commerce MC Edition comes with Eclipse developer tools The foundation of all ATG implementations is the ATG Platform, to easily manage ATG development in this popular open-source made up of a collection of frameworks and control applications development environment. including the ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine the Dynamo Engine, Application Framework and the Data Anywhere Architecture Architecture hitecture. THIRD PARTY SUPPORT ATG additionally provides tools for exposing elements of your With ATG, you can mix and match among popular application application as a Web Service, as well as support for the Eclipse servers, databases, and operating systems. Choose the ATG tools integrated development environment. you need, and deploy them in the IT infrastructure you have. Third party applications qualified on ATG Commerce MC Edition ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine applications include those listed below. Note that compatibility The ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine is the core scenario is tested for different product revisions and you should check the processing tool used for ATG applications. It provides business- detailed product information online at: rule driven scenarios for delivering dynamic Web pages as well as scenarios that drive functionality such as the content administration edit / review / approve cycle. Java Development Environments Application ATG Dynamo Application Framework Sun Java Development Kit 5 The ATG Dynamo Application Framework provides services not found in the standard J2EE layers, such as the Nucleus Application Servers component and lifecycle management, distributed caching for BEA WebLogic Server large-site support and other features. IBM Websphere Application Server JBOSS Application Server Architecture Data Anywhere A rchitecture ATG’s data anywhere architecture provides access to a variety of Operating Systems data sources through a single, unified API – the Repository API. Sun Solaris This permits developers to pull data from disparate locations -- Microsoft Server 2000, 2003 files, databases, LDAP directories, even third-party applications – Red Hat Linux Advanced Server and Enterprise into a coherent, unified data repository. Specific details of each data source are stored in an XML file. The application Database Servers programmers and page designers don’t need to worry about Oracle 9i, 10g, 10g RAC where the data comes from – they simply access data elements Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as simple Java objects. IBM DB2 V9 Data Anywhere Architecture provides powerful flexibility, since Hardware Architectures Processor Hardware A rchitectures changes to the underlying schema can be made without any Intel code changes. It also offers powerful performance benefits with AMD its distributed caching capability. Sun Integration Web Services Inte gration Browser Clients Many of the ATG components are exposed as Web services (for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7 example, the product catalog, orders, etc), which can be Firefox 2 consumed by external systems. Developers can dispatch serialized objects to external systems using ATG’s built-in JMS support. Published: May 2008 ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 9
  10. 10. ATG Commerce MC Edition | CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW 10