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  • Hurray ! I could download your fantastic show so well documented !
    Waltz is my favorite dance ! Many thanks !
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  • Beautiful work of a beautiful dance, so romantic also
    Thanks a lot for taking your time to watch and comment
    End of the World
    London in Autumn

    Greetings and all the best
    Maria (nikkitta)
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  • Very beautiful show!!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations dear Anna . Wish you a beautiful evening! Best greetings from Greece.Nikos
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  • Sorry, Anna, I can't download anymore...
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  • Anna, you have made a very nice show, the 'vals' is a very beatiful class of dance. Congratulatios. Un abrazo
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Tańce - walc

  1. 1. Viennese Waltz The German "Landler", a folk dance, is supposed to be the forerunner of the Waltz. During the 18th Century, a dance developed, which was called the walzen, German for to roll, turn or glide. The Walzen was met with outraged indignation by the older generation when first introduced into the ballrooms of the world in the early 19th century because it was the first dance where the coupledanced in a modified closed position-with the mans hand around the waist of the girl. Regardless, the Waltz became popular through many parts of Germany and Austria. The Waltz was given a tremendous boost around 1830 by two great Austrian composers - Franz Lanner and Johann Strauss: they set the standard for the Viennese waltz.
  2. 2. The Blue Danube
  3. 3. The Danube Valley
  4. 4. The Danube Valley
  5. 5. The Danube Valley
  6. 6. The Danube, Vienna
  7. 7. The Danube, Budapest
  8. 8. The Danube, Budapest
  9. 9. The Danube, Bratislava
  10. 10. Schönbrunn Palace in the background panorama of Vienna - the world capital the waltz
  11. 11. King of the waltz - Johann Strauss II
  12. 12. The Waltz - A. Zoffoli
  13. 13. Victor Gilbert - An Elegant Soiree
  14. 14. Albert Gilbert, The Ball
  15. 15. Joseph-Marius Avy - The White Ball
  16. 16. First Waltz – Vladimir Pervuninsky
  17. 17. The Waltz - Vladimir Pervuninsky
  18. 18. The Gala - Vladimir Pervuninsky
  19. 19. The Gala II - Vladimir Pervuninsky
  20. 20. The Waltz - Vladimir Pervuninsky
  21. 21. Last Waltz - Vladimir Pervuninsky
  22. 22. The Waltz - Vladimir Pervuninsky
  23. 23. Vladimir Pervunensky – The Imperial Waltz Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Bal à Bougival
  24. 24. Vienesse Waltz - Ekaterina Pozdniakova
  25. 25. Waltz - author unknown
  26. 26. Waltz - author unknown
  27. 27. Waltz - author unknown
  28. 28. Waltz – Leonid Afremov
  29. 29. Waltz – Leonid Afremov
  30. 30. The Waltz - Jane Hall’s, from a series of 12 paintings "The Art of Dance"
  31. 31. Waltz of the Peacock - Heather Hurzeler
  32. 32. The Waltz - Joanne Bradley
  33. 33. Background sound - Johann Strauss (son) "The Blue Danube"Illustrations - taken from the available web sitesThe presentation was made by ​- Anna