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In format XXL

  1. 1. Stonehenge, Whilshire, England
  2. 2. Giant statues in the Chilean Easter Islands
  3. 3. Giza, Pyramid of Khafre
  4. 4. Giza, sphinx and the pyramid of Cheops on the background
  5. 5. Pharaonic statues at the entrance to the pyramid
  6. 6. Assuan, obelisks of Tuthmosis I and his daughter Hatshepsut
  7. 7. Leshan - the statue of Buddha
  8. 8. Grandini a Batu Caves e la statua gigante di Sri Subramaniam Swamy Divasthanan - Malaysia
  9. 9. Spring Temple Buddha - This one is actually the biggest statue in the world and it’s about 153 meters.
  10. 10. Guanyin of Lianhuashan
  11. 11. The Great Buddha in Kamakura
  12. 12. Praying Hands at the main entrance to the campus of Oral Roberts University
  13. 13. Statue of Jesus in Vung Tau, Vietnam
  14. 14. Statue of Christ w Oviedo Statue of Christ on mont Urgull, San Sebastian
  15. 15. Monument of Christ in Cocchabamba
  16. 16. Rio de Janeiro, a monument of Christ the Redeemer atop of Corcovado
  17. 17. Rio de Janeiro – a monument of Christ the Redeemer A monument of Christ the King– Świebodzin, Poland
  18. 18. Świebodzin – A monument of Christ the King
  19. 19. Świebodzin – a monument of Christ the King Rio de Janeiro – a monument of Christ the Redeemer
  20. 20. Cristo Rei – Lisboa
  21. 21. Christ the King Monument in Lisbon
  22. 22. Cristo Rei Statuethat looks over the city of Lubango
  23. 23. The Monument of the Holy Mother of God, Haskovo, Bułgaria
  24. 24. Matka Boża, Haskowo, Bułgaria Virgen de Quito, Ekwador
  25. 25. Statue of the Virgin Mary on the top of Cerro San Cristóbal
  26. 26. Giant statue of the virgin Mary in New Castle Delaware Lady Lebanon in Harissa
  27. 27. The Blessed Virgin Mary at Mt. Polis, Philippines
  28. 28. Our Lady of the Rockies Statue is located in Butte Montana
  29. 29. Monument St. Nino Equal-to-the Apostle Tbilisi, Georgia, 19m high Estatua de santa Rita de Cassia, Santa Cruz, Brasil
  30. 30. The Rainbow - monument in Kiev, Ukraine
  31. 31. "Rainbow" in Kyiv
  32. 32. The worlds largest statue of Confucius
  33. 33. Taiwan , high statue of Guan Yu at Jinguashi
  34. 34. The worlds largest statue of Genghis Khan, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  35. 35. The statue of Genghis Khan
  36. 36. Monument to the Discoveries - Lisbon
  37. 37. 1Fig. 1-4 - monuments in the former Yugoslavia, commemorating World War II
  38. 38. 2
  39. 39. 3
  40. 40. 4
  41. 41. Warsaw Uprising Monument
  42. 42. Giant statue of three warriors dedicated to King Ivaylo, near Kotel in Bulgaria
  43. 43. Obelisk Washington D.C.
  44. 44. The Main Victory Monument, Moscow
  45. 45. The Main Victory Monument, Moscow
  46. 46. Peter the Great Monument in Moscow
  47. 47. The Statue of Liberty in New York
  48. 48. Mother Motherland Calls (Родина Мать Зовет) - a monument to the mound Mamaja in Volgograd
  49. 49. Tbilisi - Monument of Georgia Mothers ... (for the friends - the cup of wine, for the enemy - the sword)
  50. 50. Kiev, Ukraine - Monument to Mother Motherland
  51. 51. Yerevan - Monument to Mother Armenia
  52. 52. Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Moscow, Russia
  53. 53. Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Moscow, Russia
  54. 54. Oslo, Vigeland Park Monolit
  55. 55. Oslo, Vigeland Park Monolit
  56. 56. To the Struggle Agains World Terrorism monument in Bayonne, NewJersey (USA) stands in direct view of the Statue of Liberty and theformer World Trade Center in New York. Bronze, 30m
  57. 57. Piast Eagles - Monument Deed Poles, Szczecin
  58. 58. Monument to the Victims of Poznan June 1956 in Szczecin, Poland Monument of World War II at Westerplatte, Gdansk, Poland
  59. 59. Angel of Liberty - Monument to the Victims of December December 70 - Monument to the Fallen Shipyard, 70, Szczecin, Poland Gdańsk, Poland
  60. 60. Monument to Cervantes, Madrid
  61. 61. The Millennium Monument in Heroes Square, Budapest, Hungary
  62. 62. Giant Sam Houston Statue, Huntsville, Texas
  63. 63. National Monument to the Forefathers Plymouth Massachusetts
  64. 64. Kiev, monument to the legendary founders of the city
  65. 65. Mount Rushmore National Memorial. South Dakota
  66. 66. Sculpture of King Decebal in Romania
  67. 67. Romania - Monument to Decebal, of the last king of the Dacians
  68. 68. An interesting constuction was built in Izmir, Turkey. Kemal Ataturk bust looks like carved out of solid rock
  69. 69. The statue of Mao Zedong in center of city Changsha
  70. 70. Young Mao Zedong statue in Juzizhou,Changsha.
  71. 71. Giant Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago
  72. 72. Trivandrum - Shankumugham Beach - Giant Statue of Mermaid
  73. 73. Lima – giant statue on coast
  74. 74. Erawan museum, Samut Prakan, central Thailand
  75. 75. Giant statue of the Reddish Brown Sea Eagle, Dataran Lang
  76. 76. Arasaurus giant statue
  77. 77. Arasaurus giant statue
  78. 78. Mac the Moose is a fibreglass moose in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  79. 79. Monument commemorating the earthquake of 1948, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
  80. 80. Monument commemorating the earthquake of 1948, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
  81. 81. Monument Tatik in Papik-yev Mamig Babig - Armenian symbol of Nagorno-Karabakh
  82. 82. Monument Birth of a New Man in honor of Christopher Columbus. Seville, Spain
  83. 83. The huge, a bit bizarre, statue of steel, called the Angel of the North, England
  84. 84. Crazy Horse Memorial in South DakotaThe monument presents of the leader of Dakota Oglala - Crazy Horse (Tasunka Witko), who becamefamous at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876, and shortly afterwards he was treacherously murdered.This monument is forged in the rock mountains Thunderhead in the Black Mountains in CusterCounty, South Dakota State. When completed, it will be the worlds largest monument. The sculpturewill be 195 m long and 172 m high. The head, whose was completed in 1998, is 25 meters high.For comparison, located 15 km northeast, of the presidents heads carved into the slopeof Mount Rushmore to a height of 18 m. The monument is the main attraction of so called Crazy HorseMemorial Center.Work on the sculpture began in 1948 (at the invitation of a relative of Crazy Horse, Chief of Dakota -Henry Standing Bear), sculptor of Polish descent, Korczak Ziolkowski. Today, it is continuing this workby his family.
  85. 85. Music - Jean Sibelius, Symphonic Poem, "Finland"The illustrations - taken from accessible websitesThe presentation was prepared by - Anna