Wanderings on Poland (8)


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Wanderings on Poland (8)

  1. 1. Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship This voivodeship is located in the southeastern part of the country, within the Małopolska Upland. Some of the borders of the region is a natural – at the east and south-east - an border is the Vistula River and to the west Pilica. The seat of the provincial authorities is in Kielce. Warszawa - Teatr Wielki Panorama of the Świętokrzyskie mountains - range Jeleniowskie
  2. 2. The Bishop’s Palace in Kielce
  3. 3. Kielce - St. Cross Church
  4. 4. Kielce - Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  5. 5. Kielce - Municipal Government
  6. 6. Culture Centre of Kielce
  7. 7. Kielce - Botanical Garden
  8. 8. Sandomierz – Little Rome The city is situated on seven hills and therefore is sometimes called "little Rome". At the two cities there are underground labyrinths. In Rome, those are the catacombs, and in Sandomierz in the basement there are the old merchants' cellars and the legendary dungeonBoth cities can boast as turbulent as well as a beautiful story.
  9. 9. Church of Sts. Michael in Sandomierz and "Dlugosz House" - now the Diocesan Museum
  10. 10. Sandomierz – Town Hall
  11. 11. Sandomierz - antique houses around the Market
  12. 12. Market square in Sandomierz
  13. 13. Sandomierz in late autumn
  14. 14. Świętokrzyskie Mountains - view Łysa Mountain (Bald Mountain)
  15. 15. Święty Krzyż (Holy Cross) - Shrine of the Holy Cross Trees
  16. 16. Benedictine Abbey on Święty Krzyż The oldest Polish shrine. Are stored there in the relics of the Holy Cross Trees. According to tradition, the first church (rotunda), erected there in 966 by Dobrawa, the wife of Prince Mieszko the First, and the Benedictine abbey was founded by King Boleslaw the Brave in 1006.
  17. 17. The reliquary Cross Benedictine
  18. 18. Benedictines church of St. Holy Trinity, inside of the Oleśnicki chapel, here there are of relics of the Holy Cross
  19. 19. View from the top of the Holy Cross
  20. 20. Góry Świętokrzyskie – mountain range located in Central Kielce Highlands . It is one of the oldest mountain ranges in Poland, so the highest peak (Łysica) is only 612 m above sea level. The name of the mountains comes from of the relics of the Holy Cross (Święty Krzyż) stored at the monastery on Mt.
  21. 21. Świętokrzyskie Mountains - Rocks in Kamień Michniowski preserve
  22. 22. Holy Cross Mountains on the threshold of winter
  23. 23. Góry Świętokrzyskie - the Reserve Zelejowa
  24. 24. Ujazd – Ruins of Krzyżtopór Castle Built between 1627-1644 by Christopher Ossoliński, never fully been completed. It is a large Italian-style palace in a palazzo in fortezza style. Architect and inspector of the build of the palace was Lorenzo Senes. On the north side were once beautiful gardens in the Italian style.
  25. 25. Panorama of inner square of Krzyżtopór Castle
  26. 26. Model of the palace
  27. 27. Busko Zdrój - Spa House
  28. 28. Nagłowice – manor house in which he lived and wrote Mikolaj Rej
  29. 29. Oblęgorek - mansion house of Henryk Sienkiewicz, now a museum
  30. 30. The interior of the mansion - dining room
  31. 31. Sanctuary in Kałków The building, in which are chapels commemorating the martyrdom of Polish nation
  32. 32. Przypkowscy Clock Museum in Jędrzejów
  33. 33. Pacanów The Koziołek Matołek Museum European Centre for Tales W Pacanowie kozy kują, więc Koziołek, mądra głowa, błąka się po całym świecie, aby dojść do… Pacanowa!!! (Excerpt of rhymed fables about Koziołek Matołek)
  34. 34. View from Mount St. Anna in Pińczów; the valley of the Nida
  35. 35. Landscape near Opatowiec
  36. 36. Kurozwęki - Palace Complex
  37. 37. Szydłów - Polish Carcassonne
  38. 38. Szydłów – the main building of the castle
  39. 39. The entrance to the castle courtyard
  40. 40. Szydłów – the view from the Castle on the treasure house
  41. 41. Szydłów – Krakowska Gate
  42. 42. Szydlow - bird's-eye view
  43. 43. The palace of prince Drucki-Lubecki in Bałtów
  44. 44. Tyrannosaurus Rex model in Bałtów Jurassic Park
  45. 45. Model of stegosaurus in Bałtów Jurassic Park
  46. 46. Museum of Technic in the Sielpia Wielka
  47. 47. Museum of Technic in the Sielpia - the antique hammer
  48. 48. Sielpia - this is a summer resort, set in the resinous forests, on the picturesque bay Czarna Rivers
  49. 49. Music - F. Chopin; Nocturne for piano No. 7 in C sharp minor llustrations - downloaded from web sites A presentation prepared - Anna