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My Wasaw - palaces
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My Wasaw - palaces


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Palace of family Potocki
    of Warsaw
  • 2. Palace of family Potocki
    In 1945 the palace was nationalized and transferred
    to the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Arts.
  • 3. Warsaw, Palace of family Ujazdowski
  • 4. Palace of family Ujazdowski
  • 5. Palace of family Ujazdowski
  • 6. Palace of family Jabłonowski
    Blanka Palace in Warsaw
  • 7. Warsaw, Palace of family Kossakowski
  • 8. Warsaw, BrühlPalacein Młociny
  • 9. Kazimierzowski Palace
    located within the main campus of Warsaw University. Currently it houses the rector'soffice
    of Warsaw University and History Museum of Warsaw University.
  • 10. Palace of family Kazimierzowski
  • 11. Palace of family Czapski, abode of the Academy of Fine Arts
  • 12. Czapski Palace
  • 13. Staszic Palace
  • 14. Staszic Palace
  • 15. Palace of family Mostowski
  • 16. Palace of familyKrasinski
  • 17. KrasinskiPalace
  • 18. Primate'sPalace
  • 19. Palace of family Sapieha
  • 20. Palace of family Branicki
  • 21. Palace of family Ostrogski
  • 22. Warsaw - Ostrogski Palace
  • 23. The Palace Przebendowski / Radziwill
    is the seat of the Museum of Independence
  • 24. Lazienki Palace - Palace on the Water
  • 25. Belweder
    (Polish pronunciation: [bɛlvɛdɛr];
    in fullPałac Belwederski, Belweder Palace, from the Italianbello and vedere — "beautiful" and "to see") is a palace in Warsaw, a fewkilometerssouth of the Royal Castle.
    Currently Belweder is used by the President and the Government for ceremonial purposes, while the President resides at the "Governor's Palace" in the city center. It also serves as an official residence for heads of state on official visits to Poland and other important guests. There have been plans to turn the Belweder Palace into a museum dedicated to JózefPiłsudski. Currently it houses a small exhibition devoted to the Marshal.
  • 26. Belvedere Palace - view from the Royal Baths Park
  • 27. BelvederePalace- autumn
  • 28. BelvederePalace - winter
  • 29. Royal Castle in Warsaw
  • 30. Royal Castle in Old Town panorama
  • 31. WilanowPalace
  • 32.
  • 33. WilanowPalace
  • 34. WilanowPalace
    "Warsaw's Polonaise" - music and words - TadeuszSygietyński
    sings Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze
    Illustrations of the web sites had chosen - Anna