My Place On The Earth (10)    Wratislavias Dwarfs
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    • Someone might say:
    • Vratislavia and dwarfs? Uh, it is a fairy-tale. He would all wrong. In fa iry- town Vratislavia you can find a dwarf ! He has about one feet high, wears a beard, pointed hat and pointed boots. A Beauty…. relative.
    • Dwarf s took a liking for Wroclaw . You can find them everywhere . Some of them are so courageous that they can be found on the street. And sometimes, you can even stumble on them . The gnomes are very small, active and difficult to see them, but with a little bit of commitment and patience, our effort will be awarded. That's enouhg attentvely follow a way at the foot . If someone does not believe and doubt in my words I invite him for a walk.
  • 3. We meet in front of the building Puppet Theater and we can admire The Dwarfs Fountain . Seven Gnome s care of it : Aktor, Ogrodnik, Klucznik, Wodnik, Wierzbownik, Gołębiarz i Kapitan . ( Actor, Gardener, Lock-man, Aquarius, Willow-man, Pigeon-breeder, and Captain )
  • 4. The m ost of g nome can be found on the Market . Here we can see a dwarf named B ibliophile ....
  • 5. ... he fall in reading on the north side of the Market
  • 6. Bankuś Pieniążek – sat at the entrance to SKOK-Bank; next to the West Bank
  • 7. Życzliwek - in Market Square
  • 8. Tynkuś Market - Cloth Hall 6
  • 9. Dwarf H alberdier Market - Cloth Hall 10 ; near the seat of Citi Guard
  • 10. Gadofonik – already consumed on telephone calls all his subscription ; Market Square , near the seat of Dialogue
  • 11. T he last corner of Market Square, next to the church St. Elizabeth . We go into arc connecting two historic houses "Johnny and Maggie„ and we are looking for the entrance to the undergrounds Land of Dwarfs . Sleeper dwarf guarding of entrance.
  • 12. We go on Solny Square, where we can spend time among the flowers and gnomes - twinning brothers from Olavska Str. Słupnik (climbing-irons) and Latarnik (l amplighter)
  • 13. Esencjusz - is sitting on each other, politely drinking a tea, in corner of little cafe Essence next to bus i ness concern Phoenix
  • 14. At the cross-streets Casimir the Great and St. Anthony appeareds a new dwarf. named Kinoman (Film-fan)
  • 15. Klucznik ( caring for the keys ) - on the Szewska Street
  • 16. Chrapek (grating-man) - fall asleep at the entrance to the Patio Hotel, on the Kie ł ba ś nicza Street
  • 17. In the near underground passage on the Swidnicka Street – Syzyfki. They make that after every performance on the Market Square , the balls always return to their place.
  • 18. Johnny Walker – practises nordic walking next to the monument Boleslaw Chrobr y on the Świdnicka Street, next to the turret with a clock
  • 19. The Więzienna (Prison) Street - as the name indicats - there was here a municipal prison and we can see his client, the one and only - dwarf Więziennik.
  • 20. Geologist or B eautiful Geolo near the Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Wroclaw; on Cybulski Street
  • 21. Grajek (home-bred musician) and Meloman from Olawska Street
  • 22. At the crossroad of Market , Wit Stwosz Street and Kuźnicza Street we have be careful in order not to trample dwarfs Kowal (S mith) )
  • 23. Dwarf Butcher from the Jatki Street (Jatki = butcher’s stall)
  • 24. Marian vel Młynarz Tumski ( tum’s miller) - moved into the garden at the hotel Tumski
  • 25. Near the Sandy Bridge is working hard dwarf Pracz (washerman)
  • 26. Ołbiniusz - feels like at home in Elementary School No. 107, Prus Street 64 Solidarek at the headquarters of trade union Solidarność ( Solidarity )
  • 27. Barduś on the Jacek Kaczmarski Street
  • 28. Bartek z Butolandii Magnolia Park – Legnicka Street
  • 29. Dwarf s reached also the Z OO - Hipoczyściciel (hipo-cleaner) strives to be useful
  • 30. In the Botanical Garden set tled dwarfs - Pracownik i Kierownik (worker and director)
  • 31. ... A dwarf named Botanik
  • 32. Brodacz ( Bearded Man ) enlisted on the strolling ship „ Nereida ”
  • 33. Butelnik in the cafe-restaurant „Oleńka” corner of Sudecka and Dębowa Street s
  • 34. Mr and Mrs Krasnalski - catching red-handed on a kiss in front of Weddings Palace in Wroclaw. In Wroclaw is much more of this nice gnomes and still increase, even in places far-away from the C enter .
  • 35. Thanks for Attention T he song „ We are Dwarfs " singing F asolki B and