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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Invitation
  • 2. Invitation to Museum of painted eggs in Ciechanowiec This is the first such museum in Poland and the second in Europe (after Kolomyya in Ukraine). Located in a nineteenth-century hunting manor belonging to the Museum of Agriculture in Ciechanowiec. Collection form full eggs and shell of a blown eggs, of chicken, ostrich and humming-birds, wood and stone - from agate, jasper, limestone ... More than one and a half thousand eggs from all continents except Antarctica. They are scratching painted eggs, painted, quot;writtenquot; wax, etching, and in collage technique, batik, sticked with glossy paper, rushes, crewel, fabric, sequins, and even flour, rice, kasha or litle coral beads. The exibits, collected for 35 years, gave Professor Irena Stasiewicz-Jasiukowa from the National Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, an authority in this field. It come from all regions of Poland and Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, China, Japan, Kenya, Brazil, Palestine, Greece, Cuba and many other countries in the world.
  • 3. Kolomyya is known for its tradition of decorating eggs. Municipal Museum of painted eggs is one of the tourist attractions of south- western Ukraine. The local exposure collected 6 thousand eggs. The appearance of the Museum of painted eggs were designed based on the traditional model in which Ukrainians decorate eggs for Easter. Implementation of high-elevation require diligence to obtain the figure painted eggs. Overlapping plasters remind Artistic Crafts. An additional difficulty was the construction of 12- meters of the building, without a roof, but with a small dome. It was necessary to build special scaffolding. Although the work lasted only 40 days.
  • 4. Dyed and painted eggs The symbol of life characteristic especially for the Easter are eggs – dyed and painted eggs have rarely encountered. The main feature that differs is the way Easter egg decorating - Dyed egg it is an egg colored on one color, plain without patterns, instead eggs decorated waxen pattern and immersed in the coloring agent thay are painted eggs. Traditionally painted eggs appear on every holiday table. They usually even a few dozen units. Due to the fact that were the symbol of life, can be found in tombs from the pre-christian times and today still consists of them on the graves at the cemeteries Orthodox. The oldest drawings painted eggs decorated with the sun, moon, stars, rain and fir twigs. Ornamental motifs used today: hares, sheeps, bells, flowers and sculpture of the Risen Christ appeared only in the twentieth century. Many contemporary artists create miniature works of art on such a fragile material, which is crust of egg. Eggs are covered by subtly image and apply a variety not known before, ornamental techniques.
  • 5. Highland Ukrainian painted egg Highland Ukrainian painted egg
  • 6. Highland Ukrainian painted egg Highland Ukrainian painted egg
  • 7. painted eggs from Indonesia
  • 8. painted eggs from Indonesia
  • 9. painted eggs from China painted eggs from Israel
  • 10. painted eggs from Brasil
  • 11. painted eggs from Turkey
  • 12. Mega-painted egg (kashubian style) stands at the Old Market in Wejherowo
  • 13. Music– Christian Sinding „ Murmur of Spring” Illustrations chose -