Hunting I


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Hunting I

  1. 1. Under the patronage of St. Hubert
  2. 2. Biography of Saint Hubert St. Hubert was born in the late 600's into a wealthy family. As a youth he was caught up in a life of adventure and pleasure. His chief passion was that of the chase. According to legend, one Good Friday when the faithful were crowding the churches, Hubert set out on the hunt. He was pursuing a magnificent stag. The stag stopped and turned its head toward him. As the animal did so, Hubert saw a crucifix between its antlers. This apparition was the beginning of a conversion experience, which led him to give up his worldly pursuits and goods, become a priest, and eventually the bishop of Liege, Belgium. St. Hubert is a strong witness to the possibilities of ongoing conversion. He knows that God was constantly calling him to proclaim and live the Gospel. As members of the faith Community of St. Hubert, we too are called to be open to the boundless possibilities God sets before us. St. Hubert is Patron Saint of Hunters and Trappers. His feast day is November 3.
  3. 3. Jerzy Kossak – St. Hubert on hunting
  4. 4. Jan Brueghel el Viejo con Rubens – La Vision de San Huberto
  5. 5. The exhumation of Saint Hubert in the église Saint-Pierre at Liège. By Rogier Van der Weyden, ca. 1437.
  6. 6. Solemn Mass for the intention of hunters on the day of their Patron.
  7. 7. debriefing before hunting
  8. 8. Last instructions…
  9. 9. March of hunters on designated position
  10. 10. Hunter's observation tower, which is called the quot;coign of vantagequot;
  11. 11. Cooperation based on a shared passion for hunting and mutual trust. Falcon assistant hunter.
  12. 12. The second hunters assistant is adequately trained dog ...
  13. 13. Season quot;on the goatquot;
  14. 14. on ducks …
  15. 15. on wild boar
  16. 16. Hunting trophies
  17. 17. The end of hunting.
  18. 18. Hunter-signals which were used in presentation - Reveille from Spala - March of The Hunt - End of Hunting Created by - Anna