Getting the Most from OneNote 2007


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Getting the Most from OneNote 2007

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Getting the Most from OneNote 2007

  1. 1. Donald Hester March 17, 2009 For audio call Toll Free 1-888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 724937 Getting the Most from One Note 2007
  2. 2. • Maximize your CCC Confer window. • Mute your phone (*6) if you have visitors or noise in your office. • Please note phone audio may be in presenter-only mode. • Ask questions over the phone when the presenter prompts. • Ask questions throughout presentation via the chat window. • Turn on or off Closed Captioning by clicking on the icon. • Save the presentation or chat by clicking on the icon. • Vote Yes or No by using the icon. Housekeeping
  3. 3. How to use VoIP 1) To listen, adjust your speaker volume (left bottom of window) 2) To speak you’ll need a microphone or USB headset. a) First, run the audio wizard Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard. b) Second, press on the mic icon when it is free (release when finished speaking)
  4. 4. Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 Office OneNote 2007 is a digital notebook that provides people one place to gather their notes and information, powerful search to find what they are looking for quickly, and easy-to-use shared notebooks so that they can manage information overload and work together more effectively.
  5. 5. What is OneNote?
  6. 6. 1. Gather your notes and information in one place. 2. Back up your valuable information. 3. Find information more quickly. 4. Work together more effectively. 5. Avoid duplicate work. 6. Organize your way. 7. Prioritize and manage tasks and your to-do list more efficiently. 8. Make meetings more productive. 9. Get up to speed quickly. 10. Improve productivity away from the office. 10 Benefits
  7. 7. OneNote Setup
  8. 8. OneNote Setup
  9. 9. OneNote Setup
  10. 10. Send to OneNote
  11. 11. Easy Reference
  12. 12. What Else? Insert audio, pictures, documents, tables, graphs, etc… Win. Mobile & Tablet PC Share Notebooks Protect Notebooks
  13. 13.  With Office OneNote 2007, finding information is easy and fast.  Office OneNote 2007 eliminates the guesswork of figuring out where you stored critical information because everything is kept in the same program.  No more clicking through file folders and sorting through pages of paper notebooks to find the information you're looking for.  Powerful search features give you the ability to locate information quickly. Search made easy
  14. 14. Syllabus Example
  15. 15. Meeting Example
  16. 16. To Do List Example
  17. 17. Annotation Example
  18. 18. Office Online
  19. 19. Online Demo
  20. 20. Live Demo
  21. 21. Donald E. Hester CISSP, CISA, CAP, PSP, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE Security, MCSA Security, MCDST, Security+, CTT+ Maze & Associates / San Diego City College Email Security Blog LinkedIn Profile FaceBook Q&A Evaluation Survey Link
  22. 22. Evaluation Survey Link
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