Hans De  Visser    The  Business  Operations  Imperative
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Hans De Visser The Business Operations Imperative






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Hans De  Visser    The  Business  Operations  Imperative Hans De Visser The Business Operations Imperative Document Transcript

  • 22-10-2008 This Presentation Courtesy of the International SOA Symposium October 7-8, 2008 Amsterdam Arena www.soasymposium.com info@soasymposium.com Founding Sponsors Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors “It’s not what you do – it’s how you do what you do” Rethinking Business Operations Hans de Visser Jon Pyke, CSO 1
  • 22-10-2008 About Jon and me… • Different physique • Same passion 3 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. The Four Key Game Changing Trends • Consumerization The practical delivery of (consumer/business) business processes as services on a major scale, exploiting the Internet as the delivery channel. • Commoditization High volume consumer & business processes/services delivered over the Internet with commodity economics. • Virtualization New freedoms to create, source, assemble business processes flexibly, at lower cost/higher speed of change, upping business agility – the opportunity for process management on-demand • Globalization Competitive access to the white collar talent pools of the world made relatively simple for the first time in history. Source: Dr Richard Sykes 4 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 2
  • 22-10-2008 Name this Country…. • Richest in the world • Largest military • Center for world business trade • Strongest education system • World center for innovation and invention • Currency the world standard of value • Highest standard of living Great Britain ...in 1900 5 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. With the opening up of China, India and the former Soviet Union… …three billion new capitalists have entered the workforce 6 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 3
  • 22-10-2008 How do you compete in a global economy? 7 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. The Process Challenge Processes – good processes - are key to success • Suppose Nicholas Carr[1] was right • IT no longer matters! • Just gets you to the “me too” stage • Doesn’t give you the competitive edge Harvard Business Review, Publication Date: May 1, 2003 Author(s): Nicholas G. Carr Type: Harvard Business Review Article 8 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 4
  • 22-10-2008 The Process Challenge • Scarcity of a resource makes it strategic • Gain and edge by doing something better • BPM helps you do that • Good processes are scarce • Management of them even scarcer Single view of the business Optimize allocation of scarce resources Ability to flex operations 9 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. It’s Not What You Do • Efficiency stems from predictability A UK citizen at Terminal 5: • Today’s business environment is not predictable “This is quite speaking for the • Rigid adherence of our nation: Very shiny state to process is but nothing really works.” • Good – Ensures compliance adherence • Bad – Doesn’t enable agility • End up like the UK in 2000 instead of 1900 • Can’t afford to be complacent 10 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 5
  • 22-10-2008 It’s How You Do It - The Problem You Face… Duplication of activities and processes • Everything locked away in old environments • Even those of you using BPM • Difficult to reuse or share anything • Continue to execute non-core processes • Difficult to outsource Harvard Business Review, Publication Date: June 1, 2008 Author(s): Merrifield et al Type: Harvard Business Review Article 11 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. Your Choice “Do I want to build to keep?” OR: “Do I want to build to change?” OR: “Do I want to be truly innovative?” 12 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 6
  • 22-10-2008 Re-engineering for 20+ years 13 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. Accelerate Time to Value. 14 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 7
  • 22-10-2008 Change the way we do what we do… 15 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. The Business Operations Platform Model Driven Visualisation of Performance Customers Managers Staff Suppliers Business Operations Platform Business BAM Logic, Metadata BPMS Proactive KPI & and UI threshold Management Business GUI Composite MDM Case Mgmt Rules SOA Grid Services Mashups Apps SOA from Single View the of Ground Enterprise up for true Data Model Linear Corporate Data Scalability Supports Dynamic Integrated ERP CRM Legacy Mashups for improved Business Processes Business App’s Rules productivity Engine Claims Products 16 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 8
  • 22-10-2008 OK So What? How does a BOP help solve the big issues within the process driven organization? 17 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. How Do We Change the Way We Do What We Do? • Process not the end of the road • Business Activities/Services that make up the process • Business Services next step in productivity gains • Eliminate complex processes • Concentrate on the Skinny • Drive Maximum pay-back from existing IT Estate • Process Enabled Business Services is key 18 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 9
  • 22-10-2008 How Do You Do That? Business Service Reuse includes: Traditional Services reuse • Process Models • KPI’s Simple RPC call • Business LogicBusiness Services is key Reuse of • Metadata Get data + Put Data • SLA’s • Security 19 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. The Business Operations Platform Imperative • The Business Operations Platform enables: • Build process from reusable Business Services • Share discrete services and processes internally and externally • Buy or sell services • Use dynamically built processes as needed • On Demand 20 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 10
  • 22-10-2008 Adding “USB” Process Connectors 21 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. Only Then will You Be Able to Compete • Flex business operations at the time you need to • Drive maximum value from what you have • Reduce redundancy • Drive down costs • Be more responsive • KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMER NEEDS BEFORE THEY DO 22 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 11
  • 22-10-2008 You will Know When You are There • Proactive not Reactive • Single Seamless Environment • Linking and sharing of systems and resources • Skinny Processes • Dynamic Exception Management • KPI’s and Dashboards providing status of the Chain 23 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. To summarize • The Business Operations Platform unifies the world of integration, business process management, development of composite applications and presentation. • The Business Operations Platform abstracts underlying IT assets and synchronize different change cycles • The Business Operations Platform helps you to fundamentally improve speed of change 24 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 12
  • 22-10-2008 Thank You 25 © 2008 Cordys Software B.V. 13