Soap Creative's 2017 Future Predictions


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We peered into the year ahead to bring you our light-hearted predictions for marketing, tech, pop culture and more in 2017!

We've also included the success rate of our 2016 predictions to prove our prognostication credentials.

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Soap Creative's 2017 Future Predictions

  2. 2. WELCOME BACK! We went to the future and purchased a Gray’s Sports Almanac to find out what you can bet will happen in 2017. Read on, for Soap’s annual light-hearted predictions on marketing, tech, culture and everything in between...
  3. 3. Trump’s stunning success blows away any tiny doubts Yeezy had about his ability to become President of the United States. America anticipates ex-nude model Melania Trump being succeeded as First Lady by ex- porn star Kim Kardashian West. KANYE2020 starts here! CULTURE
  4. 4. The tech billionaire’s plans to populate Mars are thrown awry when the first terraformers are greeted by little green men with ray-guns. Elon’s plans to save humanity are rapidly replaced with the threat of intergalactic war. Mars Attacks Elon Musk! TECH
  5. 5. Anxious about the newly aggressive Trump-led US, plus fearing the looming intergalactic war, the Brits realise they’ve made a horrible mistake leaving the EU. In a new referendum, Breentry soundly beats the Bremain Brexited movement. Brexit scrapped in favour of Breentry. POLITICS
  6. 6. The Justice League movie is a predictably incomprehensible and shockingly edited piece of cinematic Kryptonite. DC fans demand justice – and Zack Snyder is forever removed from the franchise. DC fans demand Justice! MOVIES
  7. 7. Middle-aged white male ad agency executives find it increasingly impossible to open their mouths without offending anyone who isn’t a white middle-aged ad agency executive. The old guard become rarer than the Javan Rhinoceros... 2017’s most endangered species. MARKETING
  8. 8. Google Home’s ability to respond to spoken commands makes husbands and wives everywhere redundant. Marriage rates plummet and divorce rates rocket, as people tell the new significant other in their life exactly what to do. Home Alone with Google. TECH
  9. 9. Delivering authentic, artisanal, organic, hand crafted, small batch, sustainable produce, plus offering paddock-to-person service, FixieFood’s bearded, top-knotted, heavily inked couriers take the world’s 10mph bicycle lanes by storm. World’s first hipster food delivery app – FixieFood. APPS
  10. 10. Wikileaks becomes a Wikiflood, as the site reveals an ever-growing stream of corruption and abuse committed by the world’s governments. The Daily Mail’s gossip-heavy content can’t compete and loses its spot as the world’s most popular news site. Wikileaks becomes the world’s #1 news site. NEWS
  11. 11. The Internet Of Things causes security chaos as every connected household appliance becomes a potential hacking entry point. The US government is forced to deny the latest Russian attack penetrated their security through the White House fridge freezer. Zero-day fridge freezers. POLITICS
  12. 12. The trend of AI replacing humans escalates as celebrities start using chatbots to engage with their fans on social media. But the chatbots start becoming self-aware and, unhappy at being typecast as shallow, duckfaced fame whores, they rebel against their masters. Do chatbots dream of electric sheep? TECH
  13. 13. Years of quality content creates a catch-up TV backlog absolutely nobody can keep up with. Instead, classic shows find it easier to build their audience – and Neighbours and Home & Away enjoy a massive resurgence in popularity. Post-peak Television. TELEVISION
  14. 14. Twitter continues to shed users, still can’t find a buyer, and ultimately follows Vine into the void. Jack Dorsey’s final tweet fails to make a sound in the social media echo chamber. The Incredible Shrinking Twitterverse. TECH
  15. 15. A bad 2016 for music legends is followed by an even worse 2017, as the grim reaper continues to lay waste to the rock’n’roll establishment. Despite the bodycount, Keith Richards celebrates yet another birthday. Keith Richards still not dead! CULTURE
  16. 16. The final word – how did we do last year? Prediction How did we do? Billionaire Genius Philanthropist Playboys Assemble! Called it. Zuckerberg has to do something with all that cash, so it’s good some tech profits are going to the world’s needy. 4 Leo finally wins a (Chinese) Oscar Nope. But Leo did win a real Oscar! 6 Attention Span Rehabilitation (ASR) Sadly yes, digital media has continued to cause havoc with our attention spa… what was the question again? 4 Instanonymous Hmmm, we still think there’s lots of scope for bikini bloggers to revolt against the system that shackles them. 6 Peak emoji Nailed it. Emojis can’t be stopped and will soon be the #1 form of global communication. 4 The New CAA (for pets). Yes! There are now several almost CAA-level talent agencies happy to represent your pet. 4 The livestreamed elections OH HELL YES! We predicted a US election driven by social media, and said this would give a certain Mr Trump the edge. 4 VR Goldrush Yep – there are now six major VR headsets to choose from. 4 Personal Tragedy Profile Filters Wrong – and that’s a good thing, as this one was pretty dark. 6 The Dark Web Goes Legit Damn right – where else do you think governments go to connect with helpful Russian hackers? 4 Black Ops Agencies Hell yes – and if you don’t know about the comms agencies that do the sneaky stuff, that’s exactly how they like it. 4 Blocking the ad blockers Yes! The blocking cycle goes round and round and... 4 The Death of Car Culture Yep – the major car manufacturers are not in a happy place. 4 Crackdown on drones & hoverboards Yep – the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is watching you (...probably with a drone). 4 InstaTV We’re good at this. Social media video platforms are now causing major distress for the broadcasters. 4 What’s my in-messenger strategy? We were too soon with this one but it’s only a matter of time before “What’s our chatbot strategy?” is heard in brainstorms. 6 Review last year’s predictions here:
  17. 17. Soap is a creative agency in Sydney, Australia. We are part of the Dentsu Aegis network. We produce Integrated Campaigns, Social/Content, Experience Design, Websites/Apps and Games. Our philosophy ‘Play. Make. Do.’ helps brands stay relevant in the digital landscape. slidesharefacebook twitter