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Pump up the Volume to the next level ...

Pump up the Volume to the next level
Learn about how to use social media amplification strategies and measure social media reach for your next event. The tools, systems and processes are here now to help you better engage with your audiences in the social spaces they hang out. See how social media is now being taken to the next level. Presented by Tiffany St James, founder of the SoAmpd collaborative and agency Stimulation Ltd. Andrew Lyons co-founder of Ultra Knowledge and Altitude London marketing director and fellow SoAmpd collaborative Peter Kerwood.

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  • Monitoring – audience insight, understanding views Taking part in the conversation – stimulating discussion, encourgaging sharing Co- Production – working with a community to produce a response Discussion and response - driving take up, asking for feedback Tiff check against 7 levels of engagement Define your objective Define which kind of communities Design the ‘ offer ’ Identify relevant communities Choose community audience and content Establish fit with other marketing plan Set up, manage, monitor and maintain Evaluate – continual optimisation


  • 1. Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist @TiffanyStJames @TiffanyStJames
  • 2. In 60 seconds...What happens in 60 seconds on the internet [INFOGRAPHIC]http://gizmo.do/60secsontheweb #summereventia2012What happens in 60 seconds on the internet [INFOGRAPHIC]http://gizmo.do/60secsontheweb #summereventia2012
  • 3. I’m going to take it for granted that you... Market your event in an engaging way Understand your audience Provide all info in a timely manner Ensure that your content is totally relevant Honour delegates with great content, speakers, venues, food
  • 4. So how can we add some extra magic?
  • 5. Technology and audiences have evolved • Live monitoring of social media channels • Delving into the real-time social conversation • Rich interaction between stage and audience • Digital socially-interactive signage • Real-time speaker sound-bite posting • Real-time Flickr photography posting • Near real-time HD film and YouTube posting • Live blogging • Live web-streaming • Buzz aggregators pulling social content • Rich data and social analytics • Driving and owning the conversation
  • 6. 7 good reasons why amplification is a good idea • Make your budget go further • Increase your event’s attendance • Improve your event’s effectiveness • Expand your event’s reach • Event legacy through content creation • Marketing library of rich content • Demonstrate measurable ROI = Creating engaged audiences From reach to budget to content generation, the reasons to amplify your event are endless #summereventia2012
  • 7. Social data gives you great ROI
  • 8. Applications Campaign launches & promotional events Product launches & experiential campaigns Award ceremonies Conferences Exhibitions Concerts For event organisers, venues and brands For advertising, PR & marketing agencies For anyone who wants to lead the social conversation Pump up the volume at events from product launches to conferences, exhibitions & concerts. Lead the social conversation #summereventia2012
  • 9. Make it as easy as possible to interact Give your audience great content Promote the Hashtag and engage people BEFORE the event Get your speakers sharing socially BEFORE the event Check mobile signals from different providers Hold the conference rooms above ground Provide good Wifi and promote Logins and hashtags Inform the audience of speakers handles Encourage sharing and let them know where it’s all posted Interaction will thrive is you follow simple steps to make it easy - hashtags, wifi & Twitter handles are key #summereventia2012
  • 10. Example: Gatorade Social Media Mission Control PepsiCo listen to customers & respond in real time [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/pepsicomissioncontrol #summereventia2012
  • 11. Other examplesGatorade Mission Control, Dell Command Center,Nokia Agora Social Visualizer, @TiffanyStJamesDominos Super Bowl Pizza War Room
  • 12. Listening and Engagement ObjectivesListening Buzz generationResearch, Stimulate discussion,audience insight, encouraging sharingunderstanding viewsCo-production Discussion & ResponseWorking with a community Driving take-up,to produce a resource asking for feedback Listening + co-production + buzz generation + discussion & response = listening & engagement objectives #summereventia2012
  • 13. Create your own digital plan Strategic Creative Insight Delivery Results understanding DevelopmentUnderstand the Listen online to Develop tactical Deliver and manage Using monitoring andobjectives, target what’s being said activity (including all activity measurement toolsaudiences and what about brands, content) that will Benchmark andthe ROI needs to be products etc engage with core measure outcomes to audiences and help understand ROI achieve objectives A defined digital plan will ensure maximum results, from strategic understanding to creative development & delivery #summereventia2012
  • 14. Peter Kerwood Social Media Implementer @PKerwood
  • 15. Creating an event specific website An event website allows you to pull together all social channels in one convenient place #summereventia2012
  • 16. Event specific Twitter profile Create an event specific twitter profile or simply use a hashtag to curate all relevant content #summereventia2012
  • 17. YouTube channel almost live uploads Upload video content to a carefully branded channel ‘almost live’ #summereventia2012
  • 18. Flickr live postingFlickr photography captures & broadcasts atmosphere & interactionlive. The only man doing this right is @paul_clarke#summereventia2012
  • 19. Live video bloggingLive video blogging by @winkball creates video content to capture,share and showcases events #summereventia2012
  • 20. Video Social UpdatesA 15-second video messaging platform, @tout captures, shares &showcases events with visual status updates#summereventia2012
  • 21. Live audio bloggingAudio blogging platforms such as @audioboo or @ipadio createsinstant audio content which can be easily shared #summereventia2012
  • 22. Live streamingBroadcast your event anywhere in the world as it happens on @ustreamusing nothing more than a smart phone #summereventia2012
  • 23. Sharing presentation content Share presentation content using @slideshare. See this presentation on http://slideshare.net/soampd #summereventia2012
  • 24. Tell Stories with photos and sound clips Preserving the moments that matter, @picleapp enables you to tell stories with photos and sound clips #summereventia2012
  • 25. Twitter RadioBroadcast tweets live as audio with @thesocialradio mixed withmusic from itunes or @spotify #summereventia2012
  • 26. Social PhotographyFlickr photography captures & broadcasts atmosphere & interactionlive. The only man doing this right is @paul_clarke#summereventia2012
  • 27. The Skype Twitter Town Crier Broadcast your tweets using a branded town crier like @skype did [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/skypetowncrier #summereventia2012
  • 28. Create Social StoriesMaking stories from the social web: @storify allows you tocurate social media elements & write your own narrative#summereventia2012
  • 29. Live Drawing12% of info an audience takes in is from what u say, the rest is visual.Live drawing is key. See http://ogilvynotes.com #summereventia2012
  • 30. Live DoodlingLive window doodling creates a twist on branding at events, turningwindows into works of art http://bit.ly/JubXaM #summereventia2012
  • 31. PinterestOnline pin board @pinterest drives more traffic to online stores & brandsthan Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ combined #summereventia2012
  • 32. Twitter WallsBranded twitter screens by @ultraknowledge powerfully displayaggregated social content http://eventia.zoomero.com#summereventia2012
  • 33. Case study: Volkswagen: Twitter zoom campaign VW Twitter zoom created by @BBDO Brazil is a Twitter, Google maps & realworld prize locations mashup [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/twitzoom #livetech #summereventia2012
  • 34. Case study: Smirnoff presents Sensation
  • 35. Case study: Smirnoff presents Sensation Smirnoff used RFID tech from @theblondefish to connect their live Sensation event with the online world through Facebook #summereventia2012
  • 36. Case study: Smirnoff presents Sensation Using Facebook @theblondefish amplified the Smirnoff Sensation event to over a million people who were not even there #summereventia2012
  • 37. Andrew Lyons Social Media Analyst @_AndrewLyons