Module 6, Lesson 1

Module 6, Lesson 1






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Module 6, Lesson 1 Module 6, Lesson 1 Presentation Transcript

  • UNIQ Online Marketing Module 6
    Lesson 1
    It’s All in the Mix
  • Welcome to Module 6!
    There is no “silver bullet” in marketing.
    The secret is having the right mix of marketing activities delivered at specific times, on a consistent basiscombined with the right message = SUCCESS!
  • Know which activities your customers will respond to.
    Look at it from the perspective of a customer.
    Is it …Memorable?
  • This Lesson:
    • The definition and description of a marketing strategy and mix
    • Why it is important
    • How to choose the right marketing activities
    • A few words of warning – online versus offline, new shiny things and one-offs
  • James Culliton of The American Marketing Association (1948) saidthe role of a marketing manager is the “mixer of ingredients”
    The marketing mix includes price, product, distribution, and promotion and forms the entire promotional campaign.
  • Marketing Mix:
    A combination of factors that can be controlled by a company to influence consumers to purchase its products
    The more engaging and closer you are to your customers, the more influence you will have over them.
  • Why is the Marketing Mix so Important?
    You have to invest time, money and resources into your marketing activities.
    Anyone who has been in business for a period of time can tell you about all the marketing and promotional activities that did not work andhow much it cost them.
  • Once Upon A Time…
    A £10,000 UK-wide marketing promotion with print and TV advertising launched.
    Call centres were on standby raring to go.
    Day one: no response
    Day two: no response
    Day three: no response
    …Hello? No business.
  • Take Two:
    Paying a beautiful blonde girl £50 to hand out fliers in a busy shopping centre?
  • How to Choose the Right Marketing Activities for Your Business and Customers
    Two key elements
    1. Your aims and objectives
    2. Your customers

  • Aims and objectives dictate which marketing activities you need to consider.
    Objective: Increase your personal brand awareness
    Activity: Include a photo, video, or any personal information about you in your email campaign
  • Through the Eyes of Your Customer
    Ask yourself, “Would I respond to that if I was a potential customer? Is it exciting or relevant enough for me to engage?”
    If the answer is no, do NOT do it.
  • Get Creative!
    • How will you implement and deliver in a unique and different way?
    • Avoid copying your competitors – they are not always right!
    Look for less traditional forms of marketing!
  • A Few Words of Warning and Advice
    Do not be tempted to do online or Internet marketing only.
    Do not get carried away with new and shiny marketing activities.
    Proactively market your business – No one-off marketing activities!
    The worst thing you can do is nothing.
  • Additional Resources
    To find out more about your unique selling point, login to and access exclusive articles from our library:
    Member’s Library
  • For help and support with Module 6, Lesson 1,
    contact me, Ruth McKay:
    Tweet: @UNIQ_Academy
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