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Php, mysq lpart4(processing html form)
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Php, mysq lpart4(processing html form)


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how to gwhow to validate php form

how to gwhow to validate php form

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Processing HTML FORM Author:- Subhasis CMC
  • 2. The form code looks as like below
  • 3. Output of the code will be
  • 4. html form tags Form Tags Output <input type = "text" name = "name"/> <input type="radio" name ="gender" value ="m“/> <input type="CHECKBOX" name="age" value ="Y" checked/> <SELECT name = "education"> <option selected value=“pg">P.Graduate</option> </SELECT> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit"> <TEXTAREA name = "aboutu" rows ="5" cols ="28" ></TEXTAREA>
  • 5. Main form tag • Method =“post” – This is the way of processing our user filled data into the form. Instead of „POST‟ we can use „GET‟. • GET – when we use get method the data processed will be visible. The amount of data is to be sent is limited • POST – when we use POST method the data processed will be not visible. The amount of data is to be sent is not limited.
  • 6. Continue • When we process the form the html sends the data to file which is in action tag. Here when the form will process it will sends to “formfill.php”. • We need some php code to get those values which will be sent by the form tag . • We have three types. ▫ $_GET = we used to get the values from html form when method is get ▫ $_POST = we used to get the values from html form when method is post ▫ $_REUQEST = it works on both .
  • 7. PHP code to get the form values • In PHP the $_GET,$_POST & $_REQUEST are special array in PHP. • It collect the information which filed has collected the values . • Simply there is no value about the fields on which there is no values entered by the user. • To check that use the step by step tutorial. I will use $_POST for this what ever you want you can refer else you can refer what I am referring.
  • 8. Checking the Special array $_POST • Step -1 :- write the html file with form as below. Next step is to write a php code for processing, the name will be in action tag as below. Here my php file name is “test.php”. Let‟s write that
  • 9. Continue …. • Step – 2 :- writing the php file “test.php”
  • 10. What is $_POST,$_GET & $_REQUEST ? • There are three special global arrays in PHP. ▫ $_POST ▫ $_GET ▫ $_REQUEST • When ever you submit any data to get those value you can use any one of the above array. • $_POST is more robust than $_GET, $_REQUEST is combined both of them.
  • 11. Cont’d…… • $_GET is not secured . • $_GET is not capable to send large amount of data • $_POST is secured and able to send unlimited amount of data. • So $_POST is more preferable.
  • 12. Let’s receive data sent by HTML form • To fetch the data from form we have to specify name for each element of the form. • Once you do that any data you will send from FORM it will be fetch by the special array $_GET & $_POST. • To reuse it you can store it to some variable and do what ever else you want to do.
  • 13. An example(form code)
  • 14. PHP code to process
  • 15. Form validation