Sept 11 2012 report


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Sept 11 2012 report

  1. 1. September 11, 2012
  2. 2. Our words of thanks, our thoughts, our praise and our prayers are the most precious thing we can share with a soldier
  3. 3. Dear Kimberly, Hello I just got these the care packages my squad received today. My unit is actively deployedMy name is SPC Draper, Daniel. I am married right now and I just wanted to say thank you forand have 5 children. I have been in the Military 4 you generosity and support to us. We allyears. I just want to take a fraction of the time appreciate and the other folks took to make these carepackages, to thank all of you. It is always a joy to -PFC Hickeycome in and out of nowhere you get handed a bagfull of goodies. It almost feels like a birthday orChristmas. You have no idea how much we reallyappreciate the thought the letters and love. Thankyou again from the bottom of our hearts.P.S.There were two letters in my bag one from a littlekid named Mia and one from a Margie Phelan Ihope that is how you spell it. Tell them if you canI said thank you and I will never forget therekindness.Very Respectfully, From Kayla – deployed in Afghanistan – in anSPC Draper, Daniel email to her sister here at GSK “Sharon your job really outdid themselves. We were over here like it was Christmas, LOL… That really made my day.”
  4. 4. Thanks so much for the packages from GSK, they I am SPC Cayton with the 875th Engineerwere received well! I passed out one package to Company. Our Company would like to thank youthe folks immediately around me, and sent the for the 50 gift bags that we received from you.other one to the Chaplain to distribute to anyone We were able to hand out all 50 bags to Soldierson the camp. There were many comments about that have not gotten anything from home. Againhow awesome everything was, ranging from we would like to thank you."This is like Christmas" to "Best idea for giftsfrom home" .... the individually wrapped care SPC Cayton, Williampackages was an awesome idea. I especiallyenjoyed the Time with the heartburn that I Dear Ms. Miller,constantly have, well see how long they last! As a representative of the 875th ENG Co, fromIve attached a picture of a few folks around my North Wilkesboro, NC, I would like to thank youoffice who received one of the care packages, and your company for sending us care packages.each person pulled out their favorite item! Everyone in the Co that was able to get a bag has absolutely loved it. It really helped the morale ofRYAN M WHITAKER, Capt, USAF the Soldiers to know that someone we didnt even know from back home was thinking of us during our deployment. We would like to thank you and your company for taking the time and the effort of putting all of the bags together and shipping them. A little piece of home is always a welcome site. Thanks again for your generosity!!! May God bless you and yours!!! SGT Amanda J. Payne
  5. 5. Dear Mrs. Kimberly Miller,Allow me to begin by saying thank you so much for the wonderful care packages you and yourcompany sent to myself and my fellow service members. Words cannot describe how wonderful itfeels to know there are people back in the states who appreciate and support what we are doing overhere and show it with action. I really enjoyed my care package and I know everyone else did as wellbecause they did not last long at all because everyone was happy to get one. I hope you have awonderful day and God bless you .Thanks again!V/RJonathan McGee, SrA, USAF, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan Good Morning Ms. Miller, Just passing on appreciation for the support you provide to military members. My coworkers and I each received one of your care package bags from a box you sent to another member here in Kabul, Afghanistan, and we are very grateful for your efforts. Take care, and God bless. V/r, TODD W. KLUSEK, Capt, USAF
  6. 6. Hello Ms. Miller, My name is SFC Neal Nethery and I am the Operations Sergeant for the 875th Engineer Company outof North Wilkesboro, NC, currently deployed to Afghanistan. I received the gift bags and distributedthem to all of the younger Soldiers in the unit and to those who have not received any mail since wevebeen deployed. It was very apparent that they appreciated the kindness displayed by you and yourorganization. Most of them dont have internet access as we live in a very remote part of the base that ina remote part of the country.I wanted to let you know on behalf of the entire unit how much we appreciated your show of kindnessand thoughtfulness. Everyone here is doing okay and adjusting to the hot and dusty environment. We arebuilding a facility that will be used to prepare equipment for transport out of the region next year as theU.S. military transitions toward withdrawal from Afghanistan. Please pass on our sincere gratitude to themany people at GSK, RTP North Carolina and your partners at Sodexo, ePromos and Operation NorthState for the great work they did in order to provide bags and the wonderful products inside them for us.We are honored to serve you and our great country.Very Respectfully,SFC Willie Neal NetheryOperations NCO875th Engineer Company
  7. 7. Sent to GSK employee – Sylvia GreenDear Aunt SylviaWe received the boxes and I must say, you all did an outstanding job showing the appreciation you allhave for our Soldiers. They were like kids in a brand new candy store that opened up at the end of thatdirt!We all enjoyed it, while remembering it for awhile. The thing they love the most was not the candy ormy poster...sad!It was the bottles of HOT SAUCE! Yep, once again. We have photos coming. They are doing astoryboard for me to send to you. You all should enjoy. Oh yeah, tell Mrs. Kimberly...THANK YOU!You all did a wonderful job. We are truly grateful.Lawrence Bullock
  8. 8. Mrs. MillerMy name is SSG Wells and I am currently stationed in Afghanistan. Your care packages have made itout to our base. We would like to thank you and all the contributors for your time and contributions inputting these bags together. We would also like to thank you and everyone for your support.Our unit is a National Guard unit based out of North Carolina. It means a lot to soldiers out herereceiving care packages like these, reminding them that they are being supported from the home front.Its always nice seeing something arrive from "back home". These items will definitely be put to gooduse.Thank you so much once again!SSG LANCE WELLSSUPPLY NCO ` 875TH EN CO "WORKHORSES"Hello Ms. Miller,My name is SGT Jocelyn Jacobs and I am the medic for the 875th Engineer Company out of NorthWilkesboro, NC, currently deployed to Afghanistan.I am writing you to thank you on behalf of our unit for the bags that your company sent to us for 9/11.Every soldier that received a bag was extremely delighted. Please pass on our sincere gratitude to themany people at GSK, RTP North Carolina and your partners at Sodexo, ePromos and Operation NorthState for the great work they did in order to provide bags and the wonderful products inside them for us.We are honored to serve you and our great country.Very Respectfully,SGT Jocelyn C. Jacobs875 ENG CO, Medic
  9. 9. As an Army Mom these types of projects have special meaning to me andwill forever be close to my heart. I will continue to do these types of projectboth here at GSK and on my own until the day it is no longer needed.I would personally like to thank everyone on and off the GSK campus forhelping bring this project to life! Without you and your support this projectwould not have been a success. My co-workers never cease to amaze me withtheir caring hearts, spirit of giving and their work ethic to get the job done!Thank you again for allowing me to lead this project!Kimberly MillerLeader – Veterans, Family and Friends ERGGlaxoSmithKline