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  • 1. Earthquakes By: Sophia Pryor
  • 2. Our Map
  • 3. Significant Big Earthquakes
  • 4. 2006 Earthquakes
  • 5. Final Product (End of Part 3)
  • 6. Top Ten List
    • Japan-There might be aftershocks.
    • Chile-Lots of big earthquakes, not many recently.
    • France or
    • Spain- The recent yet small ones could be foreshocks.
    • Greece area- "due for an earthquake“, lots of big earth quakes, not many recently.
    • China- Could be foreshocks.
    • Mongolia- All of the small recent ones could be foreshocks.
    • Iraq or
    • Iran-There have been many small earthquakes that could be forshocks
    • Peru- There has not been many there recently but there have been big ones there before, might be "due for a earthquake" 
  • 7. Next BIG One
    • Chile:
    • There has been many big earthquakes there but not many recently. I believe there might be a big one soon.
  • 8. Where on Earth do most of the really big earthquakes strike?
    • Most of earths really big earthquakes strike along the convergent plate boundaries. This means that many big earthquakes come from the plates going together, not pulling apart or grinding against each other. A specific place that they occur is around Chile in South America.
  • 9. What factors influence earthquake prediction
    • Forshocks or aftershocks are a big factor when it comes to predicting earthquakes. Also if there have been big earthquakes in an area but not redently then it could be "due for an earthquake"
  • 10. What have you learned about earthquakes and earthquake prediction?
    • I have learned so much from this lab. I have learned about aftershocks and foreshocks, big earthquakes and recent earthquakes, and most importantly how to predict major earthquakes.