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uitm-business(labor force)+

  1. 1. Human Resources DepartmentHuman Resources Management (HRM) consists of allthe activities involved in acquiring,maintaining and developing an organization’s human resources. The human resourceplanning is the development of strategies to a firm’s human resource need. Our firm’s overallstrategic plans provide information about business venture, our products projected expansionor contraction of specific product lines, industry staffing practices and the firm’s expenses.This information is used to determine both the number employees required and theirqualifications. BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS: POSITION NAME CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO ) DayangNorfarihahbinti Ag Ibrahim HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER FatinNadiahbintiMansor OPERATIONAL MANAGER NurSyafiqahLiyanabintiMohdNazre MARKETING MANAGER Farah Hazimahbinti Eddie FINANCIAL MANAGER Wan Nur FarahAinabinti Wan Azizam
  2. 2. MISSION OF THE ORGANIZATIONTo provide courteous and excellent services as well as providing support and assistance with recruitment, compensation and training to the employees. OBJECTIVES OF ORGANIZATION.. To treat anyone with empathy, understanding, dignity, and create an environment of openness, trust and respect. To help recruit, retain, and develop a highly competent diverse workforce that support our firm. Provide professional guidance in hiring practices to enhance employees’ personal and qualification growth. Create and maintain an environment that supports, develops and cares for the well-being of employees.
  4. 4. Schedule Of Remuneration Position No of Worker Salary per month SOCSO Total (RM) (2%) (RM) Chief Executive 1 RM 11,000 RM 220 RM 11,120 Manager (CEO) Human Resources 1 RM 9,000 RM 180 RM 9,080 Manager Operational 1 RM 9,000 RM 180 RM 9,080 Manager Marketing 1 RM 7,500 RM 150 RM 7,580 Manager Finanacial 1 RM 7,000 RM 140 RM 7,080 Manager Supervisor 1 RM 3,000 RM 60 RM 2,080 TOTAL 6 RM 46,500 RM 930 RM 47,430General worker Position No of worker Salary per month SOCSO Total (RM) (2 %) (RM) Baker 1 RM 1,750 RM 35 RM 1,785 Baker assistants 3 RM 1,300 RM 26 RM 1,326 Sales Assistant 1 RM 1,100 RM 22 RM 1,122 Cashier 2 RM 950 RM 19 RM 969 Cupcake deliver 3 RM 800 RM 16 RM 816 Cleaner 3 RM 650 RM 13 RM 663 TOTAL 13 RM 6,550 RM 131 RM 6,681
  5. 5. Job AnalysisNon-managerialJob position :Cupcake BakerReport to :Kitchen ManagerJob description : 1. Responsible in preparing items that are needed for the following days consumption. 2. Responsible in following the formulas on a consistent basis to keep the quality constant.Job specification : 1. Must have experience in baking cupcakes at least 3 years. 2. Able to come out with new cupcakes recipes. 3. Have a good condition of health which their tasting buds work properly. 4. Have a steady hand for the decorating of cupcakes.Job position :Cupcake DeliveryReport to :Kitchen ManagerJob description : 1. Deliver orders to the customers. 2. Responsible in interacting with customers to get and receive payment for the goods, sign documents and give receipts.Job specification : 1. Must have a valid and need to be of driving age. 2. Able to communicate well.Job position :Sales AssistantReport to :SupervisorJob description : 1. Ensure customers’ satisfaction. 2. Answering queries from customers. 3. Responsible in reporting discrepancies and problems to the supervisors.Job specification : 1. SPM school leavers are highly encouraged. 2. Highly self-motivated. 3. Have a good communication skill. 4. Have a friendly and engaging personality.
  6. 6. RECRUITING(The process of attracting qualified job applicants)EXTERNAL RECRUITING-As a new company, we take employees from outside in order to have wider range ofexperienced people. The external recruitment is the key Human Resource process for thegrowing or changing organization. It brings fresh employees to our company and allows it togrow. The external hires bring new ideas, different approaches to problem solving, and theycan bring the external best practice. Product development for our company starts with hiringemployees who have the previous experience with it. The job vacancies are announcedexternally and social networks can save a large marketing budget. The external recruiting isactually the main source of new skills and competencies especially to our new organization.However, external recruiting will include recruiting via newspaper advertising, employmentagencies and online employment organizations. Other than that, we also recruit fromeducational institutes which is will give us opportunity to have fresh graduate students.SELECTION(The process of gathering information about applicants for a position and then using thatinformation to choose the most appropriate applicant)EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONSEmployment application is use to collect factual information on a candidate’s education,work experience and personal history. All the data that obtained from applications is actuallyfor us to identify applicants who are worthy of further scrutiny and to familiarize interviewerswith their backgrounds.EMPLOYMENT TESTSTests administered to job candidates that usually focus on aptitudes, skills, abilities orknowledge relevant to the job. In our company, basic computer skills test is done to certainposition to make sure our job candidates know how to use computer. Such tests are actuallyindicates how well the applicant will do the job. We give tests to our job candidates based ontheir applying position to know more about their skills and abilities. For example, we test our
  7. 7. baker to bake cupcakes and the design for the cupcakes. This is to make sure they arequalified to hold the position as a baker.INTERVIEWSThe interview is the most common selection technique used by any organizations nowadays.In our organizations, job candidates are interviewed by one of our HRM staff and by theperson for whom they will be working. This technique provides opportunity for applicantsand us to learn more about each other. The quality of the responses is observed during theinterview session and it helps us to choose the best job candidates to hold the position. Forexample, during the interview we can see their way in answering our question. We also cansee their confident when giving opinion in any situation that we give them.INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Tell about difficult situation you were face and how you deal with it. 3. What do you know about our organization? 4. What can you do for us? Why should we hire you? 5. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 6. What are your special skills, and how you acquire them? 7. Define cooperation. 8. What interest you about this job? 9. Why are you the best person to have this job? 10. What challenges are you looking for in a position?
  8. 8. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS(Compensation is the payment employees receive in return for their works. Benefit is areward in addition to regular compensation that is provided indirectly to employees.)COMPENSATIONOur organization’s compensation system is designed carefully to provide for employees’needs while labour costs within reasonable limits. This compensation system enable us toensure our employees can satisfy their basic needs and the reward provided are comparablewith those offered by other organizations. There are three management decisions that wemake in order to design an effective compensation system: 1. Wage Level – Management will position the general pay level relative to pay levels of other organizations. A wage survey is done to collect data on prevailing wage rates within the geographic area. 2. Wage Structure – Next, management have to decide on relative pay levels for all the positions within the organizations. We rank all the jobs within the organizations according to value. The more points a job is allocated, the more important it is presumed to be and the higher its level in the organizations wage structure. 3. Individual wages – Finally, we determine the specific payments individual employees will receive. Two wage decisions were made. The employee’s initial rate must be established. It is based on experience, other qualifications and expected performance. The employees then will be given pay increases based on seniority and performance.
  9. 9. TYPES OF COMPENSATIONWe use two types of compensation for our organization: 1. Hourly wages– Hourly wage is paid to our workers for each hour of work. Our workers are then paid one-and-one-half times their hourly wage for time worked in excess of 40 hours. Workers on assembly lines and in clerical positions are paid an hourly wage. 2. Monthly salary- A salary is a specific amount of money that we paid for an employee’s work during a set calendar period that regardless of the actual number of hours worked. Salaried employees receive no overtime pay but they do not lose pay when they are absent from work. The managerial positioned are salaried.TYPES OF BENEFITS Insurance This include health, life and dental insurance Packages for our employees and their families. Family Maternity and paternity leave will be given Matter when needed. Annual Family We will organise a family day trip or event Day that will increase the bonding between each workers. Special A special leaves will be given to specific Leaves public holiday.
  10. 10. Human Resources Department Expenses HUMAN RESOURCES COSTS DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES (RM)RECRUITING External Recruiting RM 1,500SELECTION Employment Applications RM 120 Employment Tests RM 130 Interviews RM 150COMPENSATION Hourly Wages RM 30 Monthly Salary RM 53,050BENEFITS Insurance Packages RM 1,061 Annual Family Day RM 2,000
  11. 11. SCHEDULE OF TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Position Tasks and ResponsibilitiesChief Executive Officer Plan the activities of the bakery Manage the bakery operations, resources, material usage and other Act as the leader of the bakery and be responsible to coordinate the subordinates Ensure all works done by the subordinates follow the timetable and quality of work that have been stated in the policy Accept and make the approval of the proposal Have to know the duties of all departments and gives the orders and directions to all the departments Review the financial statement of the bakery Human Resource Take care about the welfare and safety of the Manager subordinates Handle the process of recruiting new employees Marketing Manager Monitor the activities of sales, promotions and advertisements Plan and evaluate a new marketing strategy Ensure the sales target that have been set by the bakery can be achieve Prepare the marketing budget Make the research and development Determine the uniqueness of the product compare to the competitor’s product Make the survey that related to the customer satisfaction
  12. 12. to increase the quality of the products.Production Manager Monitor the activities related to the process and production of the product Ensure the production that have been set by the bakery can be achieve Look for the suppliers to supply inventories and raw materials Look for and buy machines for production process Ensure the quality of the products can achieve the bakery quota Prepare the production budgetFinancial Manager Prepare the financial statement of the bakery Monitor the bakery’s flow of cash and financial instruments Prepare the financial report at the end of each year Ensure the stabilization of the bakery financial Approve or reject the budget from other departments Prepare the bakery’s yearly budget Supervisor Control the production process Supervise the other employees Financial Clerk Responsible in typing work Helping Financial Manager in payroll and purchasing Calculate and check the stock Baker Prepare the mixtures of the bread Monitor all the activities in the kitchen Assistant Baker Help the baker in preparing the mixtures Responsible in packaging, controlling the machines and arrange the stocks Crew Trainer Trained the new employees on how they will do their work effective and efficiently Giving compensation and reward to those who did good performance Submit report of all the employees to Human Resource Manager Sales Person Make sales to the prospects
  13. 13. Handle the promotion of the productsHelp in managing the display product